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Kylie Minogue Wins Name Battle Against Kylie Jenner In Trademark

Kylie Minogue Australian pop star blocked the US reality TV star Kylie Jenner from performing trademark activities with her first name.

The young lady Kylie Jenner filled the form early in 2015, got fame from the US TV reality show and want to start the trademark with her first name in the US but the Australian pop star Kylie Minogue blocked her from using the first shared name.


The young US star Kylie Jenner filled the form at USPTO to start the advertising and trademark activities with the brand name appearing as the ‘Kylie’ in April 2015 but the Australian pop star Kylie Minogue was doing the trademark with the brand name in the US and filed the application against the reality show star Jenner and stated that her brand name was in confusion and found damage due to the start of another name with the word ‘Kylie’.

The case was noted by the governing body and look for the profiles of the both celebrities and the Kylie Minogue was the international singer and have a website with the domain name kylie.com since 1996, and have performed the trades functionality for many years with the brand name.


Contrary to this Kylie Jenner was the secondary television personality and also they viewed the social profile of the Jenner where she posted about disability rights and some controversies posts.

The case was suspended on a somehow settlement for two times in the last year. The Kylie Jenner wants to launch the cosmetics named as Kylie but later she want to launch them as Kylie Jenner brand but the application was rejected every time from the governing bodies as the Kylie Minogue was doing the trade from many years.

She has trades in perfumes, furniture, toiletries and fragrance and many more and wants to launch entertainment, jewelry and books and from the history of her trades shows that every time she and her team go with the same brand name Kylie and one day she want to produce the musical featuring her greatest hits she intends in her previous interview.