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Devastated Adele Cancels Last Two Wembley Appearances

Adele the best and perfect singer canceled her next two final shows of her world tour as she damaged her vocal cords announced on social media.

The devastated singer posted heartbreaking words on social media as she posted on Twitter a few hours earlier and posted on other platforms to apologize from their fans.Devastated Adele Cancels Last Two Wembley Appearances

The London-born Adele was so close to finishing her world tour of 123 performances but the medical issue becomes a barrier for the lady as she posted on Twitter that:

The first two shows of Wembley this week was the biggest and best shows of my life but I had to struggle a lot vocally, I had to push harder than the normal routine and this time I have damaged my vocal cords’.Devastated Adele Cancels Last Two Wembley Appearances

The lady was depressed with her condition and feeling guilty in front of her fans as she was apologizing from fans for her condition as she added that:

‘The response from home ground people after a long time was a great experience for me as I was enjoying the crowd and feeling lovely but I struggled a lot vocally to push my words in front of you both nights and I realize I can’t able to crumble in front of you’.

She added that she went to the doctor for a checkup to find out the exact reason for situation and doctors tell her that she had damaged her vocal chords and added that she had done all the things to finish her world tour as she performed 121 shows all around the world.Devastated Adele Cancels Last Two Wembley Appearances

Her words were heartbreaking for her fans as they are disappointed and the singer was also disappointed as she wrote that:

‘I am sorry for your disappointment and you know that I would never make this decision ever in my life and more information about the event must be shown after few days’.

The lady added that your money must be refunded if the show never is rescheduled as I was devastated with a medical condition and want you to forgive me.

This was not the first time that singer should feel the pain of throat as earlier in 2011 she underwent through the throat surgery and a month later to remove polyps in her throat and she made her comeback to the music industry in 2012.

She performed live in Grammys in February 2012 and she started her world tour on February 29, 2016, from the UK and the cancellation of her next two shows came less than a day.

The Adele previous events at Wembley remain perfect for her as she posted she loves to perform in both events where the event was attended by 98,000 fans and the stadium remain perfect for UK music event record.

The Adele added that she wanted to organize her music event at Wembley in the end as she never knows that ever tour again as she had taken 119 shows and her last four events made count to 123 shows but failed to perform.