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What To Wear And Pack For Your City Break This Summer!

Holiday break in the life is awesome especially break in another city is good option to forget the stress and enjoy the beauty of the life. If you are planning for your city break then you can save your plenty of time as we have revealed checklist and provide you helping hand for your packing.

Let’s have look towards the list from experiences that could save your time.

  • A bag that is actually cabin-appropriate:What To Wear And Pack For Your City Break This Summer!

You need to carry the special bags for your city break or short trips as no one wants to pay the last minutes fine at the airport. You need to research for the bag that airline allows you to carry. You can select the wheelers bag or foldable bag pack that can pretty easy to carry and fits in your hand.

  • Flat shoes you can really rely upon:What To Wear And Pack For Your City Break This Summer!

You need to choose the flat shoes for your trip as they remain comfortable for your trip – you don’t need to rely on the shoes that give your sore toes as you are going to spend the day visiting different sites of the city. You can also carry the different flats for dinner dates or others.

  • A cross-body bag for hands-free ease:What To Wear And Pack For Your City Break This Summer!

You can also stick to the small bags for the trips to carry the small items including mobile, money or important documents and enjoy the trip as your posture remains to relax with the cross-body bags and your hands don’t require carrying the essentials with the help of small bag.

  • Outwear that lasts long:What To Wear And Pack For Your City Break This Summer!

You can also carry the suitable-spring coat to wear the whole day at your city break and the coat that remains perfect for the day also remains cool for the evening – you can select the trench coats, khaki jackets and printed oversize blazers.

  • Clothes that suits your personality:What To Wear And Pack For Your City Break This Summer!

You need to select the perfect style clothes for your city break – plenty of options are available that are easy to carry and remains trendy and beautiful for an advancement of your look. You can add the tie or silk scarf at neck and present it beautifully on white T-shirt.

The accessories including the earrings or addition of jewelry even with the knit dress provide pleasant look for the trips and moment to enhance your style. You need to invest in the dress that is perfect for your body style and shape as light, flattering dress for the evening dinners with flats looks awesome.

Kylie Jenner posted celeb-filled bathroom selfie breaks Met Gala Social Media ban

Kylie Jenner the reality star break the rule of the event and post a selfie with all other celebrities pal inside the bathroom at the Met Gala.

The Kylie Jenner break the rule of ‘no selfie’  as the lady was TV reality star and popular with her sister Kim Kardashian and post the selfie where her sister Kim Kardashian, Kendall and her rumored boyfriend ASAP Rocky, Lily Aldridge, Paris Jackson and many more celebrities are seen in the bathroom.Kylie Jenner posted celeb-filled bathroom selfie breaks Met Gala Social Media ban

The Met Gala is the popular event of the history and the guests of the event were asked not to use the social media but the little girl Kylie Jenner 19 years old not stop from using the social media and posted the selfie with the other celebrities.

She captioned the selfie as ‘Annual bathroom selfie’ – earlier in the night, she promised to sneak a selfie as she said she always capture a selfie at the event despite being asked not to by the organizers.Kylie Jenner posted celeb-filled bathroom selfie breaks Met Gala Social Media ban

Hailey Baldwin added that there is just one bathroom available at the event for the guests – so that all the girls are busy in fixing their makeups and taking photos and sorting the hair out.Kylie Jenner posted celeb-filled bathroom selfie breaks Met Gala Social Media ban

Kylie Jenner showed her dress at the red carpet and showing her curves in the gown and looked sensational in the nude – meanwhile, her sister Kim Kardashian also shared plenty of pictures with different celebrities at her account.Kylie Jenner posted celeb-filled bathroom selfie breaks Met Gala Social Media ban

Kylie stunned the fans and followers with her dress as wearing a delicately netted dress covered in stones, fans, and flowers and flaunt her incredible bum at the event with the dress.Kylie Jenner posted celeb-filled bathroom selfie breaks Met Gala Social Media ban

The event remain popular similar to every year and many popular celebrities take part in the event with her fashionable dress and many of the worst or nearly naked dress were also seen in the event and the teenager walked the red carpet with the designer Donatella Versace.

5 Hairstyles That Will Make You Younger And Beautiful

Aging is the natural process but the fact is that everyone wants to look younger especially ladies as they are conscious about their appearance at every age – whether you notice that what makes you look younger?

The women don’t need to invest in the anti-aging creams or plastic surgery but just styling your hair in the right way or good pattern will make you look younger and cut down the cost of other items as it is simple and painless methods – let’s have look towards plenty of ideas of hairstyles for women to look younger and beautiful!

  • Shiny hairstyles and strands:5 Hairstyles That Will Make You Younger And Beautiful

The strands of the hair are popular among the ladies and considered to be the style that remains in fashion every moment – you don’t need to walk with dull hairstyle at the old age but enjoy the shiny and the hair strands to look brighter and remaining younger.

  • Soft bangs:5 Hairstyles That Will Make You Younger And Beautiful

You just need to ask your hair stylist to make your hair soft, wispy bangs as it is the latest fashion trend and looks perfect with the face of every woman and provides you look younger – you can add a twist to the side of the hair to look beautiful.

  • Wavy Bob:5 Hairstyles That Will Make You Younger And Beautiful

The perfect look for the old age women to look younger and brighter and remain in fashion with their style – you just need to adopt the wavy bob hair style as the hairstyle provides your face better chance to look younger with the representation of the hair.

  • Pixie haircut:5 Hairstyles That Will Make You Younger And Beautiful

You often heard about the pixie hairstyle as it remains popular for the women and also popular for the ladies for marriage appearance as if you are worried about your age then ask your hair stylist to provide you pixie hair cut to look younger and remain in the people choice.

  • Messy Shag:5 Hairstyles That Will Make You Younger And Beautiful

The best hairstyle for old age women and even for the youngers is to adopt the messy shag hairstyle as it looks awesome to the face of the women and the strands in front of a face appear younger and a sense of flirtiness and provide you a better way of lifestyle.

These are the hairstyles that are the perfect choice for the old age women and can enjoy the pleasant time at old age and remain confident towards their appearance.

Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows

A style is a way to speak about your personality and the microblading is the one bringing revolution in the beauty industry and becoming the popular trend for this year. It doesn’t matter you have bold face or straight but the eyebrows are the important facial feature.

The latest trend in the fashion industry is known as Microblading and looks towards the magazines and find likes of the people on a new style of eyebrows as this kind of trend is popular a few years back. The life of the people especially women is busy in the modern world and don’t want to spend time every single day to get the brows of their dreams.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows

The new methodology is also being known as eyebrow embroidery, tattooing or semi-permanent makeup and the new trend is relatively cheaper and closer to nature. Let’s have look towards the things you must need to know about microblading.

  • Microblading process is very sensitive that needs to dealt with perfection and the proper sterilization of microblading instrument is important.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows
  • You need to choose the shape and color of the eyebrows before the process begins to ensure that you have your desired eyebrows.
  • The process of the microblading is lengthy as to ensure the eyebrows grown on the skin are promising to you with desired colors.
  • The trend is getting popular in the world and you look on the internet as a lot of celebrities has attempted the microblading to remain perfect their look as eyebrows are the important part of the facial beauty.
  • The process of the microblading needs follows up as it is considered to be the semi-permanent process that lasts 1-3 years.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows
  • The process must require follow-up for extreme beauty as if you want to make the eyebrows for longer time and devices that are used for the sensitive process are considered to be disinfection protocols to minimize the risk of infection.
  • If you read on the internet that the process begins towards fading the eyebrows then you must need to study that this process requires follow-up, touch-ups to complete the process accordingly and the process varies from person to person.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows
  • You need to make an appointment with the technician that has experience in the relevant field to make sure that skin color must match with the eyebrows and draw a dummy on the eyebrows with the pencil is the good practice to make sure issues are avoided.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows
  • You don’t need to hide your eyebrows from the world as many customers made their microblading process and get out of the door to show in front of people.
  • The process doesn’t require you to feel the pain as you feel the pain while doing tattooing on the body as these machines are painful but the microblading is not so.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows

The process of the microblading is the latest trend in the world and women are attracting as it enhances the beauty of the face and made a new look of the face with desired eyebrows.

Awesome Spring Outfit Ideas That You Should Certainly Try Out

Fashion is the way of communicating your style and personality as your outfit tells about everything and the people who understand the importance of fashion have powerful dressing up. The outfit and fashion style is different for all the seasons as spring is approaching and the new outfit ideas for sunny days is tied up in this post.

You just need to dress well as you are famous or going to see your worst enemy. The purpose of the life is to enjoy every moment and fashion will help you to meet the needs of the life as life is too short to wear boring clothes. Let’s have look towards different outfit ideas for the spring.

  • Embroidery:Awesome Spring Outfit Ideas That You Should Certainly Try Out

You need to approach the embroidery dresses this year as the trend is popular among normal routine. In past, embroidery is popular only for red carpets or occasion but these days it can be worn anytime – all you need to wear embroidered accents in jackets, denim pants, or even platform shoes or embroidered bags are also popular these days.

  • Bright and Vibrant:Awesome Spring Outfit Ideas That You Should Certainly Try Out

The most popular fashion trend and outfit for this season are wearing bright colors as they always remain eye-catching and prompt attention towards you. The yellow color outfit as it is bright color always brought attention towards you or looks for the metallic baby blues or wears full faced sunglasses.

  • Khaki:Awesome Spring Outfit Ideas That You Should Certainly Try Out

This season is bringing new outfit ideas for the spring as khaki is often popular in winter but year 2017 shows that khaki is popular in spring days and everybody is loving to come back with the previous trend as from usual bottom down shirt and dresses khaki is still popular and we all love them!!

  • Inspired dress:Awesome Spring Outfit Ideas That You Should Certainly Try Out

The season also proposed the previous generation outfit trends as we all looking towards dress of the year 2017 and latest movies, the season brought inspiring ideas from the past and provide sense of fashion to get dressed in soft fabrics with loose bows or wear oversized scarves with bold colors and wear pair of sunglasses to complete the style.

  • Florals:Awesome Spring Outfit Ideas That You Should Certainly Try Out

If you are still confused about your dressing style for this season and don’t want to explore the new ideas due to your budget or other reasons then you need to buy the florals this year as every brand must revealed their florals outfit for the ladies and the awesome thing is that florals will never out of season in springtime.

  • White:Awesome Spring Outfit Ideas That You Should Certainly Try Out

You need to dress in a way to show off your curves and ooze with sensuality and showing more skin is not popular this year. This year trend shows that skin is shown from shoulder, collars or the sides and it is time to brighten up your skin. You can also rely on the white color just get your best pieces in embroidery sheer fabrics and lace.

The fashion is what that is offered for all the four seasons but the style is one you choose – look towards above-mentioned points and fashion sense for this year and made your style amazing.

4 fashion trends you need to avoid on planes after united airlines bars passenger from wearing leggings

Fashion is the only way you can communicate with the others without speaking. Every person in the world has its own fashion trend and style but you need to remain careful while choosing your outfit for the event and situation.

You heard about United Airlines that banned two ladies from traveling in their airlines as they are wearing leggings and want to travel and after this incident, social media storm occurs on twitter and company defend them by saying ladies has to ticket where a dress code is strict.

Firstly we had not seen the girls wearing leggings so it is not fair to comment on the situation but the fact is that you need to look for different things while you are traveling on the aeroplanes as there begins a big debate if we are going to talk about fashion crimes but all you need is to avoid this kind of elements. Let’s have look towards items you need to avoid while traveling in airlines:

  • Flip Flops:

You need to avoid wearing flip flop shoes while you are traveling in the airlines as sitting next to the person for 10 hours with barefoot doesn’t sound nice for the next person and if your foot requires pedicure then it is ashamed for you.

  • Tracksuits:4 fashion trends you need to ban on planes after united airlines bars passenger from wearing leggings

Tracksuits are usually good for the gym or doing exercise but what if you wear on the airlines? The airline is not your personal place or offering a personal session, simply you didn’t need to do this.

  • High Heels4 fashion trends you need to ban on planes after united airlines bars passenger from wearing leggings

There is no worry to wear high heels for the airlines but what if you need to store these shoes on airlines? It is not a good idea to wear the high heels for the travel as you need to store them and need to sit without shoes.

  • Caps:4 fashion trends you need to ban on planes after united airlines bars passenger from wearing leggings

You don’t need to wear the cap while you are traveling on the airline as you don’t need to worry about the sun in your eyes, worry about the wind or rain in your face – it is not a good idea to wear the caps in the airlines.

These are the fashion trends that often look awkward and you need to avoid as these trends don’t look cool to you and your personality.

The Adorable Handbags Below $50

The holiday and party seasons are approaching and you have too bright your style with fashion and the most attractive and important accessory to complete your manner is handbag – it must be unique in shape, the bright color, and playful textures as it is the only element that carries all like cell phones, mirror – today the handbags are quite expensive but you need not worry as we are telling you the most attractive handbags that fell under your budget and complete your style.

  • Diophy Fringed Hobo:1470245136-tjx-2

This handbag is the best opportunity for the fashion – made of leather with high-qualified hardware parts with phone, card, key pocket inside and enhances the experience of the customers with its functional bag as well as for beauty – finding the right fringe bag is tricky but this functional and plenty of pocket bag is good choice for the fashion and available in the limited budget of your range.

  • Saffiano Satchel Handbag:saf

Carry this handbag to the office or use the shoulder strap with leather satchel brings you forever fashion sense – the bag is amazing with wonderful stitching that tells that it takes a time to design. The bag has a dual opportunity to carry it and said to be one stop for accessories. Its bright color and a beautiful look with small size are not enough as it has a top zipper closure that enhances its beauty as well as two separate compartments that allow you everything to carry with the hot bag.

  • River Island Chain Strap Handbag:rive

The bag is the best opportunity to complete your look with its black beauty, its bold print made it elegant for anyone and may be one of the most favorite bag of the women – it is featuring with gold chain straps and can feature to the shoulder or become as a clutch and come with handsome size and the most noticeable point is that bag is available in reasonable prize.

  • Croc Shopper Bag:croc

The bag is amazing for the day trip or whether you are going on to the event that has enough space that allows you to pile everything inside – the awesome thing is that bag is light weighted featuring with leather faux and a crocodile print that inspired you to brought this bag for weekends. The bag has also internal zip and crafted from genuine leather i.e. luxurious and available with magnetic fastening with reasonable prize.

  • Cormak Bag:cr

A sparkled body brings out in a top-handled bag and becomes your first priority to bring this on the event – a bag comes with top zipper closure and also with adjustable strap means you wouldn’t suffer for fashion’s sake. The bag comes with different colors with luxurious finishing and a chain embellishment and a lock for special occasion stand by and the wonderful element is that it is cheap and come in your budget while you are buying the handbag.

  • Colorblock Foldover Clutch:as

A clutch that has room more than essentials and it is the best option for one night out crafted with soft leather that enhances the beauty of the clutch. The clutch has come with fold – over style and has top zip with hidden magnetic closure and a bold stripe – it is affordable as well as in demand in the season and allows you everything that you want in a handbag.

  • Toby Crossbody Bag:ccc

A bag with adjustable shoulder strap and a canvas cross body bag with leather and fabric material made it awesome for everyone and allows you to skip the tradition of black and brown color – the contrast of the colors made it perfectly suited for the weekend as well as a holiday party or somewhere else.

3 easy methods for making temporary tattoo that lasts longer

Body art is the fashion that enhances the beauty of your lifestyle – If you want it temporary on skin than a temporary tattoo is your best option. You have the option to made these tattoo whether from the parlor or do it by yourself – we are sharing the information that tells you how you can make temporary body art on your body with simple techniques using household supplies including eyeliner pencil, stencil, and a printing paper – we are sharing three techniques for making temporary art onto the body.

Eyeliner Tattoo:1

  • The first step is to think about the design of the tattoo – you have to make a design on paper via regular pencil to sketch out your ideas and thoughts – try to make simple and unique design because more complicated designs made by eyeliner will be smudge and become unrecognizable.
  • You have to use sharp eyeliner – a pencil that makes smooth, dry marks. The jet black color is mostly used for the purpose and we recommend you not to use liquid eyeliner as it seems difficult to stay on parts.
  • Draw a design on the skin of the body and if you don’t like it then wash your body part – try to make a design where hair is not enough it will be easier to work in those areas use a cotton swab to create shading.
  • When your design is complete then put hair spray on that part of the body – you can also use the nail polish top coat it wills also works it’s up to you. This tattoo lasts for one day or you can easily get off this tattoo by washing your area with warm, soapy water.

Stencil Tattoo:2

  • You can also make a stencil tattoo to make its look professional – implement your thoughts and made a design on cardboard and cut it via scissor or knife – it helps you to make clear design easily instead of relying on your own drawing. Simple, bold shapes are easy to draw on the cardboard.
  • You can use a permanent maker to make a design as these are not for the skin so use the markers that are labeled as fine or use washable markers. Stamping ink is another approach to implement the ink onto the skin with the use of a cotton ball.
  • Place the cardboard tattoo on the part of the skin where you want a tattoo and apply it to the skin. You can remove this tattoo by using warm water or soapy water or you can use a dab a cotton in the oil and scrub it on the skin and tattoo is removed.

Paper Tattoo:3

  • The paper tattoo is prepared with the help of water slide paper – go and buy a water slide paper from any craft store or buy it online – these are the papers on the tattoo is printed on slide paper and one adhesive side is linked with the paper.
  • You can design the tattoo by using any software like Photoshop – made a creative design with beautiful colors – choose the colors that suit your skin. Feed the water slide paper into the paper handler of the printer and the image is printed on the adhesive side, not on the mating side – then cut down the tattoo with a scissor or any other accessory.
  • The next step is to apply the tattoo on the skin – ink-side down on your skin and press and hold with a piece of cloth and hold it for at least thirty seconds and then remove the towel. This tattoo last for the week – and if you want to remove it use warm or soapy water for removing it.


Glasses are now a symbol of grownup sophistication – today the trend is emerging to wear glasses everywhere. The glasses are medical devices but now become hot among the public.

To me eyewear goes way beyond being a prescription, it’s like a makeup and its frame or color of the lenses can change your whole appearance.

Fashion was unlikely of wearing optical but recent few years – the glasses are becoming the main accessory and trend of the fashion – they are even more popular on a red carpet for the celebrities and share their style. We can also see that after the year 2014 – the eyewear company gain eighteen percent extra profit on the sale of optical. Here we are telling you some hot designs and collection of glasses from all around the world.

  1. BCBG Max Azria Eyeglasses:1

BCBG eyeglasses frames are one of the most popular brands in the fashion industry – it is popular for its simplicity and quality of work and finest craftsmanship. The BCBG eyeglasses are mostly famous in style and comfort – it’s ambrosia model made it popular for its unique and stylish design. The frames of this model seem to look like plastic that is attractive but originally they are designed of metallic and durable material. The Catarina model of the company also comes in plastic and has the same durability with black laminate and is stylish.

  1. J. Crew Glasses Trends:2

J. Crew the popular brand for every accessory including outfits, bags but the most popular is its glasses. The company offers you glasses with lightweight that helps you to look stylish and it boost your confidence – they are developing the glasses that will ensure you to look bright. The company has many different designs but the most popular are Betty sunglasses that offer you wide range of colors and strong hinges and UV protection lenses. The exaggerated glasses are also popular for a bold and relaxed look.

  1. Milly – Cat Eye Glasses Trend:3

The most popular trend of wearing glasses among public and celebrities is cat eye – it is a long-term famous trend among the women and this fashion is still famous in 2016. The cat eyeglasses are of two types angular and round eyeglasses – the angular glasses has shaped edges that attract attention towards them due to unusual look whereas the round glasses are more conventional and have roundness sharp edges of the frame. The most popular eyeglasses for this year in respect to fashion is retro-inspired cat eye glasses in metallic white.

  1. Charlotte Ronson – Oversized Round Glasses Trend:4

Charlotte was the English fashion designer showed the eyeglasses in a fashion show by oversized round glasses that brought unique and bold look for the person. The oversized glasses covers full eyes which will accentuate your personality – all these glasses are popular for the fashion of this year in winter as well as in summer. These glasses look awesome as cat eye looks with translucent plastic frames and that is the style that is appropriate for everyone.

How to dress to impress a girl?

Every day is a good day to impress and attract girls if you are single – you have to dress up yourself that flatters up your personality and makes your look best. Your dress is the element that mentors your personality but the fact is dressing properly to impress girl doesn’t sound simple it needs time.

Today there are many different styles for men to look bright – impressing girls to yourself by dress is the way you choose the style and putting it together. Here is the guide that tells you how to dress so that you are able to impress girls.

  • Choose a Style:

The very important step before dressing is your style – you have to choose a single style that fits your body or personality – as if you like a rock star than he wears band tees, jeans or something. First of all, you have to choose your style you can take help from the environment – you think the person whom dressing you like most or think your style e.g. if you like plaid shirts, tweed jackets or something. You can choose the style of professor, the rocker, the sportsman i.e. there are, of course, many styles are available.

  • Start Shopping:buying

When you have chosen your style then this step is to shop clothes – ask the person whom style is your applying for the shop where he buys his clothes and goes to the stores – you can also take help from the internet where you can search brand or shop associated with this style. You can also buy the accessories that complete your style.

  • Get your clothes altered:tailore

You must suit your clothes from a tailor that fits your body or use customer representative to choose the dress that fits. The tailor will take measurement for the dress and prepare it suitable for your body. The person with a tailored suit can look more confident, successful and flexible – there are some people that made judgments like if your clothes size are small it reflects bad on the people.

  • Choose appropriate color wear:

You have to choose the color of your shirt and pant with skin tone, it will enhance your personality but the wrong choice will be unflattering. Your color collection for the wear depends on your warm and cold skin – you have to decide it – the warm skin colors are orange, yellow and green whereas the cold skin colors including white, black that looks attractive towards it.

  • Make a right impression:

If you are going to the club or party than wearing red color is more attractive and desirable to women. You just need to remember wearing three colors at once will distract you. Always consider the dress in a context of your designation – women will appreciate a person that cares it dress and respect them – if you are not sure then call the host and ask about proper dress.

  • Buy the best quality products:

Shoes is somewhat that speaks about your style – you have many choices while buying the shoes but the brown shoes are best for both jeans and dress pants you can look great in brown longwing’s shoes. The choice of white canvas can make your look younger.spray

You can also buy the jackets that last longer – you know changing up your look may get the attention of women you have to know about the audience and dress to impress them and wear the dress wrinkle-free iron the dress whenever you go outside. You have to take shower and body wash to smell good from your body.