5 Ways For Looking Like Shower But Actually Didn’t

Every morning you didn’t want to get wet? There are probably hundreds of reasons for girls why they don’t have time to get a shower. It may be hard to get up early for the shower for the girls on Monday morning that doesn’t mean you have to leave the house without looking good or fresh – here are plenty of ways to fake your morning shower without actually getting wet. These hacks are not the standard routines but for those last minute people to look well and fresh without getting in the shower.

  1. If you need to wash body:11

You need to wash the body but have zero time for the shower then the best option is to use baby wipes instead of a shower to clean the body. You have to wipe away all the dirt from the body, makeup or anything else by using facial wipe – this keeps your look fresh and awesome.

  1. Brighten your eyes if you have raccoon eyes:22

The dull looking eyes provide you the dead giveaway and don’t deliver your fresh look, you have to brighten up your eyes when you wake up in the morning after the night’s sleep. You may wash your face to clean up or to remove the makeup or liner that leftover below the eyes – you have to use oil-based remover wipes to get rid of it and then apply the mascara or eye shadow to enhance the beauty.

  1. You can use lotion to the skin:33

The greasy roots are the indication that you didn’t shower, you have to use lotion to look that soaks up any oil and leaves cleaning roots just like the shower. If you have to clean your body but didn’t have much time for wipes then you can also use the option of lotion to smell fresh and clean as you just stepped out of the shower – a variety of smells and fragrance available just like lemon, grapefruit for the fresh look.

  1. Stay Minty fresh:Natural Remedies for Bad Breath - Solutions

If you don’t have time to brush your teeth then it seems to be guilty and no one will admit you – you have to fresh your mouth for a pleasant look. You have to prevent these situations by using awkward encounters and mask this inimical smell or use a breathe-enhancing spray to enhance the beauty of your mouth and to prevent the condition. You can also add highlighter to the cheeks to glow the skin and also on the nose for a face fresh appearance with little effort.

  1. If your hair is oily:55

If your hair is oily that must need a shower then apply the dry shampoo as it is the oldest trick but the fact is that it always work every time. You have to apply the shampoo and wait before brushing that hair go wet to dry and it seems to be shampoo hair. You can also apply hair spray if the smell is coming from the hair and make them prettier. You must have to change the hair style and no one will ever know that you missed the shower; you have to pretend the care about hair.

6 Super Comfortable High Heels To Wear To Any Event

Comfortable heels can seem like a bit of oxymoron – these are not a myth but they exist in the real world, so you have to toss your heel-burners we are sharing the information of top 6 comfortable heels in the world. Most of us love to wear heels but miss the plan due to itchy but you need not worry trust us we are telling the information that makes your fashion sense.

  1. Dolled Up By Aerosoles:dolled-up-by-aerosoles

Transition from day to night dolled up is the best opportunity for autumn winter season – whether it is Christmas party shoes or party or you are going to the shopping the dolled up is the best for your style as it is the most comfortable heel in the world with fabulous look – this style is available in medium and wide widths and have 3 inch heels and have rubber sole that make your foot comfortable in shoes and even incredibly relaxed while walking from floor to floor in office building.

  1. Nili Pump By Adrienne Vittadini:nili-pump-by-adrienne-vittadini

The quick and efficient fix to find a comfortable heel is choosing a heel with ankle strap and it is provided in nili pump one of the most used and comfortable heel in the world – the shoe comes with adjustable strap also buckle closure – the shoe has pure luxury glamour and has man-made sole and lining as ankle strap avoid you slipping the foot and a magnificent option for wearing the shoe in party.

  1. Keela by Naturalizer:keela-by-naturalizer

The Naturalizer heel is the perfect for day as well as night and a wardrobe essentially comes with different colors featured with a footbed that supports the heel and flexibility to moves with you. The heel comes with 2 (1/4) inch heel and this technology makes it easy for feet to look good and feel even better. These are very nice looking and good quality shoes.

  1. Kendra Gaby by Clarks:kendra-gaby-by-clarks

These chic heels are the perfect shoes and accessory to complete your look – the shoes come with extra calm as it has an option of a fastening ankle strap that doesn’t allow your foot to slip. The firm has added new unique cushion plus technology and also added the rubber pod in the forepart of the sole that offers flexibility as you walk.

  1. Sevyn by LifeStride:sevyn-by-lifestride

Lifestride is providing you dress boats to comfortable casuals and also providing you the most stylish heels and updates the latest trends with dynamic attitude. The soft insoles and smooth lining that provide you comfort and enjoy all the day, the shoes comes in medium, narrow and wide to make sure you find the perfect one for your feet.

  1. Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump by Rockport:total-motion-pointed-toe-pump-by-rockport

To complete your fashion sense, a total motion is providing you wonderful heels that are the comfortable one and fabulous one with 3-inch heel, the shoe has extra comfort and support with a layer of foam-backed lining and crafted gain-leather is easy to clean and maintain and have a variety of colors to complete the look.

Try Out These Makeup Ideas For Christmas party & New Year

Makeup is self-confidence for the women that directly apply to their face – the party season is approaching as well as Christmas is coming and you want to look magnificent in the party? A lot of gorgeous makeup is available for the party such as bold lips or smoky eyes and this season having highlighters and punchy lipstick shade will complete your look.

  • Cranberry Crush:3fd2d683477c2b18189e6516403d9cca823d7eb975075c6a89pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

The hot party season is upcoming as well as New Year is approaching and ladies are confused about their makeup – you need not worry as cranberry crush is the best option for ladies to complete their look and it suits to the girls with short hairs you have to show yourself confidently to the mates and friends with new look – the items you need is to apply cranberry lip and make your winged eyes as well as apply shadow with simply mussed-up hair.

  • Simply Glowing:simply-glowing

The makeup is the element that changes your appearance in the event and this type of makeup goes with the persons who don’t want to apply many cosmetics on to the face – you have to make your fashion in natural way the elements you need is to apply simple pink lipstick and add a little coat of black mascara that enhances your beauty and also apply few pink blush onto the cheeks and a liner on the eyes and you are ready for the party within moments.

  • Simply Rosy:simply-rosy

This kind of makeup is the choice of the ladies that choose the gown of bright color for the party instead of dress and the persons who are wearing gown doesn’t need to apply makeup – you just need to stick with warm pink shades on to the face with rosy lip color and apply a little bit thin mascara and ready for the party.

  • Matte Garnet:matte-garnet

The winter season is forthcoming and the best opportunity for applying makeup in winter is Matte Garnet as it is the best option for the season – you have to paint your lipstick with your choice – like the deep burgundy red, we know lipstick can’t solve every problem but the fact is that lipstick is the first step towards the makeup – the lipstick will provide in wide range of colors without drying.

  • Sky-High Lashes:sky-high-lashes

The ladies who wants to become focal point of the party and want to glamour her look then she must go with sky-high lashes as it made your eyes the focus point of your face and must escalate by every guest – making sky-high lashes doesn’t mean you have to fill your eyes with eyeshadows or liner you just need to make these lashes as simple as possible by applying long, flared falsies.

  • Festive Vamp:festive-vamp

The popular makeup for the New Year night or Christmas party is vamp makeup and mostly liked by the personalities and makes your look just as dramatic but you must make sure to avoid looking over – you have to apply deep plum lip and make your hair simple and always keep the rest of makeup to make sure to look beautiful and glorious.


The work holiday party is the time to show your best self – holiday parties are the time to define your personality about your look – whether it is Christmas party or office holiday party or New Year you have to spark yourself with your fashion, dress your style.

If you are confused about the outfit for the party and want to look magnificent from every angle then you are at the right place – the fashion designers and expert revealed the dress code and style for holiday parties, as party season is approaching there are several opportunities for party lovers.

  1. A dress:a-dress

Your outfit is the most important element for your fashion and style as it adds beauty of your body – wearing knee-high dress is the good fashion but it doesn’t mean you always go with it; we are sharing some other style codes for your party – the most important element in choosing the dress is to select according to weather you have to choose the dress with long sleeves stretchy dress and also make lace your choice.

  1. Pants and top:trouser

You are the person who always feels comfortable with jeans or pants then it is also a good idea for party outfit – you have to wear the dressy pants with beautiful top to complete your look. You can easily mix or match the both items so you are able to wear it in routine. You can also dress up with everyday jeans but your shirt shows your beauty – the layered outfits are also a good option with textures and colors or to dress up with chic jewelry and a colorful top to enhance the beauty of your dress.

  1. Dress Trousers & Jacket:pant

This dressing is similar to pants and tops but enhances the quality of your status – the skinny dressy trousers with a blouse and jackets make you attractive for the audience and also provide your body warm in cold temperature. The jackets make your look fabulous and combination with dressy trousers and a good-looking blazer of a jacket or your top shirt will make it a point of attraction.

  1. Skirts and knitted top:skirts

This is also a good idea for dressing for the holidays this season as it is also the fashion of the year and easy to wear for an occasion and less consuming time item – you have to wear knitted sweater and also have an opportunity to combine with a knee-high skirt and a sweater to complete your fashion with ankle booties. You have also an opportunity to dress up with jump suite as this is also the popular fashion for the holiday as well as party and wearing black color always remains magnificent.

  1. Pops of color:

The holiday party is the events where you dress with a variety of colors and provide you access to live with natural colors – another idea for dressing for the party is to wear a cheery color blouse and add some contrast with it and carry a purse that gives good contrast and look glamor.

You can choose any of the options above mention to take an idea for holiday dressing – the only element you have to remember is to make your fashion simple and let your jewelry stand out as jewelry increases the look having an elegant bag with sparkling earrings and a bold necklace will bring up your lifestyle.


Ingrown toenails are uncomfortable and painful – this can be medically term as onychocryptosis and you may know the pain it can cause it can occur at any age and it is one of the most popular diseases of people can cause infection if doesn’t care properly. There are multiple reasons for an increment of ingrown toenails like wearing shoes all the day that digs pointed nail inside the nail bed and cause pain – here are home remedies that stop growing nail pointer into a skin and that allows you prevent from doing surgery to remove this horrible factor from skin.

  • Remedies from Cotton Ball:cotton

The first step towards removing ingrown toenails is to soak your foot for 10 – 15 minutes at least two times in a day – you can also add salt into water to soften the toenails. You have to gather the cotton ball and tweezers tools to remove cuticles from the skin.

You have to add a piece of cotton between toenail and skin with the help of tweezers and hold pointy element to push the cotton inside to stop ingrown toenails but be aware not to push hard as it hurts you. You have to change this cotton piece every day otherwise, it will produce infection or use infection preventing balm to stop hurting from contagion.

  • Home Remedies for ingrown toenails:home

You have to immerse your feet in hot water and add some povidone-iodine into warm water – don’t use salt as iodine will remove infection as well as fungus and form a layer of protection for feet.

You can add a piece of lemon – small slice of lemon that will remove all infection add it on to the feet and tie it with a bandage and leave for overnight. You can also apply oil to the skin toenails to moisturize and soften the skin – the tea tree oil is the best option as it is an anti-fungal agent.

The potassium permanganate is another good opportunity for ingrown toenails removal – add 0.4% of the potassium in water and then soak your feet for twenty minutes daily and have brown feet and keep your toe and nails clean. You have to remove the pressure from the skin as to apply Band-Aid to the bottom and pull it to cut the undesired element and if it is done properly then promote drying.

  • General Guidelines for preventing Toenails:general

Toenails are painful and everyone wants to remove it as early as possible – here are some experts tips that describe you to stop producing ingrown toenails and life becomes comfortable.

You have to trim your toenails at moderate length and always tries to cut it straight – experts tells that the toenails in rounded form have more chance of growing into skins – and cut your toenails after every two weeks and always use clippers or nail scissors.

You have to avoid your pedicure if you have ingrown toenails as pedicure instances can create infections and tries to wear shoes that are comfortable for your feet – if your feet is pressed then there is a chance of ingrown toenails.

If you have regularly ingrown toenails then apply antibiotic cream to your feet twice a day or add it after every shower and it will reduce the risk of infection.

6 Questions You Have To Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Never marry the one you can live with, marry the one you can’t live without.

The big day is near as it is your marriage day but whether you asked questions to your partner – because of shyness or to preserve romantic mystery many people don’t ask the questions – getting married is about to building your life and trust with your partner to build a stable building.

In addition to raise secure future life with partner or to raise children – you need to talk some important issues before you get married – the experts tells that many couples plan only for a wedding day but didn’t plan for the marriage and as a result they can’t make difference in happily life and trip towards the divorce lawyer – the experts shared questions that you must ask before marriage to your partner.

  1. What makes you happiest in a relationship with me?

This is the question that describes the love and strength of your partner towards your character – if he shows the support and strength to you instead of compliments – his answer shows the importance of your existence and describe whether the partner is right one or not.

  1. How will we handle in our laws?

All questions are important but this is the main fact that becomes the biggest issue of divorce – people didn’t want to compromise in their entire life and don’t understand you are transitioning as a couple. Common mistakes that guys were done are taking a side of their mother instead of a wife and lead to divorce – in-laws support is necessary but you must put boundary and establish the limit and this answer will tell you your future life.anothte

  1. What about religious difference and similarities?

You must ask this question even if you both have same religious – you must ask the respect of each other beliefs or differences as this point also leads to breaking up of happy marriage life. If your partner is expecting you to change your beliefs or wants to devote your life then you get your answer and possibly come to know that he is not marriage material.

  1. What is the role of children in life?

You must have to ask questions about raising kids and have to plan the role of children in entire life – you have to ask whether your partner wants kids or not and if there are any disagreements then you must think long and hard – you don’t assume that marriage can change the mind and if you do so then you can lead your life to hurt and pain.

  1. What makes you feel loved?

It is a common mistake question for couple – you must ask a question to your partner and get his views and don’t be surprised if his answers are different. If your partner wants to watch the football match with his mates while you want to spend the weekend together after work then he is not probably for you.

These are the questions that are searched and recognized by experts and tell the individuals to ask their partners before marriage – and if your partner is satisfied with these questions and you believe he will surely help you and stand with you then must go with him else you have to move forward.

List of most popular wedding songs that enlighten your big day

You have booked the hall and have done your preparation but what about the music? As music pump up and tune you during your first dance will you prepared for the big day? To make the day memorable you have to collect best wedding songs – as it is just like a film you create an atmosphere and enhance emotions of guests and yourself.

If you are hiring DJ for the day you should ask him about suggestions but didn’t rely on him – you have to decide the music for dance, or for reception or for every moment to make the day wonderful – as first dance song in any wedding is important for yourself and your partner so be careful.

Here are some suggestions for choosing the song for wedding:

  • You can take help from your friends and closed ones for the music as everybody choice is different – you can pick the song that is repeated the most by others.
  • Keep in mind to make the song memorable so pick that song that reminds your dance, your date or concert or party together.
  • You have to choose the song that is appropriate for dance – you should choose the correct tempo and made your dance memorable.
  • You must check the song lyrics before the decision as sometimes song sound is beautiful but have inappropriate lyrics, making it fun for a first dance.

Here is the list of best wedding songs:

  1. All of Me – John Legend:f

This song is perfect for wedding first dance – its romantic lyrics merge the love and romance and had been played in wedding so far and it is listed at number one position in the ranking for first dance – as John Legend performed the song for his wife at their wedding and dedicated to his wife whereas this song is hit at peaked and becoming his first number in Billboard Hot 100.

  1. “Just the way you are” – Bruno Mars:2

Just the way the beautiful song for wedding event – this sound may be played from walk down to the grand finale – the song has magic and can be enjoyed by everyone. The song has beautiful lyrics including “I see your face there is nothing to change – you are amazing just the way you are” the song won many awards and also added in top hundred songs for its beauty.

  1. “XO” – Beyonce:2

This song has internal beauty and makes happy everyone – when the song is played in the wedding event this song catches everyone towards the dance floor with their partners – this song describes a dream and longings of every bride – XO is a pop song and have several musical hooks.

  1. “Treasure,” – Bruno Mars:4

Treasure is the song that creates magic on the dance floor for the guests and also makes lovable song for your first dance – this is also record breaking song of love and was most liked by the people – this is the worthy song in your marriage life – the song was included in the top ranking in most of the countries.

  1. “Let’s Get Married” – Jagged Edge:5

Let’s get married is the most desirable song in the weddings and performed by American group – and this song will make every couple feeling emotions and feel where you stand right now.

5 Surprising reasons you have under eye circles

Whether dark circles beneath the eye are brown or something else but these are the worst nightmares for the person and everyone wants to get off these dark spots. A person spends time and money to remove these spots – but if you are taking your whole night sleep and in morning getting these spots than the problem is different.

After observation you may find the problem is in your makeup or it some kind of allergies or even parents are the reason for these spots – we are sharing your information about the causes of dark spots on the face you will read this and check out if any suits you then find out concealer for this.

  1. You are using bad makeup:make

Most of the time people were using the bad makeup that doesn’t suit their skin and dark circles are caused due to rubbing or scratching. If you are using product including mascara, eye shadow or even concealer but the fact is all these elements are irritating your skin then it is bad for you and in the result of rubbing to the body and eyes made dark circles. Another reason for getting dark circles is removing makeup wrongly and it will also cause dark eye circles.

  1. Your parents passed down bad genes:

Possibly, your parents is the reason for your dark spots – as there are some conditions that are running in families that can lead to darkness beneath the eye – this is mostly common in Mediterranean backgrounds but the fact is nothing is the solution towards it – but if it is pigmentation then the remedy is laser dermatologists.

  1. Allergies can make you itchy:

The dark spots are also be caused while you have any kind of allergy to your skin – skin conditions like eczema can get dark circles in a result of rubbing and itching and excessive rubbing lead to swelling, and broken vessels in the eye area which gives the skin bruised appearance. Since the skin under our eye is thin it appears the blood vessels to appear dark due to some kind of allergy.

If your area beneath the eye is of blue color then it could simply be blood vessels – as blue veins under the eye look dark too and appear as dark circles it is just veins.

  1. You spend time in sun:sun

If you are spending a lot of time in the sun then it will also cause the dark circles under the eyes – as some people think heading outside can brighten their skin but it is wrong for dark circles as eyelid is the thinnest part of the body and sun directly damages the area in form of dilating and as a result you have to see dark glow or color at the face. You have to cover yourself or apply sunscreen when you are outside and don’t wear heavy glasses it can also put stress on the skin and apply dark spots.

  1. Computer radiation:depressed worker or student woman working with computer alone late night in stress

You are working the whole day on the computer that put stress on blood vessels around the eyes without any rest and it will make dark circles around the eyes and the reason is the increment of cortisol that enlarges the blood in vessels and results in dark eyes.

3 easy methods for making temporary tattoo that lasts longer

Body art is the fashion that enhances the beauty of your lifestyle – If you want it temporary on skin than a temporary tattoo is your best option. You have the option to made these tattoo whether from the parlor or do it by yourself – we are sharing the information that tells you how you can make temporary body art on your body with simple techniques using household supplies including eyeliner pencil, stencil, and a printing paper – we are sharing three techniques for making temporary art onto the body.

Eyeliner Tattoo:1

  • The first step is to think about the design of the tattoo – you have to make a design on paper via regular pencil to sketch out your ideas and thoughts – try to make simple and unique design because more complicated designs made by eyeliner will be smudge and become unrecognizable.
  • You have to use sharp eyeliner – a pencil that makes smooth, dry marks. The jet black color is mostly used for the purpose and we recommend you not to use liquid eyeliner as it seems difficult to stay on parts.
  • Draw a design on the skin of the body and if you don’t like it then wash your body part – try to make a design where hair is not enough it will be easier to work in those areas use a cotton swab to create shading.
  • When your design is complete then put hair spray on that part of the body – you can also use the nail polish top coat it wills also works it’s up to you. This tattoo lasts for one day or you can easily get off this tattoo by washing your area with warm, soapy water.

Stencil Tattoo:2

  • You can also make a stencil tattoo to make its look professional – implement your thoughts and made a design on cardboard and cut it via scissor or knife – it helps you to make clear design easily instead of relying on your own drawing. Simple, bold shapes are easy to draw on the cardboard.
  • You can use a permanent maker to make a design as these are not for the skin so use the markers that are labeled as fine or use washable markers. Stamping ink is another approach to implement the ink onto the skin with the use of a cotton ball.
  • Place the cardboard tattoo on the part of the skin where you want a tattoo and apply it to the skin. You can remove this tattoo by using warm water or soapy water or you can use a dab a cotton in the oil and scrub it on the skin and tattoo is removed.

Paper Tattoo:3

  • The paper tattoo is prepared with the help of water slide paper – go and buy a water slide paper from any craft store or buy it online – these are the papers on the tattoo is printed on slide paper and one adhesive side is linked with the paper.
  • You can design the tattoo by using any software like Photoshop – made a creative design with beautiful colors – choose the colors that suit your skin. Feed the water slide paper into the paper handler of the printer and the image is printed on the adhesive side, not on the mating side – then cut down the tattoo with a scissor or any other accessory.
  • The next step is to apply the tattoo on the skin – ink-side down on your skin and press and hold with a piece of cloth and hold it for at least thirty seconds and then remove the towel. This tattoo last for the week – and if you want to remove it use warm or soapy water for removing it.


Glasses are now a symbol of grownup sophistication – today the trend is emerging to wear glasses everywhere. The glasses are medical devices but now become hot among the public.

To me eyewear goes way beyond being a prescription, it’s like a makeup and its frame or color of the lenses can change your whole appearance.

Fashion was unlikely of wearing optical but recent few years – the glasses are becoming the main accessory and trend of the fashion – they are even more popular on a red carpet for the celebrities and share their style. We can also see that after the year 2014 – the eyewear company gain eighteen percent extra profit on the sale of optical. Here we are telling you some hot designs and collection of glasses from all around the world.

  1. BCBG Max Azria Eyeglasses:1

BCBG eyeglasses frames are one of the most popular brands in the fashion industry – it is popular for its simplicity and quality of work and finest craftsmanship. The BCBG eyeglasses are mostly famous in style and comfort – it’s ambrosia model made it popular for its unique and stylish design. The frames of this model seem to look like plastic that is attractive but originally they are designed of metallic and durable material. The Catarina model of the company also comes in plastic and has the same durability with black laminate and is stylish.

  1. J. Crew Glasses Trends:2

J. Crew the popular brand for every accessory including outfits, bags but the most popular is its glasses. The company offers you glasses with lightweight that helps you to look stylish and it boost your confidence – they are developing the glasses that will ensure you to look bright. The company has many different designs but the most popular are Betty sunglasses that offer you wide range of colors and strong hinges and UV protection lenses. The exaggerated glasses are also popular for a bold and relaxed look.

  1. Milly – Cat Eye Glasses Trend:3

The most popular trend of wearing glasses among public and celebrities is cat eye – it is a long-term famous trend among the women and this fashion is still famous in 2016. The cat eyeglasses are of two types angular and round eyeglasses – the angular glasses has shaped edges that attract attention towards them due to unusual look whereas the round glasses are more conventional and have roundness sharp edges of the frame. The most popular eyeglasses for this year in respect to fashion is retro-inspired cat eye glasses in metallic white.

  1. Charlotte Ronson – Oversized Round Glasses Trend:4

Charlotte was the English fashion designer showed the eyeglasses in a fashion show by oversized round glasses that brought unique and bold look for the person. The oversized glasses covers full eyes which will accentuate your personality – all these glasses are popular for the fashion of this year in winter as well as in summer. These glasses look awesome as cat eye looks with translucent plastic frames and that is the style that is appropriate for everyone.