List of most popular wedding songs that enlighten your big day

You have booked the hall and have done your preparation but what about the music? As music pump up and tune you during your first dance will you prepared for the big day? To make the day memorable you have to collect best wedding songs – as it is just like a film you create an atmosphere and enhance emotions of guests and yourself.

If you are hiring DJ for the day you should ask him about suggestions but didn’t rely on him – you have to decide the music for dance, or for reception or for every moment to make the day wonderful – as first dance song in any wedding is important for yourself and your partner so be careful.

Here are some suggestions for choosing the song for wedding:

  • You can take help from your friends and closed ones for the music as everybody choice is different – you can pick the song that is repeated the most by others.
  • Keep in mind to make the song memorable so pick that song that reminds your dance, your date or concert or party together.
  • You have to choose the song that is appropriate for dance – you should choose the correct tempo and made your dance memorable.
  • You must check the song lyrics before the decision as sometimes song sound is beautiful but have inappropriate lyrics, making it fun for a first dance.

Here is the list of best wedding songs:

  1. All of Me – John Legend:f

This song is perfect for wedding first dance – its romantic lyrics merge the love and romance and had been played in wedding so far and it is listed at number one position in the ranking for first dance – as John Legend performed the song for his wife at their wedding and dedicated to his wife whereas this song is hit at peaked and becoming his first number in Billboard Hot 100.

  1. “Just the way you are” – Bruno Mars:2

Just the way the beautiful song for wedding event – this sound may be played from walk down to the grand finale – the song has magic and can be enjoyed by everyone. The song has beautiful lyrics including “I see your face there is nothing to change – you are amazing just the way you are” the song won many awards and also added in top hundred songs for its beauty.

  1. “XO” – Beyonce:2

This song has internal beauty and makes happy everyone – when the song is played in the wedding event this song catches everyone towards the dance floor with their partners – this song describes a dream and longings of every bride – XO is a pop song and have several musical hooks.

  1. “Treasure,” – Bruno Mars:4

Treasure is the song that creates magic on the dance floor for the guests and also makes lovable song for your first dance – this is also record breaking song of love and was most liked by the people – this is the worthy song in your marriage life – the song was included in the top ranking in most of the countries.

  1. “Let’s Get Married” – Jagged Edge:5

Let’s get married is the most desirable song in the weddings and performed by American group – and this song will make every couple feeling emotions and feel where you stand right now.

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