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Sonos PlayBase Is Only Speaker You Need In Living Room

Do you love to watch the TV in your free time or listen to music you like at home? Then the brand new speaker of the Sonos is what you need to enhance the experience of sound and entertainment.

The technology is growing rapidly and our TVs are getting thin, so it is very difficult to provide the machine with the good definition of the sound – people are looking for the speakers to increase the experience with entertainment at home.

The audio company has launched its first product since 2013, the company launch the speaker namely ‘PlayBase‘ – the speakers are totally designed for the television and can be mounted quite easily under the television and bring HIFI quality of sound with it.

The company added that we launch this product to enhance the experience of the users that have television at home and their television is standing on the furniture – the research claims that nearly 70 percent of the people don’t mount their TV on the wall and they stand their television on the furniture.Sonos PlayBase Is Only Speaker You Need In Living Room

The Sonos added that ‘PlayBase – new sound speaker will meet the need of the people that have television standing on the furniture as it is pretty slim and has the ability to provide high-quality sound quite easily and considered to be the great product for home theaters’.

Sonos – PlayBase:

The sonos playbase speaker is thin but powerful in the context of sound, the playbase supports the TV up to 75 pounds and it can comfortably sit beneath your television and in many cases, it can easily fit between them underneath the display in many cases.

The top surface of the product is completely smooth and flat and looks awesome whereas the back of the speaker contains three ports including Ethernet, optical audio and power input – it can also join your existing wireless system for the multi-room audio.

The playbase contains ten different drivers that together combine to create a sound that stands it and also enhances the feature of dialogue and night mode or also works on vocal clarity and its technology promise to adjust the sound that matches the layout of the room.Sonos PlayBase Is Only Speaker You Need In Living Room

The sound speaker ‘PlayBase’ also works as the other wireless speakers of the Sonos and provide you an ability to switch between TV and music wirelessly with the app and easy to control and set up. The playbase will globally start shipping early in April with the price of £699.

When you are looking closer to the playbase – the design of the speaker is amazing and considered to be the attractive product of the living room – the weight of the product is less than 20 pounds and the playbase is considered to be the slimmest speaker of the world.

You can also pair your playbase with the subwoofer of the company Sonos and if you are looking to spend money on the product that benefits you every time then the playbase is considered to be the best product in the world for home.