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Bizarre Soundwave tattoo let you listen onto your skin

Soundwave is the advancement in the ink trend industry as people made tattoos that belong to tradition or symbol of good luck on a body or wants to remain trendy but soundwave tattoos are the new feature of tattoos industry.

You need to thanks the technology as it is growing rapidly and reached the moment where you can design pattern of your favorite music or made the sound wave of your favorite pet and let your camera record the pattern and play the music.Bizarre Soundwave tattoo let you listen onto your skin

The tattoo artist in LA named Nate Siggard has managed to create the tattoos that you can listen to – the moment remains shocking for the people as a tattoo on your hand is producing a sound. The innovative tattoos let you play and hear the recordings that you want to be memorialized.

The idea hails from the Skin Motion as the company added that listening tattoos remain available to the people in June 2017 and working to produce the mobile app for this system.

The app needs to work with the tattoo as artist generate sound wave on your body parts and the camera will detect the sound wave and the app generates one minute audio of wave and the pattern requires one day followed up with an overlay and let your mobile read the wave.

  • Skin Motion:Bizarre Soundwave tattoo let you listen onto your skin

The skin motion added that the sound wave tattoos brought tattoos as the part of their life and they are working with the creative mind artist that are ready to challenge the next generation and enhancing the tattooing industry to an extreme level.

They have added they are using the technology to brought sound wave on your body and the platform is ready to enhance the next generation and excited to release the sound motion on the body.

The company is working and planning to partner with the other certified artists and let them train towards the sound wave tattooing around the world and remain certified towards the work to carry out the different designs.

  • Soundwave tattoo:Bizarre Soundwave tattoo let you listen onto your skin

Have you lost a loved one that you always want to memorize or listen the sound or whether you never want to miss your favorite music? Then sound wave tattoo will resolve your problem as skin motion invented a tattoo platform on your phone and tablet.

You can record your favorite sound and the technology will help to wear your favorite lyrics to your body and your patent technology will help you to hear the audio of one minute.

The thing to memorize is that sound wave tattoo are a brand new way to express yourself using art and technology and help you to listen to the personal elements and can easily playback at any time.