Beauty Tips: How to do winged Eyeliner

There is nothing more classic than the winged eye, it is also known as cat eye. Winged Eyeliner can be sultry style but it can be tricky, here are some techniques and tips to put this look.

Makeup is not a mask but actually, it is an art, passion, and expression.

You must need to know that there are three types of liners – pencil it is easy to apply – gel liners are matte and glide easily – liquid they come usually in tubes or pen-style.

Never ask women with winged eyes why she is late?

Tips for eyeliner:

  • Always make sure mirrors are close to you and place your arm or hand is a stable place to control over creating your wing.
  • Use Pencil liner instead of liquid if you are not a profession and then trace it over liquid one.
  • You can create your own color with wet liner brush and shadows.eyeshadowliner
  • Use white eyeliner as a highlighter of the brow – make up and down line for indication.highlighter
  • For a natural look, you can also put dots and after that connects them – you can also put dashes and then join them for easiness.
  • You can also use a spoon at curves and edges to have a masterpiece and business card is also used for the same purpose.spoon
  • You can use white liner to appear your eye bigger.
  • When applying liner try to not put skin on side of your

Steps for applying Eyeliner:

Step 1: Apply pencil eyeliner starting from the inner side of the eye towards outer corner – the line should be thin as possible on the upper lash. The line doesn’t need to be clean at this point – tilt your head if possible to keep your eyelid flat. The line should start thin but made it thicker while continuing towards the corner.1

Step 2: Firstly you apply thin layer now wing the end of the eye corner pointing upwards, the length of the wing is up to you. For this step, draw a roughly diagonal line 45 degrees out and up.2

Step 3: After this make a straight line from middle to the end of the upper eyelid, make sure when you are doing this your eye is closed and watch with another eye.3

Step 4: Step away and walk for a moment and then check the new look of your face in the mirror and blink your eyes for some moments. You must dry liquid liner for 10 to 15 seconds before blinking the eyes and if you have put more liner then clean up with cotton swap which is soaked up in remover.4

Latest Street Style Fashion Trends of Men of 2016

If you can’t be better than the competition, just dress better.

Fashion is probably demand of every person as your look describes the personality. Here is the list of street fashions available for this summer.


Bandanas are one of the popular street style fashions as it is the easiest way to dress up for streets walk. The wonderful moment about bandanas is that it is affordable fashion; all you need is neckerchief that plays an excellent role to bring color to rock bright shades. A great cherry red, blue or designed monochrome pattern bandana is good but ensures your knot is clean.

Floral Print:floral

Recently popularized fashion includes jackets or shirts in different brightness and boldness popular in the street style looks. The trend includes a collection of trousers having floral prints featuring out for the summer collection. The fashion is also capable for wintering season to look brighter in chillier months.

Seventies Rival:seventies-revival

Street style fashion from fashion week is also popular to throw back you on the seventies. The element that emerged the trend to move towards the back is the rich color palette. In this fashion try to wear brown color as it makes you focal point, losing shirts, fitting buttons down, amber oranges are also great. The key to supporting the fashion is to pay tribute to the old ones and also complement your features and coloring.

Statement Jackets:statement-jackets

Wearing jackets are almost fashion of all the times but this year new trend is wearing statements jackets through vivid colors and novel textures. These are the jackets that stand with literal statements and bold graphics that made you focal point for others. The fashion is getting popular as this trend is to commit to your look.

Statement Gloves:gloves

Statement Gloves are also popular for the fashion trends as gloves are popular for the colder season, these are not only to keep your hands warm in the season but also sense your style. Keep in mind while buying the new gloves for the winter season and nominate a suitable choice for the occasion.

Felt Fedoras:felt-fedoras

The fashion of felt fedoras is all times fashion whether it is summer or winter felt fedoras hat enhances your beauty. The fedoras hats are available in a variety of colors and the most popular colors are black, brown and charcoal grays. Also, memorize that bright colors of fedoras are also well to make a few color looks. This look is to update you in a simple but visually look.

Best 6 Online Shopping Sites in UK and Overseas

Online shopping gives a reason to live for another 3-5 business days.

The internet has revolutionized the way we shop; more people like to buy things online instead of the method of going store. Actually, the online shopping has many benefits like the price of things is pretty cheap as it comes directly through the manufacturer instead of involving the third person.

I love ordering things online because when it arrived it’s like a present to me.

Here is a lot of online shopping sites are available in the UK or overseas but here we are telling you about some most popular and commonly used sites in the world.

If shopping doesn’t make you happy then you are in the wrong shop.

  1. ASOS:asos

The website is for fashion around the world and one of the most popular platforms for online shopping. The website has more than 70,000 different products including women wear, men wear, jewelry and different beauty products.

ASOS is primarily aimed at young and sells over 850 different brands as well as wide range of accessories. ASOS will offer you free home delivery on purchasing order more than £20.

  1. Amazon:amazon

Amazon the wonderful site based on American electronic commerce with headquarters in Washington. It is the largest internet-based online site in the world by total sales. Amazon is basically designed as an online bookstore, later on, has DVD, BLU-rays and then furniture, food, toys, and jewelry.

Amazon powers its own payment processing system and secures your transactions with competitive prices.

  1. Boohoo:boohoo

Boohoo the new fashion site and becoming one of the most popular sites in the world, it offers new trends and celebrity inspired look. It also features the tips on fashion and advice how to tackle any fashion trend.

The main reason to visit the site is its new styles are daily updated, it offers you next day delivery and the prices were very impressive starting prices from £4.

  1. Ali Express:aliexpress

Ali Express one of the most used site in the world offering almost every product of the world. You can buy a product from different regions and it will provide you the delivery and many amazing things are happening within a site.

The site offers you international shipping – purchase products from anywhere in the world and has them delivered to the UK. You can also get money back if your product is not delivered.

  1. EBay:ebay

EBay has globally used the site that connects buyers, sellers, and collectors. The site offers you consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumers sales services via the Internet. It is comprised of eBay stores that provide access to individuals and business lodge.

All transactions of eBay are protected, the range of stores including fashion, electronics, arts, cars and everything you need. This site provides you used and new goods available.

  1. Missguided:missguided

The impressive thing about the website is its interactive content and weekly updated on different fashions. The website has a collection of casual and new fashion trends; it delivers you all products with affordable prices. Its wares are shown by the catwalk, celebrities, social media and street style.

The website offers you the different size of clothes and offers you discount with items under £5 and next day delivery.

Bridget Jones’s Baby: Film Review

The awkward, somewhat optimistic, our much loved London-based media producer Bridget Jones is geared up to let you steal a look into her life, on one occasion once more. And this time, too, she has handled to let herself turn out to be an ingredient of a love triangle, and further! Directed by Sharon Maguire, this motion picture marks the pleasant reappear of Renee Zellweger. Chemistry of Renee with Colin Firth is still brand new and with the overture of Patrick Dempsey, the complete equation gets messy and a lot funnier. As well, it would be inequitable to say that Hugh Grant’s nonappearance was not sensed. We sought after extra of Daniel Cleaver!.Now this movie is also available at put lockers movies.
The movie starts by viewing Bridget, faintly crinkly around the borders, tiring her PJs, sitting in her unchanged old apartment house, concluding in on her birthday party (more like hoping that she is still unaccompanied). If you thought only her private life was still a chaos, her work life was also muddled. She was encircled by the new-age, hipstery workers and a haughty boss, who she was in no probable way clever to narrate to. She hung out with a crowd of mid 30 to 40-year olds who were single, magnificent, and living it, devoid of a baby.

Since Bridget’s arid magic charm had lasted for eons, her friend gets her to a melody celebration to rally around her loosen up her strings (ahem!). That’s where she gets together the good-looking Patrick Dempsey (Jack), an American billionaire who possesses an online dating web page. They instantaneously connect and use up the night jointly. After few weeks, Bridget’s path cross with Mr. Darcy. Old bonfire draw and that becomes the main reason of all the puzzlement. Bridget now has a bread roll in the oven and is completely oblivious to who the father of the infant is. Is it the magnetic billionaire or the edgy lawyer? With some bravery, Bridget opens the news to the possible fathers, which builds the whole thing tremendously difficult and bloodthirsty. Will Mr. Darcy and Jack stick approximately till the conclusion or will they collapse well before the baby is born? You will have to watch the film to find out through free watch movies online.

If you like to watch rom-com’s that aren’t too sloppy or exaggerated this movie is for you. You will enjoy all his scenes and frames. It’s got an abundance of funny elements and incredible actors that will make it value your time.

Add spark to your wedding with the right wedding reception venues

Is your wedding day knocking at the door? If your answer is yes, then buckle your shoes and get geared to do loads of things so that you can make your wedding a successful one. Why just wedding? You must also make it a point to make your wedding reception even more successful because that is the event, which is most cherished and enjoyed by one and all. During the wedding, everyone will have to stay poised and enjoy seeing you and your beau exchange vows. There’s nothing to do except for wishing you and praying for you both. But, a reception party is different. In a reception, everyone will be able to enjoy to the fullest by getting sloshed, hogging on food, shaking their legs and what not! Therefore, your wedding reception has to be mind-blowing.

To make a wedding reception successful you’ll have to do numerous things such as hiring a good caterer, an impressive DJ, and mixologist, decorator, and florists, and last but not the least, the right reception hall. A right reception hall is the only element according to me, which adds the ultimate spark to a wedding reception to make it perfect. Therefore, make it a point to choose a bang on the venue.

If you have no idea about choosing a right reception hall, then here are some tips that must surely follow to add spark to your wedding. Take a look.

  • See whether the hall is presentable or not: Whether you agree with it or not, looks does matter. Therefore, while choosing a hall, make sure you go through its interior décor and then choose the hall. If the hall’s interior décor is beautiful, then it will impress the guests and will also make you feel good. That is why it is essential to check the interior. Checking the interior décor is also important because it must match your wedding theme. If it doesn’t match your theme, then you’ll have to make other arrangements such as hiring a decorator and change the interior temporarily.presentable


  • Ask them whether they charge additional fees or not: If you think that every reception hall will charge you a fee just for the hall space, then you are seriously mistaken. There are many halls in Houston where they charge extra fees for electricity, banquet tables and chairs and etc. So, better ask them beforehand about the fees, or else, they might hand over a huge roll-of-bill to you.


  • See how much space they have: While choosing a wedding reception hall, make sure you check its space thoroughly. Why? It’s because the space of the hall will determine whether all your guests will fit in or not. Therefore, when you are hunting for a right wedding reception venue, make sure you scrutinize the venue and see whether your guests will be able to fit in easily or not. If you find any venue that has ample space to accommodate your guests, then don’t wait. Just book it immediately.


  • Ask about private parking space: Venue without a private parking lot is simply incomplete. And to be honest, you guests are going to get irritated if they cannot get any space to park their car. So, at least for the sake of your guest, book a hall that has a private parking lot.representable


  • See whether they are providing extra services or not: In Houston, you will find two main types of halls. One that provides various services and the others just provide an empty space that has a proper décor. Now, it is up to you, which type of hall you want to choose. I would personally ask you to choose the former type because you won’t have to work any further to search or book the extra services for the venue. And usually, the halls that provide extra services provide discounts as well.

These were the essential tips that will help you pick a right wedding reception venue. So, follow these above-mentioned tips and add a spark to your wedding by choosing a right wedding reception Venue in Houston TX.

Author bio: Selena Homer is working under an event management company in Houston, Texas. She knows a lot about Wedding Reception Venues Houston TX. Her blogs will help you find really good and in expensive wedding venues in Houston.

Women’s Dress Codes for All Occasions

The style is a way to say who you are without speaking.

Fashion is something which gives success in life; you must dress well not only to look fine but also to achieve your dreams.

Fashion Fade, style is eternal.

Your dress is the main theme of your fashion; you have to dress well that create attraction point towards you. Here are some fashion tips and guide how to dress properly according to the event and save money too.

  • Informal/Casual Dress:casual

Informal dress is something how you want to dress up in your life, no problem what you wear, you like a t-shirt, skirts, jeans whatever you may wear to look well. You will be okay with this look. There is no need to wear heels or other accessories you will be okay with this dress.

  • Smart Casual Dress Code:smart-casual

Jeans are not appropriate for women to look well in smart casual dress code; there are still a lot of other choices for women. A knee length skirt or wearing top jacket is the best choice to wear and wear heels or flat shoes to complete your dress look.

Women may wear a sundress or long or short skirt, khakis or nice jeans or shorts, with a plain t-shirt, polo shirt, turtleneck or casual button-down blouse.

  • Business Casual Dress:business-casual

This is somewhat ladies spent a lot of time what to wear in the office, simply put your office dress up the code. The best business casual dress is wearing black trouser with a fun blouse and having light jewelry is best to look well in office.

  • Business Formal Dress Code:business-formal-dress-code

Mostly these kinds of dresses are wearing when you are going to attend a meeting or any conference officially or for going interview. Women should wear a formal dress that includes business-style dress such as the dress with the suit jacket, stockings, and heels; High heels are the best option for the event.

The formal dress code must include a full matching business suit, the darker the suit you look more formal.

  • Country Club Casual:country-club-casual

The light color is preferable for country club dress, women in the simple blouse or tennis skirts and tries to wear light fabrics such as cotton or linen. Add comfortable shoes according to your dress for outdoor wear. This increases the beauty of the girl and becomes an attraction point.

  • Beach Resort Formal Dress:beach-formal-dressy-resort-dress-code

To wear a dress for resort depends on upon the location, the best and safest option for resort settings is to wear the full-length maxi dress in fashionable print or jumpsuit. You must keep limited jewelry with yourself, don’t make any hair style and just make up your face to look better in the resort.

It’s essential not to wear jeans here; you must depend on upon shorts, skirts or the sundresses whereas sandals and flats are appropriate as well.

  • Festive Dress Code:festive-dress-code

Festivals are the most important event in any life of women and its dress is must convenient. Think about jewelry and shoes before going for the event, the color red, and green is well for festive colors.

The color black is best for the dress, dressy skirts and top is also ensemble for the festival. A skirt with red color is also a point of attraction towards people and women looks nice.

Interesting Fact: how fashion trend start

A style is a way to say who you are without speaking.

The joy of dressing is the art and everyone needs it. The person who belongs to fashion always wants to know more about fashion. This article tells you how different fashions come into existence and what are the reasons behind them.

Facts in terms of Clothing:

  • The low-waist pants one of the most popular fashion among men, this fashion first come from prisoners of Los Angeles, as police didn’t allow them to wear a belt to hold their pants at the right place.1
  • Until mid-1500 there was no sense of wearing between children and adults, children wear the same dress of elders in small sizes.
  • The skirt a popular girls dress was considered as the second oldest garment in the world in 1980.2
  • The fashion of buttons on sleeves came existence due to prevent soldiers from wiping off their noses on their sleeves.
  • Neckties the most popular father’s day gift in the world was first used in Croatia and hence till now known as Cravats’.3
  • During the 15th century, the pregnancy of women was considered to be fashion and the girls who are not pregnant put pillows under their dress to look fake baby bump.
  • The brand Lacoste was popular for their T-Shirts, and the sign of crocodile actually, this is the first brand to show their logo on the dress.4
  • Hats fashion is popular in the kingdom, the popular Elizabeth ordered to wear hats for every woman above the age of 7 on Sunday and holidays, and who disobey was strictly fined.5

Other Facts in Fashion:

  • High heels were wearied by both men and women, men wear it for horse riding purposes.6
  • Umbrellas today are used to save from rain but do you know it is originally designed to save from sunlight instead of rain.7
  • False eyelashes were first invented in 1916 when Hollywood director wants to enhance the beauty of actresses.
  • During the 15th century, designers use dolls to display their work instead of models.
  • In 1943, NYC was the first city to organize the Fashion week.9
  • The Italian designer was known as Valentino Red due to his wedding dresses in red color.
  • The fashion of skirts comes into existence to help girls to sit easily in automobiles with a short dress.
  • The key ingredients to prepare lipstick are fish scales.7
  • It was not allowed for women to wear short dresses until World War 2.
  • More than 2 billion t-shirts are sold every year.
  • The first fashion magazine was published in 1586.
  • The four most common clothing materials are linen, polyester, rayon, and cotton.
  • In ancient times gloves were wearied to protect work hands.
  • The first lady’s boot was designed for Queen Victoria in 1840.
  • Shoes were made to protect both warmth and cold protection about 4000 years ago.
  • The biggest fashion weeks ever occurred in five capitals of the world.

Is Body Modification is Fashion or Craziness?

Body piercing is a modern act, form of fashion in which person cut its body parts to worn jewelry in them. Ear piercing and eye piercing is somehow popular in the world but the new trend is changing the human body into her desirable shape and look different from now.

Actually, it is referred to word tattoo that comes from Tahitian and its meaning is a strike. Marks are made on the body for their current life and afterward and ink for this purpose is made from vegetables and sour pigments in dark colors somehow blue and yellow color is also used.

Here are some traditional and new kinds of body modification that are popular in the industry of fashion, music and everywhere that are liked by the people.

Neck Stretching:neck

Neck stretching is the tribute of Thailand and mountains bordering Burma and they are able to extend their necks to unrealistic heights. This tradition is not only of these people it may be grown to extend in the Western world that has gone so far to take the challenge to neck stretching. Smith was popular as she has 11-inch neck after wearing these neck coils and her dream becomes true.

Forked Tongue:forked

The forked tongue is also popular fashion in terms of the tattoo, people cut off their tongue to look like a snake. This act can be done in tongue parlor in sterilized situation. This kind of fashion is not any tradition except some kind of freakiness and madness and if anyone wants back its tongue it can only be possible via tongue surgery.

Skin Stretching:skin-stretching

Skin stretching is mostly known as Gnomo and many traditions practiced it from past years, such as South America, Africa, and South Asia. In this kind of tattoo, you have to stretch any part of body mostly it can be done on ears, spacers are added in the place which stretches the body but the important thing to know that this kind of fashion is saving except other piercing of body.

Corset Piercing:corset

This type of fashion is highly populated nowadays, many youngsters doing these practices to look hot and sexy. In this fashion two rows of piercing are made on your body and then piece of ribbon is added in them, this looks like ties on back and women believes that she looks hot in this fashion.


This is unbelievable fashion; it looks attractive to anybody, in this, you have to peel off a large section of your body in any kind of pattern. Once the area has covered then it will cover with scared tissue and in a different color and then the texture is added. This causes great swelling in the body and the whole process is painful and blood will come out but this kind of fashion is hot.

The Giant Labret:giant

The labret is the most common type of piercing, it did beneath your lower lip and you can see your teeth as spike or stud. You have to pierce ear or any other body part and then this hole get bigger and you put plastic plug that makes clear in it. You can also wonder if it makes eating difficult.

Top Hollywood movies of 2016 that rule the box office

Cinema is entertainment, people go there to relax and forget everything.

Here are the lists of Hollywood movies that set a new record at the box office this year and made new history.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice:batman-v-superman-featured-images

This is 2016 super blockbuster movie featuring DC characters Batman and Superman. The movie was released on March 19, 2016, at Mexico City and March 25, 2016, in the United States. The film has top star Batman who was famous for his last two popular movies in a row the dark knight rises whereas Super Man was also popular for his movies like Man of Steel. The total budget of the movie is $250 million which is extremely high for any movie. The movie also topped the box office and the total worldwide income of the movie is $800 million, which is the top income of this year. The movie is surprising as Super Man and Bat Man both superheroes of kids are against each other and having a war that put mankind in great danger.

Captain America: Civil War:captain-america-civil-war-featured-image

The movie was the superhero of America featuring Marvel Comics character Captain America, the movie was released on May 6, 2016, in the United States. The movie was the story of Civil War and its previous parts are the winter soldier in 2014 and much more. This was the biggest project of Marvel Studios; the movie has included new characters in form of Spiderman, Black Panther and much more. The budget of the movie is about $245 million but hit the box office and reaches at $1.153 million as income. It already reaches $678 million worldwide and there is a long way when summer is over.

The Jungle Book:the-jungle-book-featured-image

The jungle book was an American Adventure movie based on a fantasy of escapades directed by Job and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie was first released on April 4, 2016, at the theater and then April 15, 2016, in the United States. The imaginary of this film was mind-blowing; you never see that work before in visual effects, animals, outdoors and creature’s settings. The movie was about an orphan child who guided by different animal guardians sets out on a journey of self-discovery, the movie was the story of Mowgli and the total budget for the movie is $175 million and income with that movie is more than $964.9 million that’s really a great amount of a movie income.

X-Men: Apocalypse:x-men-apocalypse-featured-image

X-Men are based on American superhero that appears in Marvel Comics, it is the ninth installment of X-Men series and a sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past. The concept of the movie is to save the world as ancient mutant awaken from 1983 and wants to come over the world and the X-Men with his team defeat them and save the environment. The movie was released on May 27, 2016, in the United States and total budget on the movie is about $178 million with a beautiful and attractive collection of animations and creatures. The movie hit the box office and its income is more than $543.4 million which is a huge benefit for TGS entertainment team.

Suicide Squad:suicide-squad-featured-image1

The movie based on DC comic antihero teams and was the third installment of DC Extended Universe; the movie was released on August 5, 2016, in the United States and has set new box office records. The perception of the movie is government agency led by Amanda recruits imprisoned villains to save the world from dangerous threat, the movie was written by David Ayer. The movie income was unbelievable as it received many sensors, the movie income at the box office is $708.4 million in just a little time and it was an amazing amount of money.

Alice through the Looking Glass:alice-though-the-looking-glass-featured-image

The movie was fantasy adventure film released on May 27, 2016, in the United States; it is loosely based on looking through the glass and an extension of movie Alice in Wonderland which was released in 2010. In the film Alice comes through the magical glass that takes her back at under land where she finds Mad and wants to discover about his family, Alice then travels through time to meet the desired place within time-saving mad hatter from different enemies. The total budget for the movie is $170 million and income is more than $296.9 million and it’s awesome.

Top 7 latest album songs from 2016

English Songs are always beloved among the world; daily English music is coming with a lot of artists and fresh music. Actually, music is the piece of Art that goes in the ear and then direct to the heart. Here is the list of songs of different albums that are released this year and hit the chart of Billboard Hit 100 and many other charts of different nations.

Make Me:maxresdefault

Make me song recorded by American singer Britney for her ninth Album Glory, it features the teamwork of another rapper G-Eazy. This track was written by spears, Joe, Gillum and was produced by Burns. The song was released on July 15, 2016, and reached the top in Canada, France, Hungary and United States. Make me song reaches in Billboard Hot 100 where it reaches at number seventeen.

Work from Home:rs-229921-work-from-home

Work from home is a song recorded by American girl group featuring rapper and singer Ty Dolla Sign. It was released on February 26, 2016, as leading song for group second album “Work from Home” was written by Coleman, Jude, and Brian Lee. The song debuted at 12 with more than 87,000 downloads within its thirteen weeks and reached number 4 becoming highest-charting single in the US. Work from Home also top the chart at New Zealand and also become top ten of the charts in more than twenty-four countries. Since it released it received many certificates and also won many awards in different ceremonies.

Don’t mind me:kent-jones-dont-mind-video

This is a song released by American popular pop singer kent jones, he is a hip hop singer. He is better known for his song don’t mind me which release at number 10th of Billboard Hot 100. The song was released on April 25, 2016. The track was written by Jones, Andre Lyon, and was produced by Jones and Khaled. The song video featured from DJ Khaled.

I Took a Pill in Ibiza:mike-posner-i-took-a-pill-in-ibiza-seeb-remix

This is a song released by famous singer Mike Posner, the song originally going too appeared on his album At Night, Alone. The song was released in the United States on July 24, 2015. The song reached at top ten of charts in almost 27 countries including Ireland, Belgium, Netherland and much more. It also peaked at number four on Billboard Hot 100. The song was originally produced by Mike Posner and SeeB.

Needed Me:article-lead-wide1008322091gobvv3image-related-articleleadwide-729x410-gobuaz-png1461215805719-png-620x349

This song is recorded by Barbadian singer named Rihanna for her eight studio album “Anti” it was written by Rihanna, Hazard, Charles with its producer DJ Mustard, Frank Dukes. The song was released on March 30, 2016. In the United States the song reached number seven on Billboard Hot 100 and become Rihanna’s top single on the chart. This song was a huge commercial success for all.

Cheap thrills:sia_cheap_thrills

This is a song released by Australian recording singer named Sia for her seventh album “This is Acting” the song was written by Sia and Kurstin and produced by Kurstin. The song was released on February 11, 2016. In the United Kingdom song reached top of the chart and Sia becomes the leading artist there, and it also reached at number 2nd on Billboard Hot 100. The song gained the top spot in dance clubs also featured among top five in European’s nation charts.

Don’t let me down:chainsmokers-dont-let-me-down-2016-billboard-650

The song is American production duo the chain smokers. This song was released on February 5, 2016, the song was written by Waren and Scott with vocals from singer Daya, the song featured at the top spot in the United States and also top five among Billboard Hot 100, it also reached at the highest chart in more than 25 other countries.