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Healthy Tips for Hair Care

Invest in your hair – it is a crown you never take off.

Maintaining your hair is quite easy – as hair is made of proteins and keeping a hair loss medicines online healthy diet and proper care of hair you will get unbelievable beautiful hair. The proteins and iron are the main need of hair you can eat leafy vegetables, seeds and much more for proper protection – below are some advice and tips for the betterment of hair.

Wash your hairs:Woman washing her hair

  • Washing hair too much is a mistake – it makes hair dry leached of its natural oil – you must wash your hair twice or three times in a week maximum but apply shampoo or conditioner daily.
  • Choose the shampoos that are free of sulfates or parabens as these chemicals make shampoo lather up and irritation for eyes – so try to shampoos with natural cleansers.
  • Choose the shampoo that suits your hair as curly hair needs fizz-minimizing, straight hair needs gentle shampoo, treated hair needs a shampoo that fortified and dry hair needs a shampoo with glycerin and collagen.
  • Use conditioner on regular basis the golden rule of thumb is to condition every time when you shampoo and choose the conditioner that suits your hair type and have balanced elements.
  • Moisturizing your hair is also provides you healthy hair add five oils in the same portion and apply it before four hours and then showering out.

Drying the hair:hair-drying

  • One key point – don’t dry your hair using drawer as heat damages your hair lets your hair dry naturally.
  • Don’t use towels – wrap your hairs in the cotton shirt as the towel is made of fabric and can damage your hair.
  • Avoid brushing while your hair is wet – only use wide tooth comb if you have to brush while your hair is wet.
  • If you shower at night then put your hair in a bun and let it dry by air overnight.
  • If you need hair dryer – then use low heat setting for drying purposes.

Brushing your hair:hair-brushing

  • Don’t brush too much your hair – it will also cause damage to your hair.
  • Use your fingers rather than a brush when your hair is wet.
  • For perfect shiny – you need to brush your hair twice a day.
  • Don’t be rough with hair – treat it nicely.
  • Brushing from roots will cause damage, always brush from the bottom and work up.
  • Use different brushes for styling and blow drying.
  • Keep your brushes clean every time.

Styling & Dying:styling

  • Trim your hair regularly as it is the golden rule of styling – the best way to get rid of split ends is to do it yourself.
  • Most women with perfect hair have never split ends as they trim it properly within (6-8 weeks).
  • Avoid straightening, curling and bleaching your hair every time if it is possible – just make it an occasional treat.
  • Don’t use rubber bands as they get snagged your hair.
  • If you want to treat your hair then take a break from dyeing and give your hair a little breather.

General Health:diet

  • Since hair is made up of proteins – you have to eat a balanced diet that is rich in lean proteins.
  • Make sure to get plenty of vitamin C it helps strengthen the hair.
  • Remove every kind of stress from your life it also has effects on hair growth.