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Man Wears World Largest, Heaviest Turban

The man Avtar Singh Mauni wear the world largest turban weighs 100lb – the man is a holy person and wears it for the last 16 years and it takes 6 – 7 hours to get it on his head.

Have you ever assume of wearing such a heavy turban on ahead or thought of carrying a load on your head? I am sure your answer is No’ but this man wears the heavy turban in his routine and assumes the turban as a sign of faith.

The Avtar Singh added that ‘this turban is not a burden for him – but he remains happy after wearing this – he added that he is just putting the cloth from top to bottom just as you are laying stories of the building – he also added that he feels uncomfortable without the turban’.Man Wears World Largest, Heaviest Turban

The length of the turban of the holy man is 645 meter – he is just a strong man to carry such a weight – the regular turbans of the region are of length five – 7 meters but this person decided to change the trend of the turban.

The turban length of the Avtar Singh is measured currently and if it is proved correctly as he said then it is considered to be the World Guinness Record as the previous record was of 400m length turban wearied by the Major Singh.

Mr. Avtar Singh added that he wanted to break the record of turban – he started wearing the turban of length 150m, then 250m, and then 365 and at the last, he shocked the people by wearing the turban of length 645m.Man Wears World Largest, Heaviest Turban

Mr. Avtar Singh added that he opt the color of orange and yellow for the decoration of the turban and also put the decorative ornaments – he also carry the bangles or sword which also weight of 87lb – the height of the turban shows that he finds difficulty while entering from the door or find difficult or seems impossible to enter in the car with the turban.

The people added that Mr. Avtar Singh was brave enough to carry a heavy turban on head – you are really blessed with the special energy or power to carry that load – he added that they want to take photo with me but I stop them as I wear the turban with hours and they take photo and run away within moments.