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Warren Beatty Gives Best Picture Award To ‘La La Land’ Mistakenly

The biggest blunder in the Oscar award ceremony during the announcement of the best picture from this year – the Moonlight has won the best picture at the Oscar but the presenter mistakenly announces the La La Land as the best picture in front of the viewers of the world.

The presenter Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty read the wrong name as he handed the previous winner card saying ‘Emma Stone – La La Land whereas they are not the winners.

The error was captured when the team La La Land was on the stage to accept the award for the best movie but just after moments they said ‘I am sorry – there was a mistake – the moonlight won the award for the best picture – it was not a joke’.Warren Beatty Gives Best Picture Award To ‘La La Land’ Mistakenly

One added that ‘It is the craziest moment of the Oscar of all the time and going to be history’.

There is the problem while announcing the award as the Warren Beatty open the envelope and make a deep look towards the winner as ‘La La Land’ – he said ‘I was not creating a funny scene – this is the moonlight for best picture – I handed the envelope to the Faye to announce the winner and then she read the name La La Land as the winner’.

The presenter had the card containing the winner of the previous award – then two minutes later they announce that Moonlight was the winner showing the card to the crowd when the cast La La Land was making celebration on the stage.Warren Beatty Gives Best Picture Award To ‘La La Land’ Mistakenly

The moonlight director Barry Jenkins added that ‘I really don’t know how this error occurred – I had never expected this scene as well never imagine in the dreams – the last minutes of my life are the amazing one – I can’t imagine being in this position’.

The cast and the crew of the team Moonlight comes in front of the crowd and the Horowitz gave them Oscar for their movie as the best picture and the director still adding that ‘I am also shocked by such a scene as the viewers that are at home – I am still not sure this is real’.

The team La La Land already won the six Oscar awards including the best director, the best actress – the director of the movie La La Land was considered to be the youngest director to won the Oscar at the age of 32. There is always two cards or envelopes for the winners (one remains for backup) to check the mistake.