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3 easy methods for making temporary tattoo that lasts longer

Body art is the fashion that enhances the beauty of your lifestyle – If you want it temporary on skin than a temporary tattoo is your best option. You have the option to made these tattoo whether from the parlor or do it by yourself – we are sharing the information that tells you how you can make temporary body art on your body with simple techniques using household supplies including eyeliner pencil, stencil, and a printing paper – we are sharing three techniques for making temporary art onto the body.

Eyeliner Tattoo:1

  • The first step is to think about the design of the tattoo – you have to make a design on paper via regular pencil to sketch out your ideas and thoughts – try to make simple and unique design because more complicated designs made by eyeliner will be smudge and become unrecognizable.
  • You have to use sharp eyeliner – a pencil that makes smooth, dry marks. The jet black color is mostly used for the purpose and we recommend you not to use liquid eyeliner as it seems difficult to stay on parts.
  • Draw a design on the skin of the body and if you don’t like it then wash your body part – try to make a design where hair is not enough it will be easier to work in those areas use a cotton swab to create shading.
  • When your design is complete then put hair spray on that part of the body – you can also use the nail polish top coat it wills also works it’s up to you. This tattoo lasts for one day or you can easily get off this tattoo by washing your area with warm, soapy water.

Stencil Tattoo:2

  • You can also make a stencil tattoo to make its look professional – implement your thoughts and made a design on cardboard and cut it via scissor or knife – it helps you to make clear design easily instead of relying on your own drawing. Simple, bold shapes are easy to draw on the cardboard.
  • You can use a permanent maker to make a design as these are not for the skin so use the markers that are labeled as fine or use washable markers. Stamping ink is another approach to implement the ink onto the skin with the use of a cotton ball.
  • Place the cardboard tattoo on the part of the skin where you want a tattoo and apply it to the skin. You can remove this tattoo by using warm water or soapy water or you can use a dab a cotton in the oil and scrub it on the skin and tattoo is removed.

Paper Tattoo:3

  • The paper tattoo is prepared with the help of water slide paper – go and buy a water slide paper from any craft store or buy it online – these are the papers on the tattoo is printed on slide paper and one adhesive side is linked with the paper.
  • You can design the tattoo by using any software like Photoshop – made a creative design with beautiful colors – choose the colors that suit your skin. Feed the water slide paper into the paper handler of the printer and the image is printed on the adhesive side, not on the mating side – then cut down the tattoo with a scissor or any other accessory.
  • The next step is to apply the tattoo on the skin – ink-side down on your skin and press and hold with a piece of cloth and hold it for at least thirty seconds and then remove the towel. This tattoo last for the week – and if you want to remove it use warm or soapy water for removing it.