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5 Surprising reasons you have under eye circles

Whether dark circles beneath the eye are brown or something else but these are the worst nightmares for the person and everyone wants to get off these dark spots. A person spends time and money to remove these spots – but if you are taking your whole night sleep and in morning getting these spots than the problem is different.

After observation you may find the problem is in your makeup or it some kind of allergies or even parents are the reason for these spots – we are sharing your information about the causes of dark spots on the face you will read this and check out if any suits you then find out concealer for this.

  1. You are using bad makeup:make

Most of the time people were using the bad makeup that doesn’t suit their skin and dark circles are caused due to rubbing or scratching. If you are using product including mascara, eye shadow or even concealer but the fact is all these elements are irritating your skin then it is bad for you and in the result of rubbing to the body and eyes made dark circles. Another reason for getting dark circles is removing makeup wrongly and it will also cause dark eye circles.

  1. Your parents passed down bad genes:

Possibly, your parents is the reason for your dark spots – as there are some conditions that are running in families that can lead to darkness beneath the eye – this is mostly common in Mediterranean backgrounds but the fact is nothing is the solution towards it – but if it is pigmentation then the remedy is laser dermatologists.

  1. Allergies can make you itchy:

The dark spots are also be caused while you have any kind of allergy to your skin – skin conditions like eczema can get dark circles in a result of rubbing and itching and excessive rubbing lead to swelling, and broken vessels in the eye area which gives the skin bruised appearance. Since the skin under our eye is thin it appears the blood vessels to appear dark due to some kind of allergy.

If your area beneath the eye is of blue color then it could simply be blood vessels – as blue veins under the eye look dark too and appear as dark circles it is just veins.

  1. You spend time in sun:sun

If you are spending a lot of time in the sun then it will also cause the dark circles under the eyes – as some people think heading outside can brighten their skin but it is wrong for dark circles as eyelid is the thinnest part of the body and sun directly damages the area in form of dilating and as a result you have to see dark glow or color at the face. You have to cover yourself or apply sunscreen when you are outside and don’t wear heavy glasses it can also put stress on the skin and apply dark spots.

  1. Computer radiation:depressed worker or student woman working with computer alone late night in stress

You are working the whole day on the computer that put stress on blood vessels around the eyes without any rest and it will make dark circles around the eyes and the reason is the increment of cortisol that enlarges the blood in vessels and results in dark eyes.