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Zara Larsson: Pop Star Suffers From Sleep Paralysis

Zara Larsson, Swedish pop singer popular in the county for nine years and also remains popular in the UK charts last year but she suffers from sleep paralysis.

She was just 19 years old and remains popular for last 14 months including the tropical song Lush Life that remains popular on the charts for year – she was the beautiful singer with a wonderful voice and also sang the anthem song of Euro 2016.

The girl was supporting Beyonce this year at Wembley stadium and the lady added that ‘it was the wonderful show on the tour and it is the stadium where I want to stand in front of a crowd and have my own one day’.

Zara was an awesome singer and releasing her debut album this week ‘So Good’ and working a lot in her own country – Zara made her name in 2008 while she was the part of Britain’s got talent as there is no age restriction in this show.

She suffers from sleep paralysis:Zara Larsson: Pop Star Suffers From Sleep Paralysis

The 19 years old pop singer Zara tells about her sleep paralysis in the interview and added that she was unable to active her body parts while she wakes up in the morning – her mind is active but unable to move any part of the body.

The reporter was shocked after learning the disease of the young singer and Zara added that ‘I was stuck for two to three minutes but the feelings are like I am stuck in my bed for half an hour – this feeling usually happens when I am stressed.

Show her talent in past:

She won the contest and also a prize of 500,000 krona and when she was 15th released her first pop song and many people didn’t recognize her but some that recognize me added ‘Oh my gosh, it’s her’.

People think she sounds like Rihanna:Zara Larsson: Pop Star Suffers From Sleep Paralysis

The people thought that Zara was singing as Rihanna as she released Lush Life many people thought it was Rihanna’s come back and Zara added that ‘I don’t know it but my mom also told me the same thing but I am not trying to be her’.

She is flexible:Zara Larsson: Pop Star Suffers From Sleep Paralysis

She was awesome at the school time and added that ‘I was flexible and ran 200 meters whereas my trainer added that you are doing a good job and I know I am flexible as well’.

Her goal is to keep improving:Zara Larsson: Pop Star Suffers From Sleep Paralysis

The star added that my goal is to become a true performer and wants to become better from today and just going to chill today and that’s what making me great.