The Most Expensive Celebrity Cars In Hollywood

A-list celebrities have for long dominated automobile expenditure charts as year in year out; they make unbelievable hundred thousands to multimillion dollar vehicle purchases. Hollywood celebs love spending- and they can afford it!! With enormous endorsement contracts and income from their projects, these Hollywood icons go all out in automobile expenditure. We figured researching on their powerful high-end machines wont hurt- well, maybe the ego abit.

Therefore, based on the rides our Hollywood A-listers cruise in, we will determine the six biggest spenders on luxury vehicles and ofcourse analyze the mean feats achieved by their extravagant, futuristic, high-end cars.

The following is an Analysis of the 6 most Expensive Hollywood Celebrity Vehicles in Descending Order.

6. Ferrari Enzo- Nicholas Cage

The actor-cum-producer and director is among the best paid entertainers in Hollywood and has numerous assets including owning 4 yatchs simultaneously ( which he later sold). The actor bought his flaming red Ferrari Enzo at an unbelievable $670,000. The machine comes with powerful engine capability and can do 60mph in under 3.3 seconds as a result of its superior 650 HP V12 engine. Cage has been spotted on severall occasions cruising in this high-end speedstar, every time leaving fans gazing at the classy machine

5. Porsche 959 – Jerry Seinfeld

The American comedian splashed a whooping $700,000 for this rare porsche model. Although the car is not a speedstar like the Buggati, it comes with a superb interior and can accelarate to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds- pretty commendable for a model manufactured in the 80’s. Seinfeld was rumored to be interested in the model due to its rarity as only six units of the model were produced, pretty neat!

4. Lambhorgini Avedantor- Kanye West

Kanye’s black Lambhorgini was a gift from his wife Kim Kardashian West at a staggering cost of $750,000. The sleek sports car comes with a 6.5L V12 engine and does 60 mph in less than three seconds. The Avedantor also brags of a state-of- the art interior equipped with high-end GPS devices and driver assistance mode as well( I’d probably divorce my wife for getting me this bad boy, though,- too expensive).

3. Hennesey Venom GT Spider- Steven Tyler

Not only is Steven Tyler renowned for his musical and instrument abilities, but also his eccentric and extravagant nature that saw him famously splash approximately $ 1.1 million for the GT spider. The price is obviously insane for an average Joe but nothing to the pockets of Tyler, who bought the car for its sleek exterior and 290mph speed. This fast spider is known for its accellaration, classy appearance and of course, its unbelievable cost!

2. Buggati Veyron- Simon Cowell

The outspoken music producer and music judge forked out an insane $1.7 million on the Veyron- which was only recently dethroned by the GT spider as world’s fastest car. The black veyron boasts of an incredible accellaration speed of 60mph in little under 2.5 seconds. The multi-millionaire is known for his extravagance especially in real estate and automobiles which has seen him part with over ten million dollars in asset acquisitions.

1. Maybach Exelero- JayZ

JayZ is no doubt among the richest celebrities in the music industry. His influence and dominance in the entertainment industry were emphasised by his unsurprising $8 million purchase of the collosal machine that brags of extended interior space and futuristic exterior design. This expensive bad boy comes with a powerful V12 engine that produces around 700HP enabling it to hit 60mph in under 4.5 seconds- pretty amazing-considering the monster weighs 2.6 tonnes.

At this rate, it is safe to conclude that only time will reveal what the future holds; especially in regards to automobile purchases when it comes to high-spending Hollywood Celebrities.

Author of this article is Gaetano Esposito, he writes for Eleventy traveler blog about celebrities lifestyle.

Print Emojis, Selfies Straight To Your Nails With NailBot

If you love to polish your nails every time and want to perfect manicure at your home then latest technology will help you to change your life.

You are the fan of the nail art but don’t have much time to make it perfect at home or want to manicure perfectly then all your troubles could be resolved easily with this latest machine known as ‘Nailbot’ – building the nail art on the nails is not an easy task but this machine will help you.

The new invention will be invented and worked directly with your smartphone and print the emojis and selfies straight to your fingernails and change your life forever. The invention was amazing as it allows you to add nail art within moments and look pretty for the event.

The fashion of the nail art will always remain in style and have this kind of machinery will help you to make nail art quite efficiently and enhance the beauty of the nails with a just simple machine and a smartphone as well as selected image.

Working Of Nail Bot Machine:nailbot for nail art

The nail bot machine is quite an easy solution towards the manicure and allows one to print the emojis or selfies they want to look every time on their nails and give themselves a different and attractive look.

The NailBot machine will work with your smartphone – you just need to install an app that is compatible with the nailbot machine and then send a picture to the app or emoji you want to print on the nails and it prints directly the emoji or picture to your nails.

The only requirement is to prime your nail with the white polish for the good natural look of the nails and a smartphone for the excess of pictures to be printed on every nail of the hand and the interesting fact is that machine is quite intelligent.

The app uses the rear camera and algorithm is quite intelligent that detect the size of the fingernail and then automatically fit the size of the emoji on to the nail and the app comes with a lot of collection of the emojis to printed on the nails.nailbot for nail art

NailBot Invention:

The nail bot machine was the idea introduced by the Pree Walia and invented this machine with website crowd funding and explains that this idea was raised three years ago. I give myself manicure but time-consuming and many other problems occur and want to explore the feasible solution.

I continued to look for the solution and develop the nailbot to reduce the stress of the people and make easy for them and to look beautiful with the beauty of nails and having emojis or selfies printed on the nails will provide them unique and interesting look.

Unfortunately, the nail art machine is not available yet for the customers but the price of the machine is $199 and nearly 30,000 customers already sign up for the machine.

Tips For Applying Makeup For Natural Look

A fresh face always looks comfortable and remains in style and here are the ways that help you to apply makeup that seems to be natural for the one.

Makeup for face:

  • Clean the previous makeup: The first step you need is to wash out the previous makeup from your face, you can use the water or cotton balls to remove any existing makeup from the face and make it fresh.
  • Moisturize: You have to moisturize the skin of the face after removing or washing the previous makeup and don’t use oil or scented lotion, prefer the tinted moisturizer for the skin of the face to get a natural look from the makeup.
  • Apply concealer: If your skin has a spot around the eyes, use the concealer to hide the spot but be careful while using the concealer as it must be of the same color with your skin color and don’t do overdo as you just need to cover the spot.
  • Apply powder foundation: You must need to determine whether you are using the foundation of the same color as your skin, firstly test the color in natural light and then apply on the skin and blend it gently with your finger.
  • Apply Bronzer: Most of the people wait for applying bronzer to their skin; firstly you test whether bronzer matches your skin or not before going out else skip this step. The use of bronzer will provide the glowing natural look to the face look.
  • Apply Blush: If you are not happy with the use of bronzer to the skin then the alternate for the person is to apply blush to the skin as it lasts longer and provides you a good look.

Makeup for eyes:

  • Line your upper lash lines: After applying makeup to the face, the next forward step is to beautify your eyes and the first step is to apply upper line via pencil and some expert advice to apply liquid or gel line as they provide more natural look.
  • Use white eyeliner: The other idea is to apply the white eyeliner to the inner side of the eyes for having bright eyes and to look larger your eyes.
  • Eyeshadows: You must need to apply the eyeshadows but lightly for the natural and somehow professional look and choose the color like gold, brown depending upon the skin tone of the face.
  • Curl your eyes: Most people like to curl their eyelashes for look beautiful; you can put one layer of mascara to stand out your eyelashes.

Makeup for lips:

  • Apply lip color: The first step is to apply the lip color that is close to the natural color instead of using chalky lipsticks or shiny glosses.
  • Center of lips: You must try this first at home before going out as it doesn’t suit everyone and doesn’t like to everyone, dab a tiny amount of blush into the center of your lips.

4 Easy Steps To Master Hipster Style

Hipsters are the people with extraordinary skills and enjoy the new style of fashion, enjoy the music and always find the ways to entertain their selves and others. They are the people follow the latest trends and fashion and if you also want to be the hipster for the future then here are some suggestions for you that might help you to achieve your goals.

Hipster Fashion:becoming the hipster

  • Fashion is the first priority for the hipster according to the taste of his music and if you want to be the hipster then shop the independent stores and the assets without labels and label it by yourself or advertise something that identifies you with a hipster.
  • You must prefer the skinny jeans of the bright color as they are the identification.
  • You must wear the glasses like shades, oversized plastic frames and represent yourself as the hipster.
  • Girls may also wear the vintage floral or lace dress for the hipster look.becoming the hipster
  • The thing you must focus and pay attention is the shoes, normally hipster wears the cowboy shoes or combat boots or somewhat like unusual shoes.
  • You don’t need to take tension while wearing the dress in layers as if they don’t match seems to be the hipster closer to them.

The lifestyle of Hipster:becoming the hipster

  • Most of the people added that hipster will never shower but this is the misconception, you need to take bath and clean the teeth.becoming the hipster
  • Hipster was less likely towards the hair style so make it casual or blurring gender hairlines with cuts is the part of the hipster fashion. Some hipster likes to dye their hair.becoming the hipster
  • These people must travel with the collection of accessories including school bag or the lunch box, or plugs, pins, belts and all related items.

Don’t define yourself:becoming the hipster

  • The hipster doesn’t need to define you as they always try to deny their hipster-ness whenever possible.
  • A lot of communities are available that provides you good recommendations towards the latest trends and make sure to stay connected with those communities.
  • You may read the hipster books and connect to the other hipsters to keep you knowledgeable.
  • You may watch the cinemas and shows related to the hipster or attend the independent shows.

Socialization is important:becoming the hipster

  • Hipsters always prefer the socialization and love to use Tumblr, and Instagram to enjoy.
  • You must connect to other hipsters or make the relation with others.