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How to look like Zombie for Halloween?

Halloween is a lifestyle, not a holiday – there is magic in Halloween night the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.

Zombies! Slow-paced horrors from the grave but still the popular costume for Halloween – going out to look like a member of living dead can be a lot of fun. Fortunately, zombie dress up is not a rocket science here is an easy tutorial for readers to dress up like a zombie.

  • Decide your zombie type:

This means you must think about your appearance first – plenty of examples are available to think about zombie doctor, zombie ballerina, zombie footballer or zombie celebrities – be careful and think properly about your style and outfit.

  • Mess up your hair:hair

You have to dress up for zombie – so try to make your hair that looks you just come out of the grave. The oil is a good option to look your hair greasy – use baby powder on your hair for making style and it will give you gray and ashen color for your new look. If you want your hair to look full messed for your style then wash your hair before your sleep and in the morning it must look like zombie’s hair – and not brush your hair when you wake up. If you have long hair then leave it down and rub your hair against the pillow and it looks as it messes up.

  • Make Fake Blood:fakeblood

As you know zombie look is completed when it added blood to body or clothes – then you have to make some fake blood. You can create one cup by adding corn syrup and red food color. You can also add blue or green food coloring for some natural red blood color – mix all these elements until desired results are achieved. For getting thicker result petroleum jelly can also work in the situation.

  • Apply Fake Blood:

This is the most interesting part of your appearance – you have to apply fake blood to your arms, legs, face and also blood into your hairline. For bullet holes, draw a circle at your shirt via black marker and apply fake blood around it for a natural look. Let dry your fake blood for ten minutes and after that apply it again this will give you a nicer effect and red dark blood will make your appearance more realistic.

  • Costume appearance:costume

Halloween night has a lot of fun and this is the night where you don’t dress up for school or job so doesn’t feel shy for dirty clothes – decide what you are wearing is it your old school uniform or anything else after wearing your clothes go outside and roll yourself in dirt and mud. Use knife or cutter to make some holes on your shirt and jeans for the look and apply fake blood to clothes. You can also add burn or single marks by lighter onto the clothes.

  • Apply Makeup:mak

You can use makeup for some natural look for a zombie at your face to look like deadly – a white, gray are the colors for most people. You can use under-eye concealer or foundation base – you can add dark red lipstick at parts where you want to add blood later use baby powder to look dull and also use scary lenses for eyeballs for some better look.