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4 Great Fixes To Reverse Signs Of Neck Aging

Taking care of your skin, especially your face is a normal routine. Every woman wants to look younger and beautiful with the passage of time. However, the neck area has been overlooked until it begins to show sign of aging. The fact is that genetics, hormones and environmental factors lead to saggy skin.

We should never forget the neck area as it also goes through wear and tears like rest of body. But it doesn’t mean you start shopping for scarves as there are plenty of ways to reverse these signs. Here are some of best solutions:

  1. If you have fine lines and brown spots:4 Great Fixes To Reverse Signs Of Neck Aging

Every woman is always conscious about face and putting sunscreen on the face only while neglecting neck. The ultraviolet rays of the sun cause collagen and wrinkles such as brown spots and pigments. A simple solution to remove brown spots and fine lines is to use broad-spectrum sunscreen. This is the best solution for anti-aging necks and also consumes Omega-rich foods like fish and avocado. The Omega rich foods are recommended to boost body’s natural production of collagen.

  1. For folds and wrinkles:4 Great Fixes To Reverse Signs Of Neck Aging

Wrinkles will represent the aging of your neck and aware the women they are getting old. But no one wants to appear them as they appear due to loss of collagen. For those, who want to secure their future should need to invest in a healthy lifestyle. They have to use an anti-wrinkles treatment such as hyaluronic injections can be of benefit. These injections are injected directly into necklines to fill them out. This treatment lasts for six months but encourages body to make own collagen so that effects can last much longer.

  1. For those with visible vertical bands:

Whenever our neck muscles weaken, it will make visible vertical bands. Many people face this problem and considered to be one of the worst moments of their life. There is a treatment for this kind of problem known as TriLipo Med. This is a safe and non-surgical option, with no recovery time required. It has great benefits for people and softens their appearance with excellent long-term results.

  1. Loose and sagging skin:

If the human body loses collagen and elastin then your neck area skin appears loose and saggy. There is a treatment known as ‘Collagen Induction Therapy’ can be very helpful. This treatment promotes the natural production of collagen and professionals use to reverse signs of neck aging.

These are the worst signs of neck aging and these treatments are perfect to help people.

Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows

A style is a way to speak about your personality and the microblading is the one bringing revolution in the beauty industry and becoming the popular trend for this year. It doesn’t matter you have bold face or straight but the eyebrows are the important facial feature.

The latest trend in the fashion industry is known as Microblading and looks towards the magazines and find likes of the people on a new style of eyebrows as this kind of trend is popular a few years back. The life of the people especially women is busy in the modern world and don’t want to spend time every single day to get the brows of their dreams.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows

The new methodology is also being known as eyebrow embroidery, tattooing or semi-permanent makeup and the new trend is relatively cheaper and closer to nature. Let’s have look towards the things you must need to know about microblading.

  • Microblading process is very sensitive that needs to dealt with perfection and the proper sterilization of microblading instrument is important.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows
  • You need to choose the shape and color of the eyebrows before the process begins to ensure that you have your desired eyebrows.
  • The process of the microblading is lengthy as to ensure the eyebrows grown on the skin are promising to you with desired colors.
  • The trend is getting popular in the world and you look on the internet as a lot of celebrities has attempted the microblading to remain perfect their look as eyebrows are the important part of the facial beauty.
  • The process of the microblading needs follows up as it is considered to be the semi-permanent process that lasts 1-3 years.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows
  • The process must require follow-up for extreme beauty as if you want to make the eyebrows for longer time and devices that are used for the sensitive process are considered to be disinfection protocols to minimize the risk of infection.
  • If you read on the internet that the process begins towards fading the eyebrows then you must need to study that this process requires follow-up, touch-ups to complete the process accordingly and the process varies from person to person.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows
  • You need to make an appointment with the technician that has experience in the relevant field to make sure that skin color must match with the eyebrows and draw a dummy on the eyebrows with the pencil is the good practice to make sure issues are avoided.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows
  • You don’t need to hide your eyebrows from the world as many customers made their microblading process and get out of the door to show in front of people.
  • The process doesn’t require you to feel the pain as you feel the pain while doing tattooing on the body as these machines are painful but the microblading is not so.Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows

The process of the microblading is the latest trend in the world and women are attracting as it enhances the beauty of the face and made a new look of the face with desired eyebrows.

Print Emojis, Selfies Straight To Your Nails With NailBot

If you love to polish your nails every time and want to perfect manicure at your home then latest technology will help you to change your life.

You are the fan of the nail art but don’t have much time to make it perfect at home or want to manicure perfectly then all your troubles could be resolved easily with this latest machine known as ‘Nailbot’ – building the nail art on the nails is not an easy task but this machine will help you.

The new invention will be invented and worked directly with your smartphone and print the emojis and selfies straight to your fingernails and change your life forever. The invention was amazing as it allows you to add nail art within moments and look pretty for the event.

The fashion of the nail art will always remain in style and have this kind of machinery will help you to make nail art quite efficiently and enhance the beauty of the nails with a just simple machine and a smartphone as well as selected image.

Working Of Nail Bot Machine:nailbot for nail art

The nail bot machine is quite an easy solution towards the manicure and allows one to print the emojis or selfies they want to look every time on their nails and give themselves a different and attractive look.

The NailBot machine will work with your smartphone – you just need to install an app that is compatible with the nailbot machine and then send a picture to the app or emoji you want to print on the nails and it prints directly the emoji or picture to your nails.

The only requirement is to prime your nail with the white polish for the good natural look of the nails and a smartphone for the excess of pictures to be printed on every nail of the hand and the interesting fact is that machine is quite intelligent.

The app uses the rear camera and algorithm is quite intelligent that detect the size of the fingernail and then automatically fit the size of the emoji on to the nail and the app comes with a lot of collection of the emojis to printed on the nails.nailbot for nail art

NailBot Invention:

The nail bot machine was the idea introduced by the Pree Walia and invented this machine with website crowd funding and explains that this idea was raised three years ago. I give myself manicure but time-consuming and many other problems occur and want to explore the feasible solution.

I continued to look for the solution and develop the nailbot to reduce the stress of the people and make easy for them and to look beautiful with the beauty of nails and having emojis or selfies printed on the nails will provide them unique and interesting look.

Unfortunately, the nail art machine is not available yet for the customers but the price of the machine is $199 and nearly 30,000 customers already sign up for the machine.

Tips For Applying Makeup For Natural Look

A fresh face always looks comfortable and remains in style and here are the ways that help you to apply makeup that seems to be natural for the one.

Makeup for face:

  • Clean the previous makeup: The first step you need is to wash out the previous makeup from your face, you can use the water or cotton balls to remove any existing makeup from the face and make it fresh.
  • Moisturize: You have to moisturize the skin of the face after removing or washing the previous makeup and don’t use oil or scented lotion, prefer the tinted moisturizer for the skin of the face to get a natural look from the makeup.
  • Apply concealer: If your skin has a spot around the eyes, use the concealer to hide the spot but be careful while using the concealer as it must be of the same color with your skin color and don’t do overdo as you just need to cover the spot.
  • Apply powder foundation: You must need to determine whether you are using the foundation of the same color as your skin, firstly test the color in natural light and then apply on the skin and blend it gently with your finger.
  • Apply Bronzer: Most of the people wait for applying bronzer to their skin; firstly you test whether bronzer matches your skin or not before going out else skip this step. The use of bronzer will provide the glowing natural look to the face look.
  • Apply Blush: If you are not happy with the use of bronzer to the skin then the alternate for the person is to apply blush to the skin as it lasts longer and provides you a good look.

Makeup for eyes:

  • Line your upper lash lines: After applying makeup to the face, the next forward step is to beautify your eyes and the first step is to apply upper line via pencil and some expert advice to apply liquid or gel line as they provide more natural look.
  • Use white eyeliner: The other idea is to apply the white eyeliner to the inner side of the eyes for having bright eyes and to look larger your eyes.
  • Eyeshadows: You must need to apply the eyeshadows but lightly for the natural and somehow professional look and choose the color like gold, brown depending upon the skin tone of the face.
  • Curl your eyes: Most people like to curl their eyelashes for look beautiful; you can put one layer of mascara to stand out your eyelashes.

Makeup for lips:

  • Apply lip color: The first step is to apply the lip color that is close to the natural color instead of using chalky lipsticks or shiny glosses.
  • Center of lips: You must try this first at home before going out as it doesn’t suit everyone and doesn’t like to everyone, dab a tiny amount of blush into the center of your lips.

Try Out These Makeup Ideas For Christmas party & New Year

Makeup is self-confidence for the women that directly apply to their face – the party season is approaching as well as Christmas is coming and you want to look magnificent in the party? A lot of gorgeous makeup is available for the party such as bold lips or smoky eyes and this season having highlighters and punchy lipstick shade will complete your look.

  • Cranberry Crush:3fd2d683477c2b18189e6516403d9cca823d7eb975075c6a89pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

The hot party season is upcoming as well as New Year is approaching and ladies are confused about their makeup – you need not worry as cranberry crush is the best option for ladies to complete their look and it suits to the girls with short hairs you have to show yourself confidently to the mates and friends with new look – the items you need is to apply cranberry lip and make your winged eyes as well as apply shadow with simply mussed-up hair.

  • Simply Glowing:simply-glowing

The makeup is the element that changes your appearance in the event and this type of makeup goes with the persons who don’t want to apply many cosmetics on to the face – you have to make your fashion in natural way the elements you need is to apply simple pink lipstick and add a little coat of black mascara that enhances your beauty and also apply few pink blush onto the cheeks and a liner on the eyes and you are ready for the party within moments.

  • Simply Rosy:simply-rosy

This kind of makeup is the choice of the ladies that choose the gown of bright color for the party instead of dress and the persons who are wearing gown doesn’t need to apply makeup – you just need to stick with warm pink shades on to the face with rosy lip color and apply a little bit thin mascara and ready for the party.

  • Matte Garnet:matte-garnet

The winter season is forthcoming and the best opportunity for applying makeup in winter is Matte Garnet as it is the best option for the season – you have to paint your lipstick with your choice – like the deep burgundy red, we know lipstick can’t solve every problem but the fact is that lipstick is the first step towards the makeup – the lipstick will provide in wide range of colors without drying.

  • Sky-High Lashes:sky-high-lashes

The ladies who wants to become focal point of the party and want to glamour her look then she must go with sky-high lashes as it made your eyes the focus point of your face and must escalate by every guest – making sky-high lashes doesn’t mean you have to fill your eyes with eyeshadows or liner you just need to make these lashes as simple as possible by applying long, flared falsies.

  • Festive Vamp:festive-vamp

The popular makeup for the New Year night or Christmas party is vamp makeup and mostly liked by the personalities and makes your look just as dramatic but you must make sure to avoid looking over – you have to apply deep plum lip and make your hair simple and always keep the rest of makeup to make sure to look beautiful and glorious.

5 Surprising reasons you have under eye circles

Whether dark circles beneath the eye are brown or something else but these are the worst nightmares for the person and everyone wants to get off these dark spots. A person spends time and money to remove these spots – but if you are taking your whole night sleep and in morning getting these spots than the problem is different.

After observation you may find the problem is in your makeup or it some kind of allergies or even parents are the reason for these spots – we are sharing your information about the causes of dark spots on the face you will read this and check out if any suits you then find out concealer for this.

  1. You are using bad makeup:make

Most of the time people were using the bad makeup that doesn’t suit their skin and dark circles are caused due to rubbing or scratching. If you are using product including mascara, eye shadow or even concealer but the fact is all these elements are irritating your skin then it is bad for you and in the result of rubbing to the body and eyes made dark circles. Another reason for getting dark circles is removing makeup wrongly and it will also cause dark eye circles.

  1. Your parents passed down bad genes:

Possibly, your parents is the reason for your dark spots – as there are some conditions that are running in families that can lead to darkness beneath the eye – this is mostly common in Mediterranean backgrounds but the fact is nothing is the solution towards it – but if it is pigmentation then the remedy is laser dermatologists.

  1. Allergies can make you itchy:

The dark spots are also be caused while you have any kind of allergy to your skin – skin conditions like eczema can get dark circles in a result of rubbing and itching and excessive rubbing lead to swelling, and broken vessels in the eye area which gives the skin bruised appearance. Since the skin under our eye is thin it appears the blood vessels to appear dark due to some kind of allergy.

If your area beneath the eye is of blue color then it could simply be blood vessels – as blue veins under the eye look dark too and appear as dark circles it is just veins.

  1. You spend time in sun:sun

If you are spending a lot of time in the sun then it will also cause the dark circles under the eyes – as some people think heading outside can brighten their skin but it is wrong for dark circles as eyelid is the thinnest part of the body and sun directly damages the area in form of dilating and as a result you have to see dark glow or color at the face. You have to cover yourself or apply sunscreen when you are outside and don’t wear heavy glasses it can also put stress on the skin and apply dark spots.

  1. Computer radiation:depressed worker or student woman working with computer alone late night in stress

You are working the whole day on the computer that put stress on blood vessels around the eyes without any rest and it will make dark circles around the eyes and the reason is the increment of cortisol that enlarges the blood in vessels and results in dark eyes.

Easiest Steps For Giving Yourself Quick Pedicure At Home

Feet is the most used part of the body – sometimes it stuck in tight fitting shoes or rub them so hard that blisters form then it is a good idea to take care of feet. We know that you want your feet to look soft and shiny for the event but you don’t have much time for parlor then here is the solution – our guide describes you easy steps for a pedicure with a bit of time and a little effort.

  • Get all your supplies:1

It might feel you can do a lot of things for your pedicure but you need some basic supplies for toe-tempering and it includes a small tub filled with water, nail clippers, a filler, orange stick, a pumice stone or a scrubbing brush, base coat, and a polish of your choice all these are necessary elements – optional accessories may include bath salts for soaking, cuticle oil, and a lotion.

  • Get off old nail polish:2

It is the first step while you are doing pedicure at home – remove yours pre-exist nail polish on your feet as it is hard to add new color on nails on the top of old one and another fact is that your nails and feet are completely soaked as they are dipped in hot water – so wipe out the old nail polish.

  • Soak your feet:3

This is the time for relax – fill a small tub or basin with hot water and if you want to add a few bath salts and pour in it and soak your feet inside for ten minutes – you can also change the temperature of tub but make sure the water is not too hot or no too cold; hot water will soften tough part of the feet and remove the dirt and also soften your nails.

  • Cut your nails:4

After soaking feet in the water now your nails becomes soft and cut down it – trim the nails down to size. The shape of the nail slightly squared and after that use nail-filer to buff down the sharp edges of the nails that might left avoid cutting nails in a rounded form.

If you have cuticle then apply this step although this is optional – you can gently cut away the excessive skin from every nail or use cuticle oil when you are finished. Smooth out the tops of your nail by using buffing pad – use this pad in the same direction for having a better look of each toenail.

  • Scrub your feet:AP7N6X

The very purpose that we have started pedicure – now it’s time to move on actual feet use your pumice stone to scrub down the dead part of the heels rub a brush or stone against your heels for the purpose. You have to rub the stone in balanced power to remove the dead part from the heel not harder than that and make sure to rinse water after scrubbing.

  • Wipe the dead skin off:6

Remove your feet from the water tub and dry them completely using towel – after scrubbing it is important to wipe off the dead skin totally from the feet and feet rendered to be dry. It’s now time to moisturize your skin apply lotion to the feet and if you are using oil moisturized then make sure feet is completely dried.

  • Apply color to the feet:7

This is time to apply nail polish to your feet – firstly you have to apply a base coat to the nails as protective coat it will prevent your nails from yellowing after that select color of your choice and paint each of your toenails. Work from the center to outwards until all your nails are colored and use a fingernail on the edge to wipe off any polish that sticks to unwanted part. Wait for 15 minutes to dry the polish and then apply top coat for long lasting.

How to look like Zombie for Halloween?

Halloween is a lifestyle, not a holiday – there is magic in Halloween night the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.

Zombies! Slow-paced horrors from the grave but still the popular costume for Halloween – going out to look like a member of living dead can be a lot of fun. Fortunately, zombie dress up is not a rocket science here is an easy tutorial for readers to dress up like a zombie.

  • Decide your zombie type:

This means you must think about your appearance first – plenty of examples are available to think about zombie doctor, zombie ballerina, zombie footballer or zombie celebrities – be careful and think properly about your style and outfit.

  • Mess up your hair:hair

You have to dress up for zombie – so try to make your hair that looks you just come out of the grave. The oil is a good option to look your hair greasy – use baby powder on your hair for making style and it will give you gray and ashen color for your new look. If you want your hair to look full messed for your style then wash your hair before your sleep and in the morning it must look like zombie’s hair – and not brush your hair when you wake up. If you have long hair then leave it down and rub your hair against the pillow and it looks as it messes up.

  • Make Fake Blood:fakeblood

As you know zombie look is completed when it added blood to body or clothes – then you have to make some fake blood. You can create one cup by adding corn syrup and red food color. You can also add blue or green food coloring for some natural red blood color – mix all these elements until desired results are achieved. For getting thicker result petroleum jelly can also work in the situation.

  • Apply Fake Blood:

This is the most interesting part of your appearance – you have to apply fake blood to your arms, legs, face and also blood into your hairline. For bullet holes, draw a circle at your shirt via black marker and apply fake blood around it for a natural look. Let dry your fake blood for ten minutes and after that apply it again this will give you a nicer effect and red dark blood will make your appearance more realistic.

  • Costume appearance:costume

Halloween night has a lot of fun and this is the night where you don’t dress up for school or job so doesn’t feel shy for dirty clothes – decide what you are wearing is it your old school uniform or anything else after wearing your clothes go outside and roll yourself in dirt and mud. Use knife or cutter to make some holes on your shirt and jeans for the look and apply fake blood to clothes. You can also add burn or single marks by lighter onto the clothes.

  • Apply Makeup:mak

You can use makeup for some natural look for a zombie at your face to look like deadly – a white, gray are the colors for most people. You can use under-eye concealer or foundation base – you can add dark red lipstick at parts where you want to add blood later use baby powder to look dull and also use scary lenses for eyeballs for some better look.

How to do Nail Art at Home in Magnificent Way?

If life gives you nail polishes and make nail art.

Hands are often the most important and beautiful part of women – and the focal point for men. This is why applying nail art is important for women. Every girl wants to look fabulous and unique and nail art is an essential part of the fashion for women. Since everyone has no time to visit parlor but that doesn’t mean we can’t get creative designs at home.

Here are the tips and requirements mentioned for applying nail art and to look marvelous every day.

Required Products for nail art:

  • A base coat
  • A top coat
  • Using any paint
  • A dotting tool or toothpick

Preparation for Nail Art:

A lot of nail art designs are available and some of the popular and most magnificent designs are below. Before applying any designs for the nails, first of all, you have to apply these necessary steps for natural results.

  • Remove old Nail Polish: Make sure you have to start with clean slate and remove old nail polish.
  • File your nails: Trim your nails to make them neat – it’s better to have wide and clean space.
  • Apply a base coat: Apply base coat on your nails before applying polish – it will save your nails from any kind of damage always put single base coat before proceeding and allow them to dry completely.

Polka Dot Designspolka-dot-desing

Step 1: Choose two different colors for making a polka dot designs one color is for the base and other is for dots. Firstly, apply the base color and let it dry completely.

Step 2: Use a thin tipped brush or toothpick to make and lightly tapped on your nail and continue until your nail has as many dots as you want – you can also vary the size of dots according to your requirement.

Step 3: You can also make dots using fingertips and also add swirls and other designs for better effects – when the dots are dry finish them by applying clear top coat.

Creative Flower Designsflo

Step 1: Choose different colors for making a flower and remember the colors that contrast enough to your base color and apply base color on the nail.

Step 2: If your nail polish brush is small enough then add dots on your base color with a brush or you can also use a clean toothpick for applying it. These dots will form the flower so place the dots with different colors accordingly on the nail. Place the dots as it looks like petals of the flowers. Allow them to dry.

Step 3: You can also become creative by adding green color as the stem of a flower or choose the shape of petals with your style. You can enhance the beauty of flowers via adding background or sparkles. Apply top coat adds a shine to your nail design.

Water Marbled Designater

Step 1: Water marbling is one of the creative techniques for nail art that uses water and variety of colors for unique look – A base coat and different colors that blend well together. Apply base color at your nail and allow them to dry completely.

Step 2: Add your desired colors into the water from a low height and notice it creates a circle in water and after that add alternate colors in the same way at the center of a circle of color until you see a shape.

Step 3: Use a toothpick and alter the design of the colors – nowadays spider web designs are popular and geometric shapes and made your wanted design for nails.

Step 4: Once you have completed the design apply it onto your nails firstly apply petroleum jelly onto your fingers and around the nails and apply it – use a cotton swab to clean up the edges and remove polish from fingers.

Beauty Tips: How to do winged Eyeliner

There is nothing more classic than the winged eye, it is also known as cat eye. Winged Eyeliner can be sultry style but it can be tricky, here are some techniques and tips to put this look.

Makeup is not a mask but actually, it is an art, passion, and expression.

You must need to know that there are three types of liners – pencil it is easy to apply – gel liners are matte and glide easily – liquid they come usually in tubes or pen-style.

Never ask women with winged eyes why she is late?

Tips for eyeliner:

  • Always make sure mirrors are close to you and place your arm or hand is a stable place to control over creating your wing.
  • Use Pencil liner instead of liquid if you are not a profession and then trace it over liquid one.
  • You can create your own color with wet liner brush and shadows.eyeshadowliner
  • Use white eyeliner as a highlighter of the brow – make up and down line for indication.highlighter
  • For a natural look, you can also put dots and after that connects them – you can also put dashes and then join them for easiness.
  • You can also use a spoon at curves and edges to have a masterpiece and business card is also used for the same purpose.spoon
  • You can use white liner to appear your eye bigger.
  • When applying liner try to not put skin on side of your

Steps for applying Eyeliner:

Step 1: Apply pencil eyeliner starting from the inner side of the eye towards outer corner – the line should be thin as possible on the upper lash. The line doesn’t need to be clean at this point – tilt your head if possible to keep your eyelid flat. The line should start thin but made it thicker while continuing towards the corner.1

Step 2: Firstly you apply thin layer now wing the end of the eye corner pointing upwards, the length of the wing is up to you. For this step, draw a roughly diagonal line 45 degrees out and up.2

Step 3: After this make a straight line from middle to the end of the upper eyelid, make sure when you are doing this your eye is closed and watch with another eye.3

Step 4: Step away and walk for a moment and then check the new look of your face in the mirror and blink your eyes for some moments. You must dry liquid liner for 10 to 15 seconds before blinking the eyes and if you have put more liner then clean up with cotton swap which is soaked up in remover.4