Ingrown toenails are uncomfortable and painful – this can be medically term as onychocryptosis and you may know the pain it can cause it can occur at any age and it is one of the most popular diseases of people can cause infection if doesn’t care properly. There are multiple reasons for an increment of ingrown toenails like wearing shoes all the day that digs pointed nail inside the nail bed and cause pain – here are home remedies that stop growing nail pointer into a skin and that allows you prevent from doing surgery to remove this horrible factor from skin.

  • Remedies from Cotton Ball:cotton

The first step towards removing ingrown toenails is to soak your foot for 10 – 15 minutes at least two times in a day – you can also add salt into water to soften the toenails. You have to gather the cotton ball and tweezers tools to remove cuticles from the skin.

You have to add a piece of cotton between toenail and skin with the help of tweezers and hold pointy element to push the cotton inside to stop ingrown toenails but be aware not to push hard as it hurts you. You have to change this cotton piece every day otherwise, it will produce infection or use infection preventing balm to stop hurting from contagion.

  • Home Remedies for ingrown toenails:home

You have to immerse your feet in hot water and add some povidone-iodine into warm water – don’t use salt as iodine will remove infection as well as fungus and form a layer of protection for feet.

You can add a piece of lemon – small slice of lemon that will remove all infection add it on to the feet and tie it with a bandage and leave for overnight. You can also apply oil to the skin toenails to moisturize and soften the skin – the tea tree oil is the best option as it is an anti-fungal agent.

The potassium permanganate is another good opportunity for ingrown toenails removal – add 0.4% of the potassium in water and then soak your feet for twenty minutes daily and have brown feet and keep your toe and nails clean. You have to remove the pressure from the skin as to apply Band-Aid to the bottom and pull it to cut the undesired element and if it is done properly then promote drying.

  • General Guidelines for preventing Toenails:general

Toenails are painful and everyone wants to remove it as early as possible – here are some experts tips that describe you to stop producing ingrown toenails and life becomes comfortable.

You have to trim your toenails at moderate length and always tries to cut it straight – experts tells that the toenails in rounded form have more chance of growing into skins – and cut your toenails after every two weeks and always use clippers or nail scissors.

You have to avoid your pedicure if you have ingrown toenails as pedicure instances can create infections and tries to wear shoes that are comfortable for your feet – if your feet is pressed then there is a chance of ingrown toenails.

If you have regularly ingrown toenails then apply antibiotic cream to your feet twice a day or add it after every shower and it will reduce the risk of infection.

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