5 Camel Coats that will never out of fashion

We are shopping for the new trends as winter is approaching and Christmas is near – autumn is here and the coat is the first priority for everyone – we have to try new trends for the year 2016 and needs quick little updated; sure Winter 2016 has different look from the previous year and have some new trends to enhance the beauty of one and the coat is the element that is perfect for your style at every price moment and we are sharing the information here that always remain in the fashion especially for the winter and easy to wear within time.

  • Mango Handmade Coat:mango-handmade-coat

A magnificent piece of work is performed on mango handmade coat made of wool mix fabric to enhance the beauty of the coat for the person. The coat is available with long sleeves and also added the side pockets to add any belonging in them and comes with decorative styles to complete your fashion and the most important are that the coat can be worn in both seasons as it never goes out of fashion.

  • Balmain Wool and Cashmere Cropped Coat:balmain-wool-and-cashmere-cropped-coat

The coat is perfect for the winter fashion and to stop cold comes in short style with fastenings through double sided and have buttons. The coat is tailored for slim fit and available in a normal size and has gold-tone engraved buttons and the dress is ready to wear for any kind of event.

  • AYR The Robe Coat:mango-handmade-coat

A classic coat available in different sizes designed with soft wool – with open placket. The coat has long sleeves and partially lined – the coat was the perfect choice for best investment and long for many years and dressed with a brilliant shape. It also has pockets to keep your hands inside while walking and just as classic air jacket but the only fact is that coat is expensive as compared to others coat.

  • Burberry Wool Cashmere Blend Trench Cape:burberry-wool-cashmere-blend-trench-cape

A brilliant coat designed especially for a daily routine outfit that sits perfectly made of soft wool and save you from cold easily. You have option to turn up the collar for any extra protection and fasten the buttons and the coat is available in different sizes to enhance the style of the fashion in winter as well as in autumn and have single breasted button closure and the button style is buffalo horn and seems to be the perfect size for wearing this coat.

  • Max Mara Belted Camel Hair Coat:max-mara-belted-camel-hair-coat

The coat is new for the season and easy to wear and the stuff quality is amazing – the coat is made up of camel hair and a perfect layering for the sweater and uses the belt to fasten the coat. The coat is the perfect choice while going outside or attending any event and it seems to be every time in fashion. The coat is available in every size and the belt is the best opportunity to pull it at your own waist and remain comfortable all the day.

Ways to add pretty touch of color to the hair

The fashion is something that everybody needs in his life your dress, shoes and especially hair count a lot in your style – adding a ton of bright color to the hair enhance your elegance and make you look like vibrant. Adding streaks of color in hair is a good hair loss medicines way, firstly think about the sections of hair to streak and then dye the color with your choice – we are telling you the ways as well as ideas for streaks.

Plan the streaks and bleach your hair:

  • It is confirmed you are going to add streaks in your hair it may be down the side or streaks over your entire head, firstly imagine the color you want for hair and then get the color items as well as bleach for hair from the supplies and buy a purple shampoo that is for washing bleach hair and then start the process of adding streaks.
  • You must bleach your hair before applying the color to make sure the color comes beautiful and look bright but if you are planning to streak the hair with darker color then you are able to start color without bleaching.ble
  • The bleach powder comes either in packet or tubs and start with dry hair and separate the hair where you want to bleach and use highlighting cap or anything and then mix the bleach powder according to the instructions and then apply the hair the bleach and remain it for 15 minutes and then wash your hair with purple shampoo to remove the bleach and ready for the color.

Pretty Color Ideas:

The next step is to apply the hair color or streaks to the hair but you have to choose the style before applying the color and few ideas are below:

  • Oil Silk: The color combination is purple, dark blue and red strands and it is perfect for the dark haired women to add few streaks in the hair.purple
  • Red Accents: You can add red strands to the hair a little bit on the ends for a prettier look.red
  • A bit of everything: This style contains every color of your choice that’s why this is known as a bit of color for those who are confused for choosing the color.ever
  • Pale Pink and Purple: You can apply the pink and purple color to the hair if your natural color feels like flat to get a nice look.palepink
  • Blue: A streak of blue color is also nice hair style of latest trends.blue
  • Violet and Blue: The color combination is one of the popular streaks in the world and a good one for dark haired women to look gorgeous with super dark strands.violet
  • Evergreen: This is not a popular hair color but has an awesome feeling for the person – add jaw-dropping with the green shade.evergreen

Apply the color:                                      

The step after choosing the color for hair is to apply the color on the hair – you can use the brush for the purpose and then wait until the color sets on to the hair normally the time required drying is 30 minutes.color

You have to rinse out the hair until the water flows from streak hair and then maintain your hair by using quality shampoo and bleach the hair time to time as your hair grows out.

The Adorable Handbags Below $50

The holiday and party seasons are approaching and you have too bright your style with fashion and the most attractive and important accessory to complete your manner is handbag – it must be unique in shape, the bright color, and playful textures as it is the only element that carries all like cell phones, mirror – today the handbags are quite expensive but you need not worry as we are telling you the most attractive handbags that fell under your budget and complete your style.

  • Diophy Fringed Hobo:1470245136-tjx-2

This handbag is the best opportunity for the fashion – made of leather with high-qualified hardware parts with phone, card, key pocket inside and enhances the experience of the customers with its functional bag as well as for beauty – finding the right fringe bag is tricky but this functional and plenty of pocket bag is good choice for the fashion and available in the limited budget of your range.

  • Saffiano Satchel Handbag:saf

Carry this handbag to the office or use the shoulder strap with leather satchel brings you forever fashion sense – the bag is amazing with wonderful stitching that tells that it takes a time to design. The bag has a dual opportunity to carry it and said to be one stop for accessories. Its bright color and a beautiful look with small size are not enough as it has a top zipper closure that enhances its beauty as well as two separate compartments that allow you everything to carry with the hot bag.

  • River Island Chain Strap Handbag:rive

The bag is the best opportunity to complete your look with its black beauty, its bold print made it elegant for anyone and may be one of the most favorite bag of the women – it is featuring with gold chain straps and can feature to the shoulder or become as a clutch and come with handsome size and the most noticeable point is that bag is available in reasonable prize.

  • Croc Shopper Bag:croc

The bag is amazing for the day trip or whether you are going on to the event that has enough space that allows you to pile everything inside – the awesome thing is that bag is light weighted featuring with leather faux and a crocodile print that inspired you to brought this bag for weekends. The bag has also internal zip and crafted from genuine leather i.e. luxurious and available with magnetic fastening with reasonable prize.

  • Cormak Bag:cr

A sparkled body brings out in a top-handled bag and becomes your first priority to bring this on the event – a bag comes with top zipper closure and also with adjustable strap means you wouldn’t suffer for fashion’s sake. The bag comes with different colors with luxurious finishing and a chain embellishment and a lock for special occasion stand by and the wonderful element is that it is cheap and come in your budget while you are buying the handbag.

  • Colorblock Foldover Clutch:as

A clutch that has room more than essentials and it is the best option for one night out crafted with soft leather that enhances the beauty of the clutch. The clutch has come with fold – over style and has top zip with hidden magnetic closure and a bold stripe – it is affordable as well as in demand in the season and allows you everything that you want in a handbag.

  • Toby Crossbody Bag:ccc

A bag with adjustable shoulder strap and a canvas cross body bag with leather and fabric material made it awesome for everyone and allows you to skip the tradition of black and brown color – the contrast of the colors made it perfectly suited for the weekend as well as a holiday party or somewhere else.