Korean Pop Concerts Broke Peace Between Borders

The concerts are the great moment for the people of the country and people will enjoy this time and get entertained especially when it comes to the Korean Pop event.

The Korean border is one of the world’s most militarized borders in the universe and is about to scene the pop concert. This event was made every year and South Korean pop stars perform right next to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in a ‘peace concert’

But the situation between the borders are at extreme and tensions are more heated between these years and North Korea is threating to fire the missile towards the US and US president has threatened them with fire and fury like the world has never seen.

What is the beauty of these events?Korean Pop Concerts Broke Peace Between Borders

  • The event occurs on two days, the first one is the beauty of Korea known as K-pop extravaganza on Saturday while the classical music concert was held on Sunday.
  • These events occur in the South Korean city of Paju at the tourist spot so-called Nuri Peace Park while they are not held in the DMZ zone but the event is known as DMZ Concerts.
  • These are the free public events and are shown on the national television held by the South Korean broadcaster MBC and the only purpose is to promote the future. The event was broadcasted later on the national TV.
  • There was an expectation that this event will bring thousands of fans this year because of brilliant performances of Girl Generation and BTOB.

Why these events occurred every year?Korean Pop Concerts Broke Peace Between Borders

  • The purpose to make these events is to promote the peace between two borders and this event will explain the potent symbol of shared story of two nations.
  • This is the part of the National Liberation Day and the public holiday was made in both countries. The Korean War began a few years after that these countries are still at the war with each other.
  • The current situation shows that the concerts began in 2011 and still happening every year but they tried to make the joint event back in 2000.
  • They tried to share the culture of both nations and fell thoroughly repeatedly over the financial disagreement and the joint event will be held in the Pyongyang.
  • The professor of the South Korean University added that South Korea wants to promote the pop culture of the country.
  • He added that the Korea acts are extremely popular in the Asia and have an increasing following worldwide.
  • Contrary to this, North Korea people also huge fans of South Korea’s music, entertainment and different cultures of the nation. The professor added that these people learn the South Korean culture and the realities of the life outside their country.
  • This was the same situation as when the Germany was divided into East and West – although there is no involvement from North Korea in this concert and experts added that these events occurred to attract the tourist and generate the revenue from the broadcast.

Judge Drops Radio DJ’s Lawsuit against ‘Taylor Swift’

Pop Star Taylor Swift lives in the heart of people and fans are crazy to view the performance of lady star at different concerts but this time she was on the court.

The judge throws out the Radio DJ David lawsuit against Taylor Swift and Pop star won the victory over the case in the court battle, whom she claims groped her at a 2013 concert.

Former DJ wants $3m for compensation:Judge Drops Radio DJ’s Lawsuit against ‘Taylor Swift’

  • The former radio DJ David Mueller, 55 years old claims that Ms. Swift was responsible for his termination of the job and ruining of his career. He claims $3m from the singer for the compensation as she ruins his career.
  • But his claims remains to fail to win in the court as the judge throw out the case of the DJ and Taylor Swift won a victory. The DJ Mueller also made the same claim against the mother of singer Andrea Swift and her radio liaison, Frank Bell and wants $3m for the compensation.
  • The Judge claims that there was less evidence available against Ms. Swift whether she was responsible for the termination of the Radio DJ. A jury will now announce whether her mother and Radio Frank Bell were responsible for the termination of the DJ job.

DJ groped Ms. Taylor Swift:Judge Drops Radio DJ’s Lawsuit against ‘Taylor Swift’

  • Swift also has counterstatement against the DJ man as he groped her during the event, meet and greet in 2013 when she was agreed to pose for a photo with him and his girlfriend.
  • The ex-bodyguard of Ms. Swift gave the evidence to the court about the sex claims at the backstage and added that he saw the DJ David Mueller under the skirt of her. He added that he never saw whether DJ touched the lady physically but saw his hand under the skirt of the singer.
  • This incident occurred during the singer’s red tour in 2013 and Ms. Swift made a complaint to the KYGO and the station fired Mr. Mueller two days later.
  • Dent was the ex-bodyguard of the singer and tells the court that he was stepped away when the incident occurred and singer was posing with DJ and her girlfriend. The singer suddenly responds at the moment and pushed her skirt down and moves closer to DJ girlfriend.
  • He said that in my opinion he touched the singer and he didn’t react to the DJ because he didn’t see any danger and Ms. Swift didn’t signal that.
  • The testimony of Mr. Dent was made when the singer describes the incident and calls the event as the long grab and when Mueller lawyer asked Ms. Swift why her bodyguard never reacts.
  • She added that ‘it was the horrible incident and never occurred before any time and no one in the world could expect this’

When the judge announced that Mr. Mueller case has been dropped against the pop singer Ms. Taylor Swift, the singer and her legal team were overjoyed and singer added ‘Holy Sh*t’ and hugged her brother.