6 Questions You Have To Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Never marry the one you can live with, marry the one you can’t live without.

The big day is near as it is your marriage day but whether you asked questions to your partner – because of shyness or to preserve romantic mystery many people don’t ask the questions – getting married is about to building your life and trust with your partner to build a stable building.

In addition to raise secure future life with partner or to raise children – you need to talk some important issues before you get married – the experts tells that many couples plan only for a wedding day but didn’t plan for the marriage and as a result they can’t make difference in happily life and trip towards the divorce lawyer – the experts shared questions that you must ask before marriage to your partner.

  1. What makes you happiest in a relationship with me?

This is the question that describes the love and strength of your partner towards your character – if he shows the support and strength to you instead of compliments – his answer shows the importance of your existence and describe whether the partner is right one or not.

  1. How will we handle in our laws?

All questions are important but this is the main fact that becomes the biggest issue of divorce – people didn’t want to compromise in their entire life and don’t understand you are transitioning as a couple. Common mistakes that guys were done are taking a side of their mother instead of a wife and lead to divorce – in-laws support is necessary but you must put boundary and establish the limit and this answer will tell you your future life.anothte

  1. What about religious difference and similarities?

You must ask this question even if you both have same religious – you must ask the respect of each other beliefs or differences as this point also leads to breaking up of happy marriage life. If your partner is expecting you to change your beliefs or wants to devote your life then you get your answer and possibly come to know that he is not marriage material.

  1. What is the role of children in life?

You must have to ask questions about raising kids and have to plan the role of children in entire life – you have to ask whether your partner wants kids or not and if there are any disagreements then you must think long and hard – you don’t assume that marriage can change the mind and if you do so then you can lead your life to hurt and pain.

  1. What makes you feel loved?

It is a common mistake question for couple – you must ask a question to your partner and get his views and don’t be surprised if his answers are different. If your partner wants to watch the football match with his mates while you want to spend the weekend together after work then he is not probably for you.

These are the questions that are searched and recognized by experts and tell the individuals to ask their partners before marriage – and if your partner is satisfied with these questions and you believe he will surely help you and stand with you then must go with him else you have to move forward.

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