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Five Superstars Who Refused To Be Body Shamed

The entertainment world brought unrealistic expectation for the celebrities but stories about body shaming are nothing new but plenty of celebrities start fighting against the trend.

Earlier this week, an advertisement for new animated movie Snow White showed body shamed as ‘What if snow white was no longer beautiful’ where the plus size model said she had not approved this marketing where Chloe Moretz actress was also unhappy towards marketing of her movie.

Let’s have look towards other superstars that were hit by the criticism of body shame and their responses about their look!

  • Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga was the brilliant singer as she recently performed at this year’s Super Bowl show, millions of people love to watch this show and wait for the time as facts show that nearly 100 million people watched the half-time show worldwide.

But the fact is that many people speak about Lady Gaga stomach as she wearing crop top during her performance and people added ‘she was not fit enough‘ but the singer response to the critic’s message on the Instagram to her fans:

‘I am proud of my body as my body figure is becoming a topic of conversation, you should need to proud of your body – I give you millions of reasons why you don’t need to cater to anyone’.

  • Amy Schumer:

The comedian and actress have replied to people comments in 2015 and 2016 when critic referred to her as Funny-Chubby Community as she posted her picture on Twitter and added ‘I am size 6 and have no plan of changing, Stay on or get off, Kisses’.

When she was questioned as fat shames at the end of 2016, she posted her picture in swimsuit adding ‘I am proud of my body, and how I live – where’s the shame? It is not there, it is an illusion as when I look in a mirror I know about myself’.

  • Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer added in 2013 that ‘it was illegal to call someone fat on TV’ after a number of critics of her own figure she also added that ‘I am worried about a young generation after this kind of critics as media should need to take the responsibility.

The actress, who won an Oscar added that ‘If we are regulating things like cigarettes and cuss words thinking young generation reaction then we should need to stop calling people fat’.

She also added in 2012 that ‘I’m obese, I am considered a fat actress’.

  • Kate Winslet:

The Titanic star and Oscar-winning actress added towards fat shame as she was bullied at school and known as ‘Blubber‘ – the star added that ‘I wasn’t good enough, I don’t look right because I didn’t fit someone else idea of perfect’.

She added that ‘I was even a dancing frog, different characters but still loved acting as I was determined to keep learning and wanted to be great’.

  • Vin Diesel:

The people not only criticized the female stars towards body shaming but Vin Diesel was also criticized for his photo on social media in Miami and called to his ‘dad bod’.

The superstar posted his own photo with muscular physique on Instagram towards response where one journalist asked him about ‘dad bot’ he replied ‘Haha – I am wondering if I show the picture – body shaming is always wrong’.