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Ways to add pretty touch of color to the hair

The fashion is something that everybody needs in his life your dress, shoes and especially hair count a lot in your style – adding a ton of bright color to the hair enhance your elegance and make you look like vibrant. Adding streaks of color in hair is a good hair loss medicines way, firstly think about the sections of hair to streak and then dye the color with your choice – we are telling you the ways as well as ideas for streaks.

Plan the streaks and bleach your hair:

  • It is confirmed you are going to add streaks in your hair it may be down the side or streaks over your entire head, firstly imagine the color you want for hair and then get the color items as well as bleach for hair from the supplies and buy a purple shampoo that is for washing bleach hair and then start the process of adding streaks.
  • You must bleach your hair before applying the color to make sure the color comes beautiful and look bright but if you are planning to streak the hair with darker color then you are able to start color without bleaching.ble
  • The bleach powder comes either in packet or tubs and start with dry hair and separate the hair where you want to bleach and use highlighting cap or anything and then mix the bleach powder according to the instructions and then apply the hair the bleach and remain it for 15 minutes and then wash your hair with purple shampoo to remove the bleach and ready for the color.

Pretty Color Ideas:

The next step is to apply the hair color or streaks to the hair but you have to choose the style before applying the color and few ideas are below:

  • Oil Silk: The color combination is purple, dark blue and red strands and it is perfect for the dark haired women to add few streaks in the hair.purple
  • Red Accents: You can add red strands to the hair a little bit on the ends for a prettier look.red
  • A bit of everything: This style contains every color of your choice that’s why this is known as a bit of color for those who are confused for choosing the color.ever
  • Pale Pink and Purple: You can apply the pink and purple color to the hair if your natural color feels like flat to get a nice look.palepink
  • Blue: A streak of blue color is also nice hair style of latest trends.blue
  • Violet and Blue: The color combination is one of the popular streaks in the world and a good one for dark haired women to look gorgeous with super dark strands.violet
  • Evergreen: This is not a popular hair color but has an awesome feeling for the person – add jaw-dropping with the green shade.evergreen

Apply the color:                                      

The step after choosing the color for hair is to apply the color on the hair – you can use the brush for the purpose and then wait until the color sets on to the hair normally the time required drying is 30 minutes.color

You have to rinse out the hair until the water flows from streak hair and then maintain your hair by using quality shampoo and bleach the hair time to time as your hair grows out.