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Taylor Swift returns to streaming as rival Katy Perry releases album

The pop singer finally gets back with the Spotify as her music was reappeared on the streaming services and users can now enjoy the singer.

The singer was popular among the fans but she left the streaming services three years ago as complaining publicly that streaming services did not pay enough to artists and returned back to the streaming services on the same day when her rival Katy Perry released a new album.

The pop singer was considered to world best pop-stars as her music was available on a variety of platforms including Pandora, and Tidal streaming services where her catalog was previously only available on Apple Inc’s Music service.Taylor Swift returns to streaming as rival Katy Perry releases album

The pop singer and her management team announced that pop singer songs were available on the streaming services once again in celebration of her 2014 album 1989 that has completed milestone selling 10 million albums globally and a 100-million song certification.

The subscribers of Amazon, Google Play and Spotify remain able to access the Taylor Swift entire library to listen to her top hit songs as her entire catalog available on streaming services where Spotify hits had drawn nearly 30,000 subscribers.

The pop singer Taylor Swift first pulled her streaming services in 2014 where she posted in the opinion column of a journal that ‘music industry is rapidly changing with the advancement of technology and the streaming services are like a grand experiment and I am not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment’.Taylor Swift returns to streaming as rival Katy Perry releases album

She added that ‘my opinion is that music should be paid as valuable things are always paid, she got a stuck deal with Apple music as it announces to pay the artists during a free trial of its new streaming services’.

The Taylor Swift management added that ‘Taylor wants to thank her fans for her album where she provided catalog available to all streaming services’.

The Taylor Swift made available her music at streaming services on the same day when her rival Katy Perry launches her new album where she added that her new song becomes a great anthem for the people whenever somebody’s trying to hold you down or bully you’.

The streaming services are celebrating the move of Taylor Swift as they are thankful for the artists to make available her music to the streaming services where Spotify added that ‘We love Taylor and we are happy to have the music album 1989 of an artist and now fans can enjoy the lovely voice of artist’.

One thing is for sure: if and when that record arrives, you will have to pay to hear it.

Ariana Grande’s Cancel Concert Tour After Manchester Attack

Ariana Grande the pop singer has been canceled all the upcoming concerts and events after the terror attack occurred at her show at the Manchester Arena on Monday.

The pop singer show at London’s O2 Arena on Thursday and Friday has been canceled due to terror attack occur on Monday where 22 people were killed and 64 people were injured as singer want to pay proper tribute to those people and families.

The dangerous women Ariana Grande tour has been canceled after the tragic event as she canceled the London concert’s and June concerts as pop singer wants to pay tributes to the families that lose their loved ones during attack according to tour’s promoter said in a statement.Ariana Grande’s Cancel Concert Tour After Manchester Attack

The statement shows that the dangerous women tour has been suspended until 7th June as her show occurred in London, Belgium, Poland, and Germany have been canceled.

The tour’s management added that this is the critical time for the Manchester people after the attack and we all here support the city and the families that are affected due to the incident as terrorist threatened the lives of people and we all are united to overcome the critical situation.

Grande returned to her home city Boca Raton after the terrible incident as she put her condolences on social media, Twitter where she added that ‘I am broken from the heart due to the incident, I am sorry to my fans and people and I don’t have many words after the incident‘.

The people and fans are paying tribute to the people injured and died in Manchester attack whereas Musicians paying tribute to the Ariana Grande as Miley Cyrus dedicated her song on Tuesday night concert to pop star who experienced the horrific attack.Ariana Grande’s Cancel Concert Tour After Manchester Attack

There is the hope exists that tour of the dangerous women should continue after 7th June in Paris whereas it is not confirmed yet as she added our words can’t put the happiness to the family harmed in the senseless attack.

We are thankful for emergency services provided by the Manchester to save the lives of people and the Blondie canceled the concert in London to pay respect to Manchester attack.

The musicians also pay tribute to the Manchester attack through the twitter as Rihanna added ‘Praying for beautiful souls we lost at the horrible incident and for survivors‘.ARIANA GRANDE’S CANCEL CONCERT TOUR AFTER MANCHESTER ATTACK

Many others musicians and celebrities pay tribute to the people as football team put silence before the match and many people shared black bunny ears image to the social media for the victims.

Miley Cyrus releases new single song ‘Malibu’ inspired by fiancé Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus the popular singer is back in the music industry as she released the video of her single new song known as Malibu belong to her forthcoming untitled album.

The singer released the song after more than one year and the former Disney darling added that the song and her new album inspired by her fiancé Liam Hemsworth as she wears the engagement ring with pride and shows her love for him in the video.Miley Cyrus releases new single song ‘Malibu’ inspired by fiancé Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus latest song belong to the forthcoming untitled music album and the untitled album will be released later this year and the singer added that the song was written for her fiancé Liam and the song marks a happy ending to a somewhat tumultuous timeline.

Miley Cyrus made the video of the song on the beach, sits underneath the waterfall and she sings the words ‘Sometimes I feel I’m drowning and you’re here to save me and I want to thank you with all my heart, it’s a brand new start, a dream come true, in Malibu.

The song was totally inspired by the relationship as the couple recommitted to each other in January 2016 after two-year separation and she added that ‘but here I am, next to you in Malibu’ she added these words in song’s chorus.Miley Cyrus releases new single song ‘Malibu’ inspired by fiancé Liam Hemsworth

She added about this song in the interview that her new album truly belongs to her relationship terms, not in the sense of manipulation to want an audience for this kind of music – I never thought about that.

The star singer shows the number of stunning looks in her video song where she also wore the engagement ring in the video of the song and her video released and becomes the point of attention towards the people.

Miley Cyrus added that the first single song of the untitled album was inspired by the reconnection of her fiancé Liam as she split with him in 2013 and reconnected in 2016 whereas the other songs of the album also relate the new direction in her personal life.Miley Cyrus releases new single song ‘Malibu’ inspired by fiancé Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus talk to the Billboard in an extensive interview where she clears many facts and figures towards her song as she added that why not put the power back in her relationship and say this is how I feel? And she also made her performance at Billboard Music awards on May 21.

Bizarre Soundwave tattoo let you listen onto your skin

Soundwave is the advancement in the ink trend industry as people made tattoos that belong to tradition or symbol of good luck on a body or wants to remain trendy but soundwave tattoos are the new feature of tattoos industry.

You need to thanks the technology as it is growing rapidly and reached the moment where you can design pattern of your favorite music or made the sound wave of your favorite pet and let your camera record the pattern and play the music.Bizarre Soundwave tattoo let you listen onto your skin

The tattoo artist in LA named Nate Siggard has managed to create the tattoos that you can listen to – the moment remains shocking for the people as a tattoo on your hand is producing a sound. The innovative tattoos let you play and hear the recordings that you want to be memorialized.

The idea hails from the Skin Motion as the company added that listening tattoos remain available to the people in June 2017 and working to produce the mobile app for this system.

The app needs to work with the tattoo as artist generate sound wave on your body parts and the camera will detect the sound wave and the app generates one minute audio of wave and the pattern requires one day followed up with an overlay and let your mobile read the wave.

  • Skin Motion:Bizarre Soundwave tattoo let you listen onto your skin

The skin motion added that the sound wave tattoos brought tattoos as the part of their life and they are working with the creative mind artist that are ready to challenge the next generation and enhancing the tattooing industry to an extreme level.

They have added they are using the technology to brought sound wave on your body and the platform is ready to enhance the next generation and excited to release the sound motion on the body.

The company is working and planning to partner with the other certified artists and let them train towards the sound wave tattooing around the world and remain certified towards the work to carry out the different designs.

  • Soundwave tattoo:Bizarre Soundwave tattoo let you listen onto your skin

Have you lost a loved one that you always want to memorize or listen the sound or whether you never want to miss your favorite music? Then sound wave tattoo will resolve your problem as skin motion invented a tattoo platform on your phone and tablet.

You can record your favorite sound and the technology will help to wear your favorite lyrics to your body and your patent technology will help you to hear the audio of one minute.

The thing to memorize is that sound wave tattoo are a brand new way to express yourself using art and technology and help you to listen to the personal elements and can easily playback at any time.

Little Mix new video for ‘No More Sad Songs’ Is A Country-Inspired Display

A group of British girls ‘Little Mix’ latest music video song has released named as ‘No more sad songs’ will gets tongues wagging as girls are dressed too provocatively in their music videos.Little Mix new video for ‘No More Sad Songs’ Is A Country-Inspired Display

Little Mix new video for ‘No More Sad Songs’ Is A Country-Inspired DisplayLittle Mix new video for ‘No More Sad Songs’ Is A Country-Inspired Display The official video of the song has released and shows that girls wear don chaps, leather, cowboy hats and stripes for the video shows ugly style watering hole. The video of the song shows that pop stars have started party and line dancing with splashing beer on each other and getting close.Little Mix new video for ‘No More Sad Songs’ Is A Country-Inspired Display

Little Mix new video for ‘No More Sad Songs’ Is A Country-Inspired DisplayLittle Mix new video for ‘No More Sad Songs’ Is A Country-Inspired DisplayThe video was directed by the Marc and the stunning element is that it was viewed over 1.3 million in just 24 hours and shows that this song will hit the summer of the year. The song started as the group of girls was sent to tantalize the customers.Little Mix new video for ‘No More Sad Songs’ Is A Country-Inspired Display

Little Mix new video for ‘No More Sad Songs’ Is A Country-Inspired DisplayThe band has busy in sharing different photos and snaps to promote the video of the song as their album after shifting more than 90,000 copies in their first week of release in November 2016 and made a record and this song appeared on Glory Days album.Little Mix new video for ‘No More Sad Songs’ Is A Country-Inspired Display

The users on social media also liked the video of the song as they shared their comments saying ‘The video is amazing – Love it!’ another person added that saying these girls has done a great job.

Sonos PlayBase Is Only Speaker You Need In Living Room

Do you love to watch the TV in your free time or listen to music you like at home? Then the brand new speaker of the Sonos is what you need to enhance the experience of sound and entertainment.

The technology is growing rapidly and our TVs are getting thin, so it is very difficult to provide the machine with the good definition of the sound – people are looking for the speakers to increase the experience with entertainment at home.

The audio company has launched its first product since 2013, the company launch the speaker namely ‘PlayBase‘ – the speakers are totally designed for the television and can be mounted quite easily under the television and bring HIFI quality of sound with it.

The company added that we launch this product to enhance the experience of the users that have television at home and their television is standing on the furniture – the research claims that nearly 70 percent of the people don’t mount their TV on the wall and they stand their television on the furniture.Sonos PlayBase Is Only Speaker You Need In Living Room

The Sonos added that ‘PlayBase – new sound speaker will meet the need of the people that have television standing on the furniture as it is pretty slim and has the ability to provide high-quality sound quite easily and considered to be the great product for home theaters’.

Sonos – PlayBase:

The sonos playbase speaker is thin but powerful in the context of sound, the playbase supports the TV up to 75 pounds and it can comfortably sit beneath your television and in many cases, it can easily fit between them underneath the display in many cases.

The top surface of the product is completely smooth and flat and looks awesome whereas the back of the speaker contains three ports including Ethernet, optical audio and power input – it can also join your existing wireless system for the multi-room audio.

The playbase contains ten different drivers that together combine to create a sound that stands it and also enhances the feature of dialogue and night mode or also works on vocal clarity and its technology promise to adjust the sound that matches the layout of the room.Sonos PlayBase Is Only Speaker You Need In Living Room

The sound speaker ‘PlayBase’ also works as the other wireless speakers of the Sonos and provide you an ability to switch between TV and music wirelessly with the app and easy to control and set up. The playbase will globally start shipping early in April with the price of £699.

When you are looking closer to the playbase – the design of the speaker is amazing and considered to be the attractive product of the living room – the weight of the product is less than 20 pounds and the playbase is considered to be the slimmest speaker of the world.

You can also pair your playbase with the subwoofer of the company Sonos and if you are looking to spend money on the product that benefits you every time then the playbase is considered to be the best product in the world for home.

List of most popular wedding songs that enlighten your big day

You have booked the hall and have done your preparation but what about the music? As music pump up and tune you during your first dance will you prepared for the big day? To make the day memorable you have to collect best wedding songs – as it is just like a film you create an atmosphere and enhance emotions of guests and yourself.

If you are hiring DJ for the day you should ask him about suggestions but didn’t rely on him – you have to decide the music for dance, or for reception or for every moment to make the day wonderful – as first dance song in any wedding is important for yourself and your partner so be careful.

Here are some suggestions for choosing the song for wedding:

  • You can take help from your friends and closed ones for the music as everybody choice is different – you can pick the song that is repeated the most by others.
  • Keep in mind to make the song memorable so pick that song that reminds your dance, your date or concert or party together.
  • You have to choose the song that is appropriate for dance – you should choose the correct tempo and made your dance memorable.
  • You must check the song lyrics before the decision as sometimes song sound is beautiful but have inappropriate lyrics, making it fun for a first dance.

Here is the list of best wedding songs:

  1. All of Me – John Legend:f

This song is perfect for wedding first dance – its romantic lyrics merge the love and romance and had been played in wedding so far and it is listed at number one position in the ranking for first dance – as John Legend performed the song for his wife at their wedding and dedicated to his wife whereas this song is hit at peaked and becoming his first number in Billboard Hot 100.

  1. “Just the way you are” – Bruno Mars:2

Just the way the beautiful song for wedding event – this sound may be played from walk down to the grand finale – the song has magic and can be enjoyed by everyone. The song has beautiful lyrics including “I see your face there is nothing to change – you are amazing just the way you are” the song won many awards and also added in top hundred songs for its beauty.

  1. “XO” – Beyonce:2

This song has internal beauty and makes happy everyone – when the song is played in the wedding event this song catches everyone towards the dance floor with their partners – this song describes a dream and longings of every bride – XO is a pop song and have several musical hooks.

  1. “Treasure,” – Bruno Mars:4

Treasure is the song that creates magic on the dance floor for the guests and also makes lovable song for your first dance – this is also record breaking song of love and was most liked by the people – this is the worthy song in your marriage life – the song was included in the top ranking in most of the countries.

  1. “Let’s Get Married” – Jagged Edge:5

Let’s get married is the most desirable song in the weddings and performed by American group – and this song will make every couple feeling emotions and feel where you stand right now.

Top 7 latest album songs from 2016

English Songs are always beloved among the world; daily English music is coming with a lot of artists and fresh music. Actually, music is the piece of Art that goes in the ear and then direct to the heart. Here is the list of songs of different albums that are released this year and hit the chart of Billboard Hit 100 and many other charts of different nations.

Make Me:maxresdefault

Make me song recorded by American singer Britney for her ninth Album Glory, it features the teamwork of another rapper G-Eazy. This track was written by spears, Joe, Gillum and was produced by Burns. The song was released on July 15, 2016, and reached the top in Canada, France, Hungary and United States. Make me song reaches in Billboard Hot 100 where it reaches at number seventeen.

Work from Home:rs-229921-work-from-home

Work from home is a song recorded by American girl group featuring rapper and singer Ty Dolla Sign. It was released on February 26, 2016, as leading song for group second album “Work from Home” was written by Coleman, Jude, and Brian Lee. The song debuted at 12 with more than 87,000 downloads within its thirteen weeks and reached number 4 becoming highest-charting single in the US. Work from Home also top the chart at New Zealand and also become top ten of the charts in more than twenty-four countries. Since it released it received many certificates and also won many awards in different ceremonies.

Don’t mind me:kent-jones-dont-mind-video

This is a song released by American popular pop singer kent jones, he is a hip hop singer. He is better known for his song don’t mind me which release at number 10th of Billboard Hot 100. The song was released on April 25, 2016. The track was written by Jones, Andre Lyon, and was produced by Jones and Khaled. The song video featured from DJ Khaled.

I Took a Pill in Ibiza:mike-posner-i-took-a-pill-in-ibiza-seeb-remix

This is a song released by famous singer Mike Posner, the song originally going too appeared on his album At Night, Alone. The song was released in the United States on July 24, 2015. The song reached at top ten of charts in almost 27 countries including Ireland, Belgium, Netherland and much more. It also peaked at number four on Billboard Hot 100. The song was originally produced by Mike Posner and SeeB.

Needed Me:article-lead-wide1008322091gobvv3image-related-articleleadwide-729x410-gobuaz-png1461215805719-png-620x349

This song is recorded by Barbadian singer named Rihanna for her eight studio album “Anti” it was written by Rihanna, Hazard, Charles with its producer DJ Mustard, Frank Dukes. The song was released on March 30, 2016. In the United States the song reached number seven on Billboard Hot 100 and become Rihanna’s top single on the chart. This song was a huge commercial success for all.

Cheap thrills:sia_cheap_thrills

This is a song released by Australian recording singer named Sia for her seventh album “This is Acting” the song was written by Sia and Kurstin and produced by Kurstin. The song was released on February 11, 2016. In the United Kingdom song reached top of the chart and Sia becomes the leading artist there, and it also reached at number 2nd on Billboard Hot 100. The song gained the top spot in dance clubs also featured among top five in European’s nation charts.

Don’t let me down:chainsmokers-dont-let-me-down-2016-billboard-650

The song is American production duo the chain smokers. This song was released on February 5, 2016, the song was written by Waren and Scott with vocals from singer Daya, the song featured at the top spot in the United States and also top five among Billboard Hot 100, it also reached at the highest chart in more than 25 other countries.