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5 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Aging Your Skin

Washing your face is an easy job done by everyone regularly – Right? But you’ll surprise to learn that your common mistakes will age your skin and make your age appearance. Taking care of your skin is important especially when it comes to women.

There are plenty of things you need to do to skin use of anti-aging products as they are expensive and have side effects also. Check out these common cleaning mistakes and skip the usage of beauty products entire life:

  1. Not washing makeup off:5 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Aging Your Skin

Many of us thought that makeup removal and cleansers are the same thing and have same responsibility. But it is wrong as cleansers aren’t up to taking off makeup completely. A dermatologist provides detail for people for removing makeup.

She recommends everyone wiping off mascara and eye makeup with eye remover and then uses a cotton pad with toner. You have to remove rest of makeup with it and make sure to remove it before bed. The older we get drier out skin and if you don’t have time at night then use cleansing wipes. Read More

  1. Skipping SPF:5 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Aging Your Skin

The sun is the primary cause of skin aging and not wearing sunscreen is the biggest reason of aging process! You have to put the sunscreen in every kind of weather as it reaches you on cloudy, rainy or snowy days. The experts added that grey sky is never excused for skipping your SPF.

UVA rays can easily penetrate through thick clouds and even glass windows. So the best advice is to put sunscreen every time you outside from house.

  1. Only wash once a day:5 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Aging Your Skin

Even if you cleansed your face and remove the makeup but it is not enough. The experts added that showering once a day is not enough for the person as bacteria build up on your skin. Your face requires a clean sweep every night when you switch for bed.

This clean sweep will remove the dirt of all the day, makeup, oil and other unwanted things. There is also one research shows that pollution is the biggest problem of causing pigments and skin health.

  1. Neglecting your hands and neck:5 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Aging Your Skin

You are making all the right choices for your face and even the products. But skipping the neckline and your hands as your face is not only responsible for your appearance of age. Overexposure to the sun also affects your hands and neck same as your face.

You have to treat your hands and neck just like you are treating your face. Moisturize them regularly and apply sunscreen also to protect them.

  1. Never give your skin a break:5 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Aging Your Skin

Your skin requires rest just like your body requires rest in bed. If you are applying makeup all the time and never gives a break then it will cause aging process. Your skin pores require fresh air, so make it sure you’ll spend a day barefaced to relax pores of your skin.

These all are the tips that help the people to stay motivated towards healthy goal and achieve dream skin.