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Boy Saved Drowning Brother By Copying Favorite Movie Scene

Kids always notice things and implement the things they learned from movies and favorite celebrities. A boy 10-year-old copied the scene of a movie and saved the life of his younger brother!

Do you believe that? The boy copied the scene from the movie of San Andreas and Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson, alias, The Rock called the boy as a real-life hero.

What did the actual scene happen?

  • Jacob O’Connor found that his younger brother Dylan, two years old floating face-down in the water. He didn’t rush inside the home and called for help but memorize the movie scene of San Andreas.
  • Jacob managed to pull his younger brother out of the swimming pool and started giving him chest compression as he watches the same scene in the movie. The Rock has performed chest impression to save the life of his daughter in the movie.
  • Dylan was rushed to the hospital as early as possible and remains fully recovered from the scene. When The Rock comes to know about the event of the little boy he made a tweet:https://twitter.com/TheRock/status/900732596409163776

‘Wow! It was amazing story and happy to hear about the hardworking of little boy – Jacob, you were the real life hero and we’re all proud of you’

Jacob’s mother told:

  • Jacob’s mother told the media that ‘I am lost for the words and I am proud of Jacob as he does amazing work – he just thought that it was the natural thing to do’
  • When someone asked the little boy that whether you’re the real life hero, he replied that ‘I don’t know’
  • Her mother added that I was happy that Jacob remembered the scene of the movie as he watched this movie just a week ago.

What was Jacob’s act during event?Boy Saved Drowning Brother By Copying Favorite Movie Scene

  • Jacob told his expression after the event that ‘I was scared what was happened to my younger brother, San Andreas is one of my favorite movies when people performing different activities to save the life during the earth quake.
  • I just remembered the scene when the Rock was saving the life of his screen’s daughter as they tried to save the person first instead of calling someone else at the scene.
  • The boys, Jacob, Dylan lived with their grandmother while their mother was at work. The grandmother took care of the kids but Dylan managed to somehow get out unnoticed.
  • When Jacob’s performed activity of saving a life then Dylan coughed some water but he didn’t respond completely. Jacob runs to his grandmother to tell about the condition of Dylan.
  • She called an ambulance and rushed the hospital; Dylan gets treatment from the hospital and has survived as there’s no neurological damage and lasting effects.

Thankfully, we have been so lucky and this happened never occurred in my life again!