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Is Body Modification is Fashion or Craziness?

Body piercing is a modern act, form of fashion in which person cut its body parts to worn jewelry in them. Ear piercing and eye piercing is somehow popular in the world but the new trend is changing the human body into her desirable shape and look different from now.

Actually, it is referred to word tattoo that comes from Tahitian and its meaning is a strike. Marks are made on the body for their current life and afterward and ink for this purpose is made from vegetables and sour pigments in dark colors somehow blue and yellow color is also used.

Here are some traditional and new kinds of body modification that are popular in the industry of fashion, music and everywhere that are liked by the people.

Neck Stretching:neck

Neck stretching is the tribute of Thailand and mountains bordering Burma and they are able to extend their necks to unrealistic heights. This tradition is not only of these people it may be grown to extend in the Western world that has gone so far to take the challenge to neck stretching. Smith was popular as she has 11-inch neck after wearing these neck coils and her dream becomes true.

Forked Tongue:forked

The forked tongue is also popular fashion in terms of the tattoo, people cut off their tongue to look like a snake. This act can be done in tongue parlor in sterilized situation. This kind of fashion is not any tradition except some kind of freakiness and madness and if anyone wants back its tongue it can only be possible via tongue surgery.

Skin Stretching:skin-stretching

Skin stretching is mostly known as Gnomo and many traditions practiced it from past years, such as South America, Africa, and South Asia. In this kind of tattoo, you have to stretch any part of body mostly it can be done on ears, spacers are added in the place which stretches the body but the important thing to know that this kind of fashion is saving except other piercing of body.

Corset Piercing:corset

This type of fashion is highly populated nowadays, many youngsters doing these practices to look hot and sexy. In this fashion two rows of piercing are made on your body and then piece of ribbon is added in them, this looks like ties on back and women believes that she looks hot in this fashion.


This is unbelievable fashion; it looks attractive to anybody, in this, you have to peel off a large section of your body in any kind of pattern. Once the area has covered then it will cover with scared tissue and in a different color and then the texture is added. This causes great swelling in the body and the whole process is painful and blood will come out but this kind of fashion is hot.

The Giant Labret:giant

The labret is the most common type of piercing, it did beneath your lower lip and you can see your teeth as spike or stud. You have to pierce ear or any other body part and then this hole get bigger and you put plastic plug that makes clear in it. You can also wonder if it makes eating difficult.