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International Women’s day 2017 – Protest, Activism and Celebration

Today is the international women’s day and the world is pretty excited for the day and an event held around the world to honor the women’s struggle in every area of the universe.

The 8th march Wednesday is provided to the women to show the rights of the ladies and their contribution to the world as they are the leading part worldwide – the day is assigned for the power of the women and their social as well political rights.

What is international Women day?International Women’s day 2017 – Protest, Activism and Celebration

The day was originally considered from 1909 where day is celebrated for the women in remembrance of 1908, when women perform a marched to demand social and political rights – then the first International Women Day was held in 1914 after five years and the day was held on 8th March as it was Sunday and majority of women will participate in the events.

Women need to celebrate the day due to their progress and leading roles in the world as the gender gap is still the issue in a variety of areas in the world and we need to overcome the circumstances and aware the people about women strength and value of their work.

#Be Bold For Change:

The researchers and economist of the world are working on the social awareness of the women and want to aware the people with the strength of the women and added that gender pay gap will never close till 2186 and the aim of this day is to aware the people.

Let’s have a look variety of women worldwide that are celebrating the day to enhance their demands, social skills, and their words:

The Google also provided a list of remarkable women for every year shows that women skills are amazing and they need to enjoy all the rights and every field.

Zehra Khan from Pakistan added that ‘there is much need to celebrate the day as Sindh chief minister passed a law to register the women that are working and can access benefits in the region‘ – she added that ‘the day was pretty important for the Sindh as well for Asia as once they were legally accepted as worker they can access and run social security institution‘.

Eric Abetz posted a status on the Facebook and posts a picture of the Queen Elizabeth II and tribute her hard work and service to the people – he added that ‘the lady worked for the women as well maintain the commitment and earned the respect‘.International Women’s day 2017 – Protest, Activism and Celebration

In Australia, the day is celebrated and the early childhood center was closed on the mid of the day to celebrate the importance of the women – the fact is that there is 16 percent gender pay gap in the region as well the ladies that are educated and doing a job in early childhood earn lower wages.

India has launched the women cricket’s league to promote the women work – the region is often popular with the cricket of the male and crowded by them and added that young women able to succeed the ground and lead to great interest in women’s cricket.