Warren Beatty Gives Best Picture Award To ‘La La Land’ Mistakenly

The biggest blunder in the Oscar award ceremony during the announcement of the best picture from this year – the Moonlight has won the best picture at the Oscar but the presenter mistakenly announces the La La Land as the best picture in front of the viewers of the world.

The presenter Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty read the wrong name as he handed the previous winner card saying ‘Emma Stone – La La Land whereas they are not the winners.

The error was captured when the team La La Land was on the stage to accept the award for the best movie but just after moments they said ‘I am sorry – there was a mistake – the moonlight won the award for the best picture – it was not a joke’.Warren Beatty Gives Best Picture Award To ‘La La Land’ Mistakenly

One added that ‘It is the craziest moment of the Oscar of all the time and going to be history’.

There is the problem while announcing the award as the Warren Beatty open the envelope and make a deep look towards the winner as ‘La La Land’ – he said ‘I was not creating a funny scene – this is the moonlight for best picture – I handed the envelope to the Faye to announce the winner and then she read the name La La Land as the winner’.

The presenter had the card containing the winner of the previous award – then two minutes later they announce that Moonlight was the winner showing the card to the crowd when the cast La La Land was making celebration on the stage.Warren Beatty Gives Best Picture Award To ‘La La Land’ Mistakenly

The moonlight director Barry Jenkins added that ‘I really don’t know how this error occurred – I had never expected this scene as well never imagine in the dreams – the last minutes of my life are the amazing one – I can’t imagine being in this position’.

The cast and the crew of the team Moonlight comes in front of the crowd and the Horowitz gave them Oscar for their movie as the best picture and the director still adding that ‘I am also shocked by such a scene as the viewers that are at home – I am still not sure this is real’.

The team La La Land already won the six Oscar awards including the best director, the best actress – the director of the movie La La Land was considered to be the youngest director to won the Oscar at the age of 32. There is always two cards or envelopes for the winners (one remains for backup) to check the mistake.

10 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Hair is the only way to represent your style on an event like wedding – many people thought that long hair is the only way to look beautiful in the wedding but they don’t know that plenty of hairstyles are available for short hair for wedding occasion – look at the top hot styles of the year for a wedding.

  • Pixie:

The simple spikes style takes the trophy of hairstyle this year – it is the popular trend to have short hair usually funky style and looks awesome – you just need to pull your hair at one side without worrying about the direction and your hairstyle is complete for your wedding day.

  • Flicks:

This is the perfect hairstyle for the wedding – you just need to do few curls around your face or remain rest of hair simple – this hairstyle is considered to be sensible or really elegant and complete your look. Another idea is to lightly curl your hair or staple your hairs to make it soft and enhance the beauty of hair for a big day.

  • Flower crown:

The trend that is popular among people these days is to wear the flower crown on head – the style is popular as some put strands in their hair that looks awesome with short hair or wear a flower or any accessory similar to it to complete the look of the hair.

  • Let it down:

The idea is to let down your hair – you need to look fresh or air-dried hair at the wedding with your short hair – the simple style and provide you beauty or great attraction of the people and provide you a chance to show your bridal dress or other accessories.

  • Pompadour bang:

This is a good idea for the people with slicked hair to back their hair against the nape – it provides you pleasant look to show your face or jewelry you wearing on a wedding day.

Another trend is running this year is to make a style with long bangs on one side – the look provides you a way to look younger or ready for the wedding day.

  • Incredible Hairstyle:

If you have short curly hair then you must look for this hair style – the soft large curls are placed in the hair in a way that brightens the head – you can also add accessories to show off – the theme of the hairstyle is said to be vintage inspired hairstyle.

  • Lace band:

You can also complete your look for the wedding day with lace band or cover your hair with a band to feel bridal look.

The bands are the awesome way to represent the beauty you can also opt the flower band to enhance the beauty of a wedding day.

  • Backcombed hairstyle:

You can also continue your wedding hairstyle in a way to backcomb your hairs to brought attention towards your face – this also provides you chance to shine your jewelry on a beautiful day.

Is Popping Pimples A Bad Idea?

Pimples are worse for the skin as they are small lesions of the skin and if you want to pop then you need to say ‘Stop’ – it is never a good skin care product idea to pop the pimples from the skin as it creates a worse condition. The pimples are common on a skin of teenagers – however, it can affect every age of people.

Pimples are usually irritating or painful for anyone but popping the pimples is a bad idea as it cause acne scars or create any physical or emotional damage to one – they appear usually on face someone get pimples on neck, shoulder or any other part and this article aware you about damages of popping pimples and also describe you how to treat pimples.

Why popping pimples is a bad idea?

You know that popping pimples look to the simplest solution towards the problem but the medical experts warn the people and tell the dangers of popping pimples:

  • When you pop a pimple – it will cause redness around the skin and that find difficult for one to treat it.
  • You can also get scars for a lifetime on your skin from popping the pimples.
  • You are near to get more pimples while you pop only one i.e. popping one pimple can cause more pimples on the skin.
  • Popping pimples can also lead to a danger of the bacteria –as the openness of skin is ready to get infected from pimples.
  • Popping pimples around the area of a nose can lead to the danger of death as well.
  • You can get any infection while you pop the pimples.

What to do instead?

These are the reasons doctors, medical experts do not recommend one to pop the pimples – you always need to wait let your skin care these pimples their own.

If you are getting much pain and unable to wait for a pimple and want to pop it then you need to check whether it is whitehead pimples – as if they are whitehead pimples then they don’t cause infection – do not try to pop any other kind of a pimple from the skin. A whitehead pimple means pus is coming out from the pimples and if you pop these pimples then you remain safe from infection.

How to stop pimples before they start?

You need to care yourself to stop pimples growing on your skin and recommendations are:

  • You need to wash your face twice a day and stop scrubbing your face with a rough washcloth.
  • You need to look for the products that are a noncomedogenic moisturizer and these products must suit to your skin.
  • If you are getting pimples, stop touching it all the time as hands are the wide source to get bacteria into pores or pimples.
  • You need to choose the skin products that meet your personality – avoid to use all the products at one time.
  • You can also wear a hat or pick umbrella to secure your skin from the sun.
  • You need to drink plenty of water all the day to stay safe from any skin damage.

5 Clever Slimming Tricks You Need To Know For Everyday Dressing

Being well-dressed is the beautiful form of style and beauty of the person – everyone wants to look slim and for the purpose, they join a gym and do exercise but what if you don’t have time for the other activities?

You are busy in you routine and don’t have time to do exercise or hate to do exercise then there are some dressing tips that represent you in a way you are slim and smart – this is not the rocket science but you have too little bit confident while you are wearing for the morning or for the trip – dressing is the way that hides your tummy and represent you pretty smart and here are the life hacks that help you.

  • Go for the dark colors:

The craziest element to look slim in the clothes is to wear the dark colors as they appear slimmer to the person and if you are bored with wearing the black color then you can also try other dark colors including dark purple, brown for representing yourself quite well.

  • Wear a wrap:

The time saving life hack as well to look smart and slim in the dress is to make a wrap your priority while wearing the dress as they are easy to wear and save valuable time and seems you are slim – you can look for the open V-neck line and the area towards the tummy will present you slimmer and look for the knee-length dress as it appears slimmer to the person.

  • Wear a tailored jacket:

The idea to look slimmer to the people is to wear the tailored jacket on the jeans or pant as the open jacket will make your look pretty cool and hide your tummy and represent you slim and you remain confident with this type of dressing.

  • Go with the heels:

You know that for dressing every single element has values and shoes is the way that tells about your style – you must go with the high heels as they represent the person taller and slimmer instead of wearing the flats, so keep avoiding flats and try high heels for the dressing.

  • Choose your prints wisely:

If you are the lover of wearing the fabrics then you must be careful about choosing the pattern and color of the dress as the small pattern appears slimmer while the collection of large patterns appear larger to any person – so you must try the smart print and be careful about selecting the color schemes of dress.

If you are looking for the dress with the pattern of lines then must prefer the vertical lines instead of horizontal as they appear slimmer to any person and enhance the beauty of the person.

These are the tips and life hacks for the ladies to dress in a way that they appear skinner and slimmer to the person and enhance their beauty.

Kylie Minogue Wins Name Battle Against Kylie Jenner In Trademark

Kylie Minogue Australian pop star blocked the US reality TV star Kylie Jenner from performing trademark activities with her first name.

The young lady Kylie Jenner filled the form early in 2015, got fame from the US TV reality show and want to start the trademark with her first name in the US but the Australian pop star Kylie Minogue blocked her from using the first shared name.


The young US star Kylie Jenner filled the form at USPTO to start the advertising and trademark activities with the brand name appearing as the ‘Kylie’ in April 2015 but the Australian pop star Kylie Minogue was doing the trademark with the brand name in the US and filed the application against the reality show star Jenner and stated that her brand name was in confusion and found damage due to the start of another name with the word ‘Kylie’.

The case was noted by the governing body and look for the profiles of the both celebrities and the Kylie Minogue was the international singer and have a website with the domain name kylie.com since 1996, and have performed the trades functionality for many years with the brand name.


Contrary to this Kylie Jenner was the secondary television personality and also they viewed the social profile of the Jenner where she posted about disability rights and some controversies posts.

The case was suspended on a somehow settlement for two times in the last year. The Kylie Jenner wants to launch the cosmetics named as Kylie but later she want to launch them as Kylie Jenner brand but the application was rejected every time from the governing bodies as the Kylie Minogue was doing the trade from many years.

She has trades in perfumes, furniture, toiletries and fragrance and many more and wants to launch entertainment, jewelry and books and from the history of her trades shows that every time she and her team go with the same brand name Kylie and one day she want to produce the musical featuring her greatest hits she intends in her previous interview.

5 Facts That Separate Women From Girls

Do you know what makes women stand out in a crowd? Is her dressing style or sense or meeting the people will make her lady or young one or any other reason? There are the method and general habit that tells you whether the person in front of you is girl or women as both are different and here are the features that separate the girl from the women and help the reader to understand the difference.

Fashion style: The girls are the one that always tries to look smart and want to use the outfit that is trending in the market and follow the modern trend of fashion and behave as well but the mature lady always wears the dress that suits her personality and feels comfortable and looks good with the dress.

Diet: You know that every lady wants to look slim and smart and remain attractive to everyone and for the purpose; they blindly follow the diet plan and follow the diet program whereas the women know how to look good and what to eat or diet that may help her to remain fit as well as healthy.

Working Style: The young blood rush in the veins and due to which they always try to become efficient and do their task as quickly as possible and expect great results but in the case of women they do their work slowly as they know that slow and steady at last win the race and remain successful every time.

When the young women work in the market and evolved in the work with different nature people of the environment they slip in the love of anyone but the mature women know they have to work in the society and remain calm and built the everlasting relationship.

Attention: Young women always try to get the attention of everyone and for the purpose, they do different things that make them attractive but the women don’t go out of the way and always do their task in routine.

Women have a great sense of humor and know how to react and move in the society but the young lady always passes long smile and make other smile and follow the patriarchy of the society whereas the women know the nature of the people through her experience.

Life Style: Girls often read the adult content and move towards vulgarity but the women will know what is right and what is wrong and often read and explore the things to expand her knowledge.

The girls and young generation want to spend their time with their boyfriend and move every place whereas the women want to spend the most time with their family, children or self-introspection.

All of these are the features that differ the girl and women as they are mature and know the way to live and move in the society with respectable manner.

Six Tips To Buy Best Diamond Engagement Ring

The engagement day is the most memorable time of the life and everyone wants to make it awesome as you pull out the ring out of your pocket and want to live a happy life with your partner. To make the day wonderful the utmost priority is the engagement ring and it must need to beautiful for your finance.

You have to invest in a diamond ring that value for entire life as many people says that the engagement ring is my favorite accessory, so you have to follow these steps to make the right decision for the engagement.

  • Selecting a gemstone:

The traditional rings have a diamond in the center but it depends on your choice whether you like a diamond or sapphires for the ring – you know the preference of your girl and select the gemstone according to her choice. The sapphires are less expensive than the diamond but both can bear the routine wear.

  • The shape of gemstone:

The shape of the gemstone matters a lot for the beauty of the ring – mostly the diamond are used in round shapes as they look hot and awesome and are popular among audience but you need to keep in mind that round shape diamond are expensive than a non-round design and if your budget is upset then go for the non-round shape.

  • The metal:

You must need to know about the metal you are using for the ring, the white gold and platinum are preferable among people – well, all metals look same but the platinum is preferable due to its durability and other metals include rose gold and yellow gold.

  • Style of ring:

This is the important point before buying the diamond ring for your girl as you have to consider the outfit she most like to wear and type of art and others – you have to consider these elements before selecting the ring and look for the modern option or glamorous style.

If your finance loves to wear the antique elements or classic then you have a chance to buy the vintage engagement ring as they are less expensive and many women want to wear these fragments.

  • The budget for a ring:

Your budget for the ring matters a lot, there is no rule of thumb that you have to spend a handsome amount for the ring – variety of options are available for the rings and you can select the suitable one that sits in your budget and loved by your finance.

  • The size of ring:

You know that exact size of the ring matters a lot but the idea is to buy a bigger one ring for her or take out a regular ring from her purse and provide your jeweler for the size and pleased your finance with awesome gift of the ring and generally the size of the women ring is 6 or 6.5 inches.

These all are the important elements for selecting the right ring for your finance as it is the precious time for the couple and these memories always live with them.