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Ariana Grande’s Cancel Concert Tour After Manchester Attack

Ariana Grande the pop singer has been canceled all the upcoming concerts and events after the terror attack occurred at her show at the Manchester Arena on Monday.

The pop singer show at London’s O2 Arena on Thursday and Friday has been canceled due to terror attack occur on Monday where 22 people were killed and 64 people were injured as singer want to pay proper tribute to those people and families.

The dangerous women Ariana Grande tour has been canceled after the tragic event as she canceled the London concert’s and June concerts as pop singer wants to pay tributes to the families that lose their loved ones during attack according to tour’s promoter said in a statement.Ariana Grande’s Cancel Concert Tour After Manchester Attack

The statement shows that the dangerous women tour has been suspended until 7th June as her show occurred in London, Belgium, Poland, and Germany have been canceled.

The tour’s management added that this is the critical time for the Manchester people after the attack and we all here support the city and the families that are affected due to the incident as terrorist threatened the lives of people and we all are united to overcome the critical situation.

Grande returned to her home city Boca Raton after the terrible incident as she put her condolences on social media, Twitter where she added that ‘I am broken from the heart due to the incident, I am sorry to my fans and people and I don’t have many words after the incident‘.

The people and fans are paying tribute to the people injured and died in Manchester attack whereas Musicians paying tribute to the Ariana Grande as Miley Cyrus dedicated her song on Tuesday night concert to pop star who experienced the horrific attack.Ariana Grande’s Cancel Concert Tour After Manchester Attack

There is the hope exists that tour of the dangerous women should continue after 7th June in Paris whereas it is not confirmed yet as she added our words can’t put the happiness to the family harmed in the senseless attack.

We are thankful for emergency services provided by the Manchester to save the lives of people and the Blondie canceled the concert in London to pay respect to Manchester attack.

The musicians also pay tribute to the Manchester attack through the twitter as Rihanna added ‘Praying for beautiful souls we lost at the horrible incident and for survivors‘.ARIANA GRANDE’S CANCEL CONCERT TOUR AFTER MANCHESTER ATTACK

Many others musicians and celebrities pay tribute to the people as football team put silence before the match and many people shared black bunny ears image to the social media for the victims.