This record breaking infinity rooftop pool is the best place for holidays

Have you ever dream of swimming in the world largest infinity pool at the height of the 57th level of the building? Then you don’t need to imagine yourself as Singapore hotel providing you this facility.

There are many swimming pools in the world and every resort have swimming pool for the people to enjoy their holidays and if you are planning for the tourism this year then you must need to plan for the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.This record breaking infinity rooftop pool is the best place for holidays

The Marina Bay Sands hotel was popular for its beauty but the eye-catching element of the hotel is its infinity pool as the size of the pool is three times Olympics ground and the pool was situated at the top roof of a 57-storey building.

The guest was attracted towards the beauty of the infinity pool and every year one million guests comes in this hotel as it is a dream of many people to swim at one of the largest hotel building.

Marina Bay Infinity Pool:This record breaking infinity rooftop pool is the best place for holidays

The Marina Bay Infinity pool provides full entertainment scene to the users as the towels and sun loungers are available for enjoyment in the pool area. There is shop available where users can get access towards swimwear and sun care products.This record breaking infinity rooftop pool is the best place for holidays

The poolside refreshments are also available including light snacks, selection of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks with the time limit of 7 am to 11 pm.

Features of Infinity pool:This record breaking infinity rooftop pool is the best place for holidays

The pool length was as long as three times Olympic swimming pools where plenty of users can enjoy swimming at one time and more than 500 jacks were designed under lobby at ground level to stand the building with tons of water at top roof.

The pool on the roof is designed in such a way that jewel in the crown at the building of 57 levels.

Marina Bay Hotel:This record breaking infinity rooftop pool is the best place for holidays

The pool was amazing to spend the holiday times or to take sun bath quite effectively as the hotel was beautiful with its inner working also. The hotel has 9500 staff members where they have also Special Forces who run the team butlers.This record breaking infinity rooftop pool is the best place for holidays

The hotel cost £3.5 billion to build and the infinity pool is the area where one need to dip and enjoy the beauty of the Singapore.

4 fashion trends you need to avoid on planes after united airlines bars passenger from wearing leggings

Fashion is the only way you can communicate with the others without speaking. Every person in the world has its own fashion trend and style but you need to remain careful while choosing your outfit for the event and situation.

You heard about United Airlines that banned two ladies from traveling in their airlines as they are wearing leggings and want to travel and after this incident, social media storm occurs on twitter and company defend them by saying ladies has to ticket where a dress code is strict.

Firstly we had not seen the girls wearing leggings so it is not fair to comment on the situation but the fact is that you need to look for different things while you are traveling on the aeroplanes as there begins a big debate if we are going to talk about fashion crimes but all you need is to avoid this kind of elements. Let’s have look towards items you need to avoid while traveling in airlines:

  • Flip Flops:

You need to avoid wearing flip flop shoes while you are traveling in the airlines as sitting next to the person for 10 hours with barefoot doesn’t sound nice for the next person and if your foot requires pedicure then it is ashamed for you.

  • Tracksuits:4 fashion trends you need to ban on planes after united airlines bars passenger from wearing leggings

Tracksuits are usually good for the gym or doing exercise but what if you wear on the airlines? The airline is not your personal place or offering a personal session, simply you didn’t need to do this.

  • High Heels4 fashion trends you need to ban on planes after united airlines bars passenger from wearing leggings

There is no worry to wear high heels for the airlines but what if you need to store these shoes on airlines? It is not a good idea to wear the high heels for the travel as you need to store them and need to sit without shoes.

  • Caps:4 fashion trends you need to ban on planes after united airlines bars passenger from wearing leggings

You don’t need to wear the cap while you are traveling on the airline as you don’t need to worry about the sun in your eyes, worry about the wind or rain in your face – it is not a good idea to wear the caps in the airlines.

These are the fashion trends that often look awkward and you need to avoid as these trends don’t look cool to you and your personality.

Zara Larsson: Pop Star Suffers From Sleep Paralysis

Zara Larsson, Swedish pop singer popular in the county for nine years and also remains popular in the UK charts last year but she suffers from sleep paralysis.

She was just 19 years old and remains popular for last 14 months including the tropical song Lush Life that remains popular on the charts for year – she was the beautiful singer with a wonderful voice and also sang the anthem song of Euro 2016.

The girl was supporting Beyonce this year at Wembley stadium and the lady added that ‘it was the wonderful show on the tour and it is the stadium where I want to stand in front of a crowd and have my own one day’.

Zara was an awesome singer and releasing her debut album this week ‘So Good’ and working a lot in her own country – Zara made her name in 2008 while she was the part of Britain’s got talent as there is no age restriction in this show.

She suffers from sleep paralysis:Zara Larsson: Pop Star Suffers From Sleep Paralysis

The 19 years old pop singer Zara tells about her sleep paralysis in the interview and added that she was unable to active her body parts while she wakes up in the morning – her mind is active but unable to move any part of the body.

The reporter was shocked after learning the disease of the young singer and Zara added that ‘I was stuck for two to three minutes but the feelings are like I am stuck in my bed for half an hour – this feeling usually happens when I am stressed.

Show her talent in past:

She won the contest and also a prize of 500,000 krona and when she was 15th released her first pop song and many people didn’t recognize her but some that recognize me added ‘Oh my gosh, it’s her’.

People think she sounds like Rihanna:Zara Larsson: Pop Star Suffers From Sleep Paralysis

The people thought that Zara was singing as Rihanna as she released Lush Life many people thought it was Rihanna’s come back and Zara added that ‘I don’t know it but my mom also told me the same thing but I am not trying to be her’.

She is flexible:Zara Larsson: Pop Star Suffers From Sleep Paralysis

She was awesome at the school time and added that ‘I was flexible and ran 200 meters whereas my trainer added that you are doing a good job and I know I am flexible as well’.

Her goal is to keep improving:Zara Larsson: Pop Star Suffers From Sleep Paralysis

The star added that my goal is to become a true performer and wants to become better from today and just going to chill today and that’s what making me great.

These are the things we miss most about holidays back in 1990s

If you grew up in the late 80s or 90s then you really enjoy the life and holidays with the family – life was pretty tough in the past days as electronics is not common and people enjoyed real childhood before the smartphone, Facebook, selfies or many others.

Here is the stuff of old days that people still remember and wants to bring back these days and definitely want their kids like those items – these are the awesome childhood.

  • Walkman and CDs:These are the things we miss most about holidays back in 1990s

The modern child listens to their favorite music or entertainment on laptop or mobile phone and enjoys it on beach and others while the old age people miss the use of Walkman and CDs at the beach, listening to them enjoying with others.

  • People miss Postcards:These are the things we miss most about holidays back in 1990s

The modern world is of the digital age and can click their photo via mobile phone or others and upload it on the Facebook, twitter or other social media and have comments on them but old days people use postcards handwritten saying ‘Wish you were here’ or others.

  • Fridge magnets:These are the things we miss most about holidays back in 1990s

The people that belong the to late 80s and 90s said that they miss the fridge magnet or key rings that bought from the shop while they are on holidays to make them memorable for the trip or enjoy the pleasant scene looking to them.

  • A map:These are the things we miss most about holidays back in 1990s

The old age people often use a paper map to search the location while they are on travel or enjoying the beauty of the new area and follow the direction according to map – digital age use navigation system for direction instead of a map.

  • Books:These are the things we miss most about holidays back in 1990s

Books are also great entertainment while at travel – they read the books while at long route or spend their time instead of using mobile phone or entertainment.

  • Travel iron:

People use travel iron for their holidays and press the clothes anywhere with the help of this iron but the trend of the modern world is changing as machines are available that used for iron or iron service is available at every place these days.

  • Disco dancing shoes:

Kids often like the lights old days and want to wear the shoes that have lights but these days they like the mobile or electronics and want to spend time with that.

  • Travel suitcase:

While you are on business travel or holidays with the family, a travel suitcase is a most demanding element in old days and everyone want to pick suitcase with him but the modern trend is converted into smart bag packs that are easy to carry and have access to load more items in it.

The people that use these kinds of items have enjoyed their childhood with quality as modern world change the lifestyle of the people and kids are unable to assume this kind of stuff with them on holidays and people also read a newspaper on the holiday’s trip and many others.

These are the days of quality for an old generation but for the modern teenagers, mobile phones are the priority.

Angelina Jolie Symbolically Bind Brad Pit Months Before They Split

Angelina Jolie the beautiful actress known for her body art having 15 tattoos since she was a teenager and the new photos of actress show that she added three magical tattoos that bind her with husband Brad Pitt onto her back in Thailand.

Angelina had a break from her Netflix movie ‘First they killed my father’ was spending time with her family in Thailand where the famed tattoo artist made three intricate tattoos on Hollywood actress.

Angelina Jolie Symbolically Bind Brad Pit Months Before They Split
Angelina Jolie added intricate new tattoo to her back

The tattoo artist named Ajarn Noo Kanpai was flown from the Bangkok to Cambodia where the actress was busy for filming her movie – the artist was popular for her work and added three tattoos to her skin with a surgical steel needle.

The artist made a tattoo with the surgical steel needle that has steel rods mounted on it and the process is painful but has highest accuracy rate for the tattoo than other tattoo equipment.

Angelina Jolie Symbolically Bind Brad Pit Months Before They Split
A former Thai monk applies the tattoo to Angelina Jolie using steel rods mounted with a surgical steel needle

The design of the actress was made to symbolically bind the couple but the marriage of the couple didn’t stand long – the ex-husband of the Angelina Jolie made the Buddhist symbol on left of his stomach using the same ink as his wife.

The actress has got a lot of tattoos on her body and some of them are:

  • Know your rights
  • Buddhist writing on her shoulder
  • Arabic script on right arm
  • Tiger tattoo on lower back

The tattoo expert Ajarn Noo was also known as Sak Yant has worked with many celebrities and take dollars to make these perfect tattoo and his tattoos are considered to be the good luck of the people but the couple is separated in September 2016.

Angelina Jolie Symbolically Bind Brad Pit Months Before They Split
Angelina with the Thai monk

The tattoo expert has already worked with model Cara Delevingne and actress Michelle Rodriguez and his cost is thousands of pounds – the same expert has already made the design of the actress Angelina Jolie in 2003 and 2004.

Angelina Jolie Symbolically Bind Brad Pit Months Before They Split
Brad and Angelina are now working to support their family of six

The two symbols of the actress on her back are thought to provide protection and tattoos are considered to be an homage to thousands of people who lost their lives.

Angelina Jolie Symbolically Bind Brad Pit Months Before They Split
Angelina’s binding tattoo, which she had just before she split with Brad Pitt

The case of the couple is pending over their children and speaking to the show the actress added that we are always a family when it comes to the children – the pair had three adopted children and had three biological children. The pretty actress also added that her focus is on children and I am looking for the ways that make us stronger and closer.

Actresses Sign Open Letter For Gender Equality As They Are At Risk

The celebrities including Beyonce, Madonna, John Legend and much more has signed an open letter expressing fears about the women progress according to recent policies and appointments.

The letter consisting information and added that women are on the front lines in the world and are fighting for their future – yet millions of girls are looking for the basic rules.

The letter joined a number of celebrities and claims that gender equality is at a critical moment in the history, the emergency situation is needed to secure the girls future and provide opportunities – the recent legislation put the women at risk.Actresses Sign Open Letter For Gender Equality As They Are At Risk

The letter was published by the Global Citizen and the purpose is to aware the people and government of the women’s right – raising the alarm to draw the attention of the people towards the problem.

The Chime for change was the charity co-founded by the Beyonce and Salma and they also signed the letter to empower the women globally – many other actresses also sign the letter including names like Julia Roberts, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Dakota Johnson to strong the women.Actresses Sign Open Letter For Gender Equality As They Are At Risk

The letter was seemed to aim at the President Donald Trump indirectly, a series of women already protest during his inauguration – the letter also states that we fight for our future because the progress of a country depends upon the work of the women.

International Women’s day 2017 – Protest, Activism and Celebration

Today is the international women’s day and the world is pretty excited for the day and an event held around the world to honor the women’s struggle in every area of the universe.

The 8th march Wednesday is provided to the women to show the rights of the ladies and their contribution to the world as they are the leading part worldwide – the day is assigned for the power of the women and their social as well political rights.

What is international Women day?International Women’s day 2017 – Protest, Activism and Celebration

The day was originally considered from 1909 where day is celebrated for the women in remembrance of 1908, when women perform a marched to demand social and political rights – then the first International Women Day was held in 1914 after five years and the day was held on 8th March as it was Sunday and majority of women will participate in the events.

Women need to celebrate the day due to their progress and leading roles in the world as the gender gap is still the issue in a variety of areas in the world and we need to overcome the circumstances and aware the people about women strength and value of their work.

#Be Bold For Change:

The researchers and economist of the world are working on the social awareness of the women and want to aware the people with the strength of the women and added that gender pay gap will never close till 2186 and the aim of this day is to aware the people.

Let’s have a look variety of women worldwide that are celebrating the day to enhance their demands, social skills, and their words:

The Google also provided a list of remarkable women for every year shows that women skills are amazing and they need to enjoy all the rights and every field.

Zehra Khan from Pakistan added that ‘there is much need to celebrate the day as Sindh chief minister passed a law to register the women that are working and can access benefits in the region‘ – she added that ‘the day was pretty important for the Sindh as well for Asia as once they were legally accepted as worker they can access and run social security institution‘.

Eric Abetz posted a status on the Facebook and posts a picture of the Queen Elizabeth II and tribute her hard work and service to the people – he added that ‘the lady worked for the women as well maintain the commitment and earned the respect‘.International Women’s day 2017 – Protest, Activism and Celebration

In Australia, the day is celebrated and the early childhood center was closed on the mid of the day to celebrate the importance of the women – the fact is that there is 16 percent gender pay gap in the region as well the ladies that are educated and doing a job in early childhood earn lower wages.

India has launched the women cricket’s league to promote the women work – the region is often popular with the cricket of the male and crowded by them and added that young women able to succeed the ground and lead to great interest in women’s cricket.

Sonos PlayBase Is Only Speaker You Need In Living Room

Do you love to watch the TV in your free time or listen to music you like at home? Then the brand new speaker of the Sonos is what you need to enhance the experience of sound and entertainment.

The technology is growing rapidly and our TVs are getting thin, so it is very difficult to provide the machine with the good definition of the sound – people are looking for the speakers to increase the experience with entertainment at home.

The audio company has launched its first product since 2013, the company launch the speaker namely ‘PlayBase‘ – the speakers are totally designed for the television and can be mounted quite easily under the television and bring HIFI quality of sound with it.

The company added that we launch this product to enhance the experience of the users that have television at home and their television is standing on the furniture – the research claims that nearly 70 percent of the people don’t mount their TV on the wall and they stand their television on the furniture.Sonos PlayBase Is Only Speaker You Need In Living Room

The Sonos added that ‘PlayBase – new sound speaker will meet the need of the people that have television standing on the furniture as it is pretty slim and has the ability to provide high-quality sound quite easily and considered to be the great product for home theaters’.

Sonos – PlayBase:

The sonos playbase speaker is thin but powerful in the context of sound, the playbase supports the TV up to 75 pounds and it can comfortably sit beneath your television and in many cases, it can easily fit between them underneath the display in many cases.

The top surface of the product is completely smooth and flat and looks awesome whereas the back of the speaker contains three ports including Ethernet, optical audio and power input – it can also join your existing wireless system for the multi-room audio.

The playbase contains ten different drivers that together combine to create a sound that stands it and also enhances the feature of dialogue and night mode or also works on vocal clarity and its technology promise to adjust the sound that matches the layout of the room.Sonos PlayBase Is Only Speaker You Need In Living Room

The sound speaker ‘PlayBase’ also works as the other wireless speakers of the Sonos and provide you an ability to switch between TV and music wirelessly with the app and easy to control and set up. The playbase will globally start shipping early in April with the price of £699.

When you are looking closer to the playbase – the design of the speaker is amazing and considered to be the attractive product of the living room – the weight of the product is less than 20 pounds and the playbase is considered to be the slimmest speaker of the world.

You can also pair your playbase with the subwoofer of the company Sonos and if you are looking to spend money on the product that benefits you every time then the playbase is considered to be the best product in the world for home.

Five Things You Must Do And See In Las Vegas

Everyone loves to enjoy holidays visiting different locations but if you are planning to visit Las Vegas then there are some places you might need to visit to enjoy beauty of the area – you know that every location has its own attraction or distraction and we are telling you 10 places you should never miss while you are in Las Vegas.

  • Be A High Roller (And Bigger):Five Things You Must Do And See In Las Vegas

What’s the best way to look at all the sights of the Las Vegas? are you thinking about helicopter then you might need to opt the high roller as it is the cheap way to look all the places as well fun too – it is also considered to be the world largest roller at height of 550ft and have a pleasant view of Las Vegas.

  • Jump off Stratosphere:Five Things You Must Do And See In Las Vegas

If you are lover of the heights then this place is the best for you – the stratosphere holds the Guinness world record as it is at the height of 829ft from the ground – the person reach the level 108 of the building with elevator and wear a jumpsuit – the machine slows the rider down and control the landing of the person.

  • Dance like a stripper:Five Things You Must Do And See In Las Vegas

Are you love to dance every time and want to experience the new style then you need to take the classes in Las Vegas to experience the strip dance – you can enjoy the party or stripper pool and experience the strip dance to fulfill your dreams.

  • Visit Topgolf:Five Things You Must Do And See In Las Vegas

The top golf of the Las Vegas is the largest golf yet and the hottest part of the region – the golf is popular in different regions and people and Las Vegas are providing you chance to enjoy the hitting of the ball – it has 108 climate-controlled hitting bays and multi-colored targets – you can also enjoy the family time with delicious food and also enjoy time in swimming pools.

  • Enjoy a sunset at Gondola Ride:Five Things You Must Do And See In Las Vegas

You must need to enjoy the beauty of the Las Vegas while the moon hits your eye – you can enjoy the precious time in the boat of the Las Vegas where the glittery lights are presenting eye-catching moments – you have to go to take a ride of the gondola ride.

You need to look these places while you are at the Las Vegas – many other places also have tradition but you might need to look these places to enjoy the beauty of the modern world.

Man Wears World Largest, Heaviest Turban

The man Avtar Singh Mauni wear the world largest turban weighs 100lb – the man is a holy person and wears it for the last 16 years and it takes 6 – 7 hours to get it on his head.

Have you ever assume of wearing such a heavy turban on ahead or thought of carrying a load on your head? I am sure your answer is No’ but this man wears the heavy turban in his routine and assumes the turban as a sign of faith.

The Avtar Singh added that ‘this turban is not a burden for him – but he remains happy after wearing this – he added that he is just putting the cloth from top to bottom just as you are laying stories of the building – he also added that he feels uncomfortable without the turban’.Man Wears World Largest, Heaviest Turban

The length of the turban of the holy man is 645 meter – he is just a strong man to carry such a weight – the regular turbans of the region are of length five – 7 meters but this person decided to change the trend of the turban.

The turban length of the Avtar Singh is measured currently and if it is proved correctly as he said then it is considered to be the World Guinness Record as the previous record was of 400m length turban wearied by the Major Singh.

Mr. Avtar Singh added that he wanted to break the record of turban – he started wearing the turban of length 150m, then 250m, and then 365 and at the last, he shocked the people by wearing the turban of length 645m.Man Wears World Largest, Heaviest Turban

Mr. Avtar Singh added that he opt the color of orange and yellow for the decoration of the turban and also put the decorative ornaments – he also carry the bangles or sword which also weight of 87lb – the height of the turban shows that he finds difficulty while entering from the door or find difficult or seems impossible to enter in the car with the turban.

The people added that Mr. Avtar Singh was brave enough to carry a heavy turban on head – you are really blessed with the special energy or power to carry that load – he added that they want to take photo with me but I stop them as I wear the turban with hours and they take photo and run away within moments.