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Six Tips To Buy Best Diamond Engagement Ring

The engagement day is the most memorable time of the life and everyone wants to make it awesome as you pull out the ring out of your pocket and want to live a happy life with your partner. To make the day wonderful the utmost priority is the engagement ring and it must need to beautiful for your finance.

You have to invest in a diamond ring that value for entire life as many people says that the engagement ring is my favorite accessory, so you have to follow these steps to make the right decision for the engagement.

  • Selecting a gemstone:

The traditional rings have a diamond in the center but it depends on your choice whether you like a diamond or sapphires for the ring – you know the preference of your girl and select the gemstone according to her choice. The sapphires are less expensive than the diamond but both can bear the routine wear.

  • The shape of gemstone:

The shape of the gemstone matters a lot for the beauty of the ring – mostly the diamond are used in round shapes as they look hot and awesome and are popular among audience but you need to keep in mind that round shape diamond are expensive than a non-round design and if your budget is upset then go for the non-round shape.

  • The metal:

You must need to know about the metal you are using for the ring, the white gold and platinum are preferable among people – well, all metals look same but the platinum is preferable due to its durability and other metals include rose gold and yellow gold.

  • Style of ring:

This is the important point before buying the diamond ring for your girl as you have to consider the outfit she most like to wear and type of art and others – you have to consider these elements before selecting the ring and look for the modern option or glamorous style.

If your finance loves to wear the antique elements or classic then you have a chance to buy the vintage engagement ring as they are less expensive and many women want to wear these fragments.

  • The budget for a ring:

Your budget for the ring matters a lot, there is no rule of thumb that you have to spend a handsome amount for the ring – variety of options are available for the rings and you can select the suitable one that sits in your budget and loved by your finance.

  • The size of ring:

You know that exact size of the ring matters a lot but the idea is to buy a bigger one ring for her or take out a regular ring from her purse and provide your jeweler for the size and pleased your finance with awesome gift of the ring and generally the size of the women ring is 6 or 6.5 inches.

These all are the important elements for selecting the right ring for your finance as it is the precious time for the couple and these memories always live with them.