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Interesting Fact: how fashion trend start

A style is a way to say who you are without speaking.

The joy of dressing is the art and everyone needs it. The person who belongs to fashion always wants to know more about fashion. This article tells you how different fashions come into existence and what are the reasons behind them.

Facts in terms of Clothing:

  • The low-waist pants one of the most popular fashion among men, this fashion first come from prisoners of Los Angeles, as police didn’t allow them to wear a belt to hold their pants at the right place.1
  • Until mid-1500 there was no sense of wearing between children and adults, children wear the same dress of elders in small sizes.
  • The skirt a popular girls dress was considered as the second oldest garment in the world in 1980.2
  • The fashion of buttons on sleeves came existence due to prevent soldiers from wiping off their noses on their sleeves.
  • Neckties the most popular father’s day gift in the world was first used in Croatia and hence till now known as Cravats’.3
  • During the 15th century, the pregnancy of women was considered to be fashion and the girls who are not pregnant put pillows under their dress to look fake baby bump.
  • The brand Lacoste was popular for their T-Shirts, and the sign of crocodile actually, this is the first brand to show their logo on the dress.4
  • Hats fashion is popular in the kingdom, the popular Elizabeth ordered to wear hats for every woman above the age of 7 on Sunday and holidays, and who disobey was strictly fined.5

Other Facts in Fashion:

  • High heels were wearied by both men and women, men wear it for horse riding purposes.6
  • Umbrellas today are used to save from rain but do you know it is originally designed to save from sunlight instead of rain.7
  • False eyelashes were first invented in 1916 when Hollywood director wants to enhance the beauty of actresses.
  • During the 15th century, designers use dolls to display their work instead of models.
  • In 1943, NYC was the first city to organize the Fashion week.9
  • The Italian designer was known as Valentino Red due to his wedding dresses in red color.
  • The fashion of skirts comes into existence to help girls to sit easily in automobiles with a short dress.
  • The key ingredients to prepare lipstick are fish scales.7
  • It was not allowed for women to wear short dresses until World War 2.
  • More than 2 billion t-shirts are sold every year.
  • The first fashion magazine was published in 1586.
  • The four most common clothing materials are linen, polyester, rayon, and cotton.
  • In ancient times gloves were wearied to protect work hands.
  • The first lady’s boot was designed for Queen Victoria in 1840.
  • Shoes were made to protect both warmth and cold protection about 4000 years ago.
  • The biggest fashion weeks ever occurred in five capitals of the world.