nailbot for nail art

Print Emojis, Selfies Straight To Your Nails With NailBot

If you love to polish your nails every time and want to perfect manicure at your home then latest technology will help you to change your life.

You are the fan of the nail art but don’t have much time to make it perfect at home or want to manicure perfectly then all your troubles could be resolved easily with this latest machine known as ‘Nailbot’ – building the nail art on the nails is not an easy task but this machine will help you.

The new invention will be invented and worked directly with your smartphone and print the emojis and selfies straight to your fingernails and change your life forever. The invention was amazing as it allows you to add nail art within moments and look pretty for the event.

The fashion of the nail art will always remain in style and have this kind of machinery will help you to make nail art quite efficiently and enhance the beauty of the nails with a just simple machine and a smartphone as well as selected image.

Working Of Nail Bot Machine:nailbot for nail art

The nail bot machine is quite an easy solution towards the manicure and allows one to print the emojis or selfies they want to look every time on their nails and give themselves a different and attractive look.

The NailBot machine will work with your smartphone – you just need to install an app that is compatible with the nailbot machine and then send a picture to the app or emoji you want to print on the nails and it prints directly the emoji or picture to your nails.

The only requirement is to prime your nail with the white polish for the good natural look of the nails and a smartphone for the excess of pictures to be printed on every nail of the hand and the interesting fact is that machine is quite intelligent.

The app uses the rear camera and algorithm is quite intelligent that detect the size of the fingernail and then automatically fit the size of the emoji on to the nail and the app comes with a lot of collection of the emojis to printed on the nails.nailbot for nail art

NailBot Invention:

The nail bot machine was the idea introduced by the Pree Walia and invented this machine with website crowd funding and explains that this idea was raised three years ago. I give myself manicure but time-consuming and many other problems occur and want to explore the feasible solution.

I continued to look for the solution and develop the nailbot to reduce the stress of the people and make easy for them and to look beautiful with the beauty of nails and having emojis or selfies printed on the nails will provide them unique and interesting look.

Unfortunately, the nail art machine is not available yet for the customers but the price of the machine is $199 and nearly 30,000 customers already sign up for the machine.

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