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6 Questions You Have To Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Never marry the one you can live with, marry the one you can’t live without.

The big day is near as it is your marriage day but whether you asked questions to your partner – because of shyness or to preserve romantic mystery many people don’t ask the questions – getting married is about to building your life and trust with your partner to build a stable building.

In addition to raise secure future life with partner or to raise children – you need to talk some important issues before you get married – the experts tells that many couples plan only for a wedding day but didn’t plan for the marriage and as a result they can’t make difference in happily life and trip towards the divorce lawyer – the experts shared questions that you must ask before marriage to your partner.

  1. What makes you happiest in a relationship with me?

This is the question that describes the love and strength of your partner towards your character – if he shows the support and strength to you instead of compliments – his answer shows the importance of your existence and describe whether the partner is right one or not.

  1. How will we handle in our laws?

All questions are important but this is the main fact that becomes the biggest issue of divorce – people didn’t want to compromise in their entire life and don’t understand you are transitioning as a couple. Common mistakes that guys were done are taking a side of their mother instead of a wife and lead to divorce – in-laws support is necessary but you must put boundary and establish the limit and this answer will tell you your future life.anothte

  1. What about religious difference and similarities?

You must ask this question even if you both have same religious – you must ask the respect of each other beliefs or differences as this point also leads to breaking up of happy marriage life. If your partner is expecting you to change your beliefs or wants to devote your life then you get your answer and possibly come to know that he is not marriage material.

  1. What is the role of children in life?

You must have to ask questions about raising kids and have to plan the role of children in entire life – you have to ask whether your partner wants kids or not and if there are any disagreements then you must think long and hard – you don’t assume that marriage can change the mind and if you do so then you can lead your life to hurt and pain.

  1. What makes you feel loved?

It is a common mistake question for couple – you must ask a question to your partner and get his views and don’t be surprised if his answers are different. If your partner wants to watch the football match with his mates while you want to spend the weekend together after work then he is not probably for you.

These are the questions that are searched and recognized by experts and tell the individuals to ask their partners before marriage – and if your partner is satisfied with these questions and you believe he will surely help you and stand with you then must go with him else you have to move forward.

List of most popular wedding songs that enlighten your big day

You have booked the hall and have done your preparation but what about the music? As music pump up and tune you during your first dance will you prepared for the big day? To make the day memorable you have to collect best wedding songs – as it is just like a film you create an atmosphere and enhance emotions of guests and yourself.

If you are hiring DJ for the day you should ask him about suggestions but didn’t rely on him – you have to decide the music for dance, or for reception or for every moment to make the day wonderful – as first dance song in any wedding is important for yourself and your partner so be careful.

Here are some suggestions for choosing the song for wedding:

  • You can take help from your friends and closed ones for the music as everybody choice is different – you can pick the song that is repeated the most by others.
  • Keep in mind to make the song memorable so pick that song that reminds your dance, your date or concert or party together.
  • You have to choose the song that is appropriate for dance – you should choose the correct tempo and made your dance memorable.
  • You must check the song lyrics before the decision as sometimes song sound is beautiful but have inappropriate lyrics, making it fun for a first dance.

Here is the list of best wedding songs:

  1. All of Me – John Legend:f

This song is perfect for wedding first dance – its romantic lyrics merge the love and romance and had been played in wedding so far and it is listed at number one position in the ranking for first dance – as John Legend performed the song for his wife at their wedding and dedicated to his wife whereas this song is hit at peaked and becoming his first number in Billboard Hot 100.

  1. “Just the way you are” – Bruno Mars:2

Just the way the beautiful song for wedding event – this sound may be played from walk down to the grand finale – the song has magic and can be enjoyed by everyone. The song has beautiful lyrics including “I see your face there is nothing to change – you are amazing just the way you are” the song won many awards and also added in top hundred songs for its beauty.

  1. “XO” – Beyonce:2

This song has internal beauty and makes happy everyone – when the song is played in the wedding event this song catches everyone towards the dance floor with their partners – this song describes a dream and longings of every bride – XO is a pop song and have several musical hooks.

  1. “Treasure,” – Bruno Mars:4

Treasure is the song that creates magic on the dance floor for the guests and also makes lovable song for your first dance – this is also record breaking song of love and was most liked by the people – this is the worthy song in your marriage life – the song was included in the top ranking in most of the countries.

  1. “Let’s Get Married” – Jagged Edge:5

Let’s get married is the most desirable song in the weddings and performed by American group – and this song will make every couple feeling emotions and feel where you stand right now.

Add spark to your wedding with the right wedding reception venues

Is your wedding day knocking at the door? If your answer is yes, then buckle your shoes and get geared to do loads of things so that you can make your wedding a successful one. Why just wedding? You must also make it a point to make your wedding reception even more successful because that is the event, which is most cherished and enjoyed by one and all. During the wedding, everyone will have to stay poised and enjoy seeing you and your beau exchange vows. There’s nothing to do except for wishing you and praying for you both. But, a reception party is different. In a reception, everyone will be able to enjoy to the fullest by getting sloshed, hogging on food, shaking their legs and what not! Therefore, your wedding reception has to be mind-blowing.

To make a wedding reception successful you’ll have to do numerous things such as hiring a good caterer, an impressive DJ, and mixologist, decorator, and florists, and last but not the least, the right reception hall. A right reception hall is the only element according to me, which adds the ultimate spark to a wedding reception to make it perfect. Therefore, make it a point to choose a bang on the venue.

If you have no idea about choosing a right reception hall, then here are some tips that must surely follow to add spark to your wedding. Take a look.

  • See whether the hall is presentable or not: Whether you agree with it or not, looks does matter. Therefore, while choosing a hall, make sure you go through its interior décor and then choose the hall. If the hall’s interior décor is beautiful, then it will impress the guests and will also make you feel good. That is why it is essential to check the interior. Checking the interior décor is also important because it must match your wedding theme. If it doesn’t match your theme, then you’ll have to make other arrangements such as hiring a decorator and change the interior temporarily.presentable


  • Ask them whether they charge additional fees or not: If you think that every reception hall will charge you a fee just for the hall space, then you are seriously mistaken. There are many halls in Houston where they charge extra fees for electricity, banquet tables and chairs and etc. So, better ask them beforehand about the fees, or else, they might hand over a huge roll-of-bill to you.


  • See how much space they have: While choosing a wedding reception hall, make sure you check its space thoroughly. Why? It’s because the space of the hall will determine whether all your guests will fit in or not. Therefore, when you are hunting for a right wedding reception venue, make sure you scrutinize the venue and see whether your guests will be able to fit in easily or not. If you find any venue that has ample space to accommodate your guests, then don’t wait. Just book it immediately.


  • Ask about private parking space: Venue without a private parking lot is simply incomplete. And to be honest, you guests are going to get irritated if they cannot get any space to park their car. So, at least for the sake of your guest, book a hall that has a private parking lot.representable


  • See whether they are providing extra services or not: In Houston, you will find two main types of halls. One that provides various services and the others just provide an empty space that has a proper décor. Now, it is up to you, which type of hall you want to choose. I would personally ask you to choose the former type because you won’t have to work any further to search or book the extra services for the venue. And usually, the halls that provide extra services provide discounts as well.

These were the essential tips that will help you pick a right wedding reception venue. So, follow these above-mentioned tips and add a spark to your wedding by choosing a right wedding reception Venue in Houston TX.

Author bio: Selena Homer is working under an event management company in Houston, Texas. She knows a lot about Wedding Reception Venues Houston TX. Her blogs will help you find really good and in expensive wedding venues in Houston.

The World most expensive Weddings in history

Marriage is the natural phenomenon of the world; two people share a single umbrella and survive the storm together.

The most expensive weddings in the history of the world are as follows:

Prince Charles and Lady Diana:princesa-diana-e-principe-charles-no-balcao-do-palacio-de-buckinham-em-londres-apos-o-casamento-real-2971981-1302615370272_956x500

This wedding cost is estimated as $48 million but inflation was adjusted and cost rise to $110 million in 1981. This is the most popular and enjoyable wedding in the world.

The bride Lady Diana was a school teacher who becomes icon of the royal family immediately and becomes global icon. The groom was also a prince and the son of Queen Elizabeth II.

The venue of the wedding is at St Paul’s Cathedral and dozens of royals attended it, nearly two million spectators are there and globally TV audience comes across the world.

The featured cake was five foot tall; it takes 14 days to prepare and duplicate also prepared in case of an accident, the 27 other wedding cakes are also developed. Dianna wears dress of 25-foot train of ivory taffeta dressed with antique lace.

Prince William and Kate Middleton:royal-wedding-800

The bill was estimated nearly $34 million most of the cost is going to security.

The bride Kate is a commoner who had become a worldwide celebrity, whereas the groom was the oldest son of Prince Charles and become second in line to the throne of England.

The wedding guest including hundreds of royal family people, global TV audiences, the cost of flowers is about $800,000 and wedding cakes cost is about $80,000.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes:Tom Curise and his bride Katie Holmes after their wedding

Wedding of popular superhero tom cruise is also expensive wedding; the cost is $2 million in 2006.

The bride was also an actress known for Batman Begins and Dawson’s Creek whereas Tom Cruise is known for his best in the entertainment industry like mission impossible, Top Gun and Jerry Maguire.

The wedding was held at Odescalchi Castle outside the Rome, here five tired white chocolate cake decorated with roses is featured. Tom Cruise also performed at his wedding on the song “You have got loving feeling” Jennifer Lopez, David Beckman also joins him. Cost $900,000 is spent on guest airfare and $180,000 for almost three hundred bottles of wine.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman:aguilera_01_400X400_3

Wedding cost is $2.2 million in the year 2005 of month November, they had a traditional wedding.

The bride was pop star and the groom was a music producer, the wedding featured 150 guests including Sharon Stone and many others; the ceremony takes place at Napa Valley’s Staglin Vineyard. Christiana paid $80,000 for Spanish-style gown; decoration of venue is awesome with white roses and winter themed tent.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas:Douglas_Zeta_Jones_2655301k

Wedding cost is $1.5 million in 2005; this is one of the expensive weddings of that year in the world.

The bride Catherine Zeta known as Zorro was a movie star of that time, and most popular America Sweetheart whereas the groom was also popular personality known for his business in the entertainment industry, he works as a producer.

The venue of the ceremony is done at New York’s plaza hotel, the wedding is done after spy film, the invitation for marriage was sent to guest written with invisible ink and holograms including Sean Connery, Michael Caine, and many other popular celebrities.

All accessories in this wedding are expensive, the bride’s diamond tiara cost $300,000 and that’s awesome while the groom dress cost is $140,000.

Top 7 things to check before booking a Wedding Reception Venue

Summary: Want your wedding to be perfect? Here are a few things that you must check before hiring a wedding venue in Houston.

We all know that wedding is one of the most special days in everyone’s life. It’s the day when you will finally vow yourself to your beloved and she/he would do the same in front of your relatives, friends, and other well-wishers. So, don’t you think you need to make this day special? Yes, isn’t it? Then, make sure you do anything and everything to make the event grand. There are many things that you’ll have to do to make the event magnificent. But, the most important thing that you need to do to make the event superb is choosing an awe-inspiring wedding reception venue.

Wedding Reception Venue

If you are planning to get hitched in Houston, finding a wedding hall isn’t going to be tough because there is plenty of Wedding Reception Venues in Houston TX to choose from. But, before you book a palace-like wedding venue, there are a few important things that you need to check at any cost. Here are a few things that you need to check before hiring a wedding venue. Take a look.

  • Checking the hall’s dimension is a must: Checking a wedding hall’s dimension is essential because that’s going to determine how many people will fit in. If your guest list is too long but the hall is small, it won’t be competent enough to fit in too many guests. Therefore, you need to check the dimension of the hall and see whether the guests will fit in easily without any congestion. You’ll also need to see whether the wedding hall has ample space for a lounge area, a stage or a dance floor.
  • Check the decor: The decor plays a really vital role in making your wedding day special. A beautiful decor will not just impress the guest, but will also make you feel good, isn’t it? Therefore, check the decor and see whether it will match your wedding theme (if any) or not.
  • Check whether they have a parking space or not: One of the things that annoy most of the guests is the lack of parking space in a wedding venue. So, before you book a hall, make sure you check whether it has a parking space or not. Ask them certain questions such as whether the private parking space is private or shared; will they charge an extra fee or not, and etc.
  • Check the room access hours: While booking a hall in Houston, ask them about the room access hours. From decorating the room to taking it down, everything depends on the ‘room access hours’. There are many wedding halls that will allow you to return the hall the next day, while the others will ask you to leave after done. This basically depends on the number of bookings they have per day.
  • Check whether they provide any extra services or not: There are a few wedding venues in Houston that work exclusively with renowned bar services, caterers, and audiovisual providers. So, before booking a hall ask the manager whether they work with any such services or not. If they do, then book them immediately and opt for their extra services. In this way, you will be able to save loads of time that you were supposed to spend in searching for caterers, bartenders and etc.
  • Check the Contract: Merely book a hall without reading the contract carefully or without going through each clause is not right. You must check the clauses carefully, and ask them if you have any query. While reading the contract, also check whether the changes you agreed to are clearly mentioned or not.
  • Check their charge additional fees: Most of the people don’t ask about additional fees before booking the hall and later complain about “extra charges”. It’s absolutely their fault! Before booking a hall, you must always ask the manager or owner about any extra charges such as cleaning fee, charges for electricity, security guard’s fee and etc. Also, ask them if they include coat check or not.

These were some of the things that you need to check before hiring a wedding hall. You will find plenty of Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Houston TX, which are going to fulfill all your criteria. But, don’t be confused; just compare their quotations, check their reviews and then hire the one that you feel fits your needs. Hope this blog will help you pick a right wedding venue.

Author bio: Selena Homer is working under an event management company in Houston, Texas. She knows a lot about Wedding Reception Venues Houston TX. Her blogs will help you find Inexpensive Wedding Reception Venues Houston TX.