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Easiest Steps For Giving Yourself Quick Pedicure At Home

Feet is the most used part of the body – sometimes it stuck in tight fitting shoes or rub them so hard that blisters form then it is a good idea to take care of feet. We know that you want your feet to look soft and shiny for the event but you don’t have much time for parlor then here is the solution – our guide describes you easy steps for a pedicure with a bit of time and a little effort.

  • Get all your supplies:1

It might feel you can do a lot of things for your pedicure but you need some basic supplies for toe-tempering and it includes a small tub filled with water, nail clippers, a filler, orange stick, a pumice stone or a scrubbing brush, base coat, and a polish of your choice all these are necessary elements – optional accessories may include bath salts for soaking, cuticle oil, and a lotion.

  • Get off old nail polish:2

It is the first step while you are doing pedicure at home – remove yours pre-exist nail polish on your feet as it is hard to add new color on nails on the top of old one and another fact is that your nails and feet are completely soaked as they are dipped in hot water – so wipe out the old nail polish.

  • Soak your feet:3

This is the time for relax – fill a small tub or basin with hot water and if you want to add a few bath salts and pour in it and soak your feet inside for ten minutes – you can also change the temperature of tub but make sure the water is not too hot or no too cold; hot water will soften tough part of the feet and remove the dirt and also soften your nails.

  • Cut your nails:4

After soaking feet in the water now your nails becomes soft and cut down it – trim the nails down to size. The shape of the nail slightly squared and after that use nail-filer to buff down the sharp edges of the nails that might left avoid cutting nails in a rounded form.

If you have cuticle then apply this step although this is optional – you can gently cut away the excessive skin from every nail or use cuticle oil when you are finished. Smooth out the tops of your nail by using buffing pad – use this pad in the same direction for having a better look of each toenail.

  • Scrub your feet:AP7N6X

The very purpose that we have started pedicure – now it’s time to move on actual feet use your pumice stone to scrub down the dead part of the heels rub a brush or stone against your heels for the purpose. You have to rub the stone in balanced power to remove the dead part from the heel not harder than that and make sure to rinse water after scrubbing.

  • Wipe the dead skin off:6

Remove your feet from the water tub and dry them completely using towel – after scrubbing it is important to wipe off the dead skin totally from the feet and feet rendered to be dry. It’s now time to moisturize your skin apply lotion to the feet and if you are using oil moisturized then make sure feet is completely dried.

  • Apply color to the feet:7

This is time to apply nail polish to your feet – firstly you have to apply a base coat to the nails as protective coat it will prevent your nails from yellowing after that select color of your choice and paint each of your toenails. Work from the center to outwards until all your nails are colored and use a fingernail on the edge to wipe off any polish that sticks to unwanted part. Wait for 15 minutes to dry the polish and then apply top coat for long lasting.

How to look like Zombie for Halloween?

Halloween is a lifestyle, not a holiday – there is magic in Halloween night the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.

Zombies! Slow-paced horrors from the grave but still the popular costume for Halloween – going out to look like a member of living dead can be a lot of fun. Fortunately, zombie dress up is not a rocket science here is an easy tutorial for readers to dress up like a zombie.

  • Decide your zombie type:

This means you must think about your appearance first – plenty of examples are available to think about zombie doctor, zombie ballerina, zombie footballer or zombie celebrities – be careful and think properly about your style and outfit.

  • Mess up your hair:hair

You have to dress up for zombie – so try to make your hair that looks you just come out of the grave. The oil is a good option to look your hair greasy – use baby powder on your hair for making style and it will give you gray and ashen color for your new look. If you want your hair to look full messed for your style then wash your hair before your sleep and in the morning it must look like zombie’s hair – and not brush your hair when you wake up. If you have long hair then leave it down and rub your hair against the pillow and it looks as it messes up.

  • Make Fake Blood:fakeblood

As you know zombie look is completed when it added blood to body or clothes – then you have to make some fake blood. You can create one cup by adding corn syrup and red food color. You can also add blue or green food coloring for some natural red blood color – mix all these elements until desired results are achieved. For getting thicker result petroleum jelly can also work in the situation.

  • Apply Fake Blood:

This is the most interesting part of your appearance – you have to apply fake blood to your arms, legs, face and also blood into your hairline. For bullet holes, draw a circle at your shirt via black marker and apply fake blood around it for a natural look. Let dry your fake blood for ten minutes and after that apply it again this will give you a nicer effect and red dark blood will make your appearance more realistic.

  • Costume appearance:costume

Halloween night has a lot of fun and this is the night where you don’t dress up for school or job so doesn’t feel shy for dirty clothes – decide what you are wearing is it your old school uniform or anything else after wearing your clothes go outside and roll yourself in dirt and mud. Use knife or cutter to make some holes on your shirt and jeans for the look and apply fake blood to clothes. You can also add burn or single marks by lighter onto the clothes.

  • Apply Makeup:mak

You can use makeup for some natural look for a zombie at your face to look like deadly – a white, gray are the colors for most people. You can use under-eye concealer or foundation base – you can add dark red lipstick at parts where you want to add blood later use baby powder to look dull and also use scary lenses for eyeballs for some better look.

Healthy Tips for Hair Care

Invest in your hair – it is a crown you never take off.

Maintaining your hair is quite easy – as hair is made of proteins and keeping a hair loss medicines online healthy diet and proper care of hair you will get unbelievable beautiful hair. The proteins and iron are the main need of hair you can eat leafy vegetables, seeds and much more for proper protection – below are some advice and tips for the betterment of hair.

Wash your hairs:Woman washing her hair

  • Washing hair too much is a mistake – it makes hair dry leached of its natural oil – you must wash your hair twice or three times in a week maximum but apply shampoo or conditioner daily.
  • Choose the shampoos that are free of sulfates or parabens as these chemicals make shampoo lather up and irritation for eyes – so try to shampoos with natural cleansers.
  • Choose the shampoo that suits your hair as curly hair needs fizz-minimizing, straight hair needs gentle shampoo, treated hair needs a shampoo that fortified and dry hair needs a shampoo with glycerin and collagen.
  • Use conditioner on regular basis the golden rule of thumb is to condition every time when you shampoo and choose the conditioner that suits your hair type and have balanced elements.
  • Moisturizing your hair is also provides you healthy hair add five oils in the same portion and apply it before four hours and then showering out.

Drying the hair:hair-drying

  • One key point – don’t dry your hair using drawer as heat damages your hair lets your hair dry naturally.
  • Don’t use towels – wrap your hairs in the cotton shirt as the towel is made of fabric and can damage your hair.
  • Avoid brushing while your hair is wet – only use wide tooth comb if you have to brush while your hair is wet.
  • If you shower at night then put your hair in a bun and let it dry by air overnight.
  • If you need hair dryer – then use low heat setting for drying purposes.

Brushing your hair:hair-brushing

  • Don’t brush too much your hair – it will also cause damage to your hair.
  • Use your fingers rather than a brush when your hair is wet.
  • For perfect shiny – you need to brush your hair twice a day.
  • Don’t be rough with hair – treat it nicely.
  • Brushing from roots will cause damage, always brush from the bottom and work up.
  • Use different brushes for styling and blow drying.
  • Keep your brushes clean every time.

Styling & Dying:styling

  • Trim your hair regularly as it is the golden rule of styling – the best way to get rid of split ends is to do it yourself.
  • Most women with perfect hair have never split ends as they trim it properly within (6-8 weeks).
  • Avoid straightening, curling and bleaching your hair every time if it is possible – just make it an occasional treat.
  • Don’t use rubber bands as they get snagged your hair.
  • If you want to treat your hair then take a break from dyeing and give your hair a little breather.

General Health:diet

  • Since hair is made up of proteins – you have to eat a balanced diet that is rich in lean proteins.
  • Make sure to get plenty of vitamin C it helps strengthen the hair.
  • Remove every kind of stress from your life it also has effects on hair growth.

Ladies Dress Code For Professional Conferences & Casual Conferences

As conference season is starting the anxiety can be on the rise as well – presenting or attending the conference is somehow different from daily routine as the preparatory list is just long enough. However, the most important thing to worry is an appearance for the conference and your agenda is what the heck are you supposed to wear?

You must put your best foot forward in fashion department – before you decide the first search is there any guided dress code otherwise follow our advice.

Professional Business Conferences:

The most important time is to attend the professional business conference and your representation describes your personality and your ideas – you must need to dress up in the magnificent way for business causalities – here are some tips and advice for ladies to dress properly in conferences and looking successful for entire life.

  • Wear dress pants if you want to leave a lasting impression – black, brown, navy blue are standard colors.khakhi
  • Ladies can wear khakis, slacks or knee-length skirts in dark colors like black or dark brown but make sure your khakis are properly pressed and neat.blouse
  • Sweaters, knit blouse, silk blouse are also acceptable for the event but wear the dress that flatters your figure avoid being skin tight and choose the solid color.shoes
  • Wear flats for the conference dress up avoid high heels – choose closed-toe pumps black and brown colors are preferable.matching
  • Always choose the socks that match your trousers – black color is most versatile color avoid using white or any colored socks that might stand out.accessories
  • Avoid maximum jeweler for the event like lip-piercing try to minimize your accessories.

Casual Conferences:

As you know conferences is the only platform where you enhance your skills, meet experts and influence face to face and here you have opportunities to enhance your social media for both local and from away, however, your personality matters a lot in all of these – since it is easy to dress up for men but ladies always get stuck how to dress up for conference here are some tips for dressing casually on conference.first

  • Consider a knee-length skirt for the casual conferences – pencil and line skirts work best.second
  • Choose cotton, knit and silk blouses that look nice and choose that slips over your head.third
  • For choosing separate top and bottom, you can also choose the solid dress – this means dress must have a solid print or conservative neckline.fourth
  • You can choose a closed-toe style with low height heel and have the option to play with color.fifth
  • Choose simple and nicer accessories with yourself at the casual conference.