Heel Tattoos Are New Bold Ink Trend Of World

With the passage of time fashion trends changes and people change their lifestyle. The tattoos are the great way to express your feelings on your body as many people made tattoos that match with their personality.

The tattoo trend is updated with the passage of time and people are getting addicted to these trends as it was the source of entertainment.

Heel Tattoo trend on social media:

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Tattoos trends in form of technology:

Tattoos were not limited as a researcher is working to develop the ink that helps the people with the entertainment. They have developed these two technologies with the use of tattoo ink:

The trends in tattoo industry were also changing with the passage of time as technology is modifying the style. Recently, the tattoo is designed that made on people’s body and represent the health condition. Have you ever thought of this technology?

The company also designed ink that made a sound wave on the person’s body and when they will detect this wave through mobile, their mobile will play a sound. These technologies are changing the person’s mind and one start thinking about the future trends.

Boy Saved Drowning Brother By Copying Favorite Movie Scene

Kids always notice things and implement the things they learned from movies and favorite celebrities. A boy 10-year-old copied the scene of a movie and saved the life of his younger brother!

Do you believe that? The boy copied the scene from the movie of San Andreas and Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson, alias, The Rock called the boy as a real-life hero.

What did the actual scene happen?

  • Jacob O’Connor found that his younger brother Dylan, two years old floating face-down in the water. He didn’t rush inside the home and called for help but memorize the movie scene of San Andreas.
  • Jacob managed to pull his younger brother out of the swimming pool and started giving him chest compression as he watches the same scene in the movie. The Rock has performed chest impression to save the life of his daughter in the movie.
  • Dylan was rushed to the hospital as early as possible and remains fully recovered from the scene. When The Rock comes to know about the event of the little boy he made a tweet:https://twitter.com/TheRock/status/900732596409163776

‘Wow! It was amazing story and happy to hear about the hardworking of little boy – Jacob, you were the real life hero and we’re all proud of you’

Jacob’s mother told:

  • Jacob’s mother told the media that ‘I am lost for the words and I am proud of Jacob as he does amazing work – he just thought that it was the natural thing to do’
  • When someone asked the little boy that whether you’re the real life hero, he replied that ‘I don’t know’
  • Her mother added that I was happy that Jacob remembered the scene of the movie as he watched this movie just a week ago.

What was Jacob’s act during event?Boy Saved Drowning Brother By Copying Favorite Movie Scene

  • Jacob told his expression after the event that ‘I was scared what was happened to my younger brother, San Andreas is one of my favorite movies when people performing different activities to save the life during the earth quake.
  • I just remembered the scene when the Rock was saving the life of his screen’s daughter as they tried to save the person first instead of calling someone else at the scene.
  • The boys, Jacob, Dylan lived with their grandmother while their mother was at work. The grandmother took care of the kids but Dylan managed to somehow get out unnoticed.
  • When Jacob’s performed activity of saving a life then Dylan coughed some water but he didn’t respond completely. Jacob runs to his grandmother to tell about the condition of Dylan.
  • She called an ambulance and rushed the hospital; Dylan gets treatment from the hospital and has survived as there’s no neurological damage and lasting effects.

Thankfully, we have been so lucky and this happened never occurred in my life again!

Korean Pop Concerts Broke Peace Between Borders

The concerts are the great moment for the people of the country and people will enjoy this time and get entertained especially when it comes to the Korean Pop event.

The Korean border is one of the world’s most militarized borders in the universe and is about to scene the pop concert. This event was made every year and South Korean pop stars perform right next to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in a ‘peace concert’

But the situation between the borders are at extreme and tensions are more heated between these years and North Korea is threating to fire the missile towards the US and US president has threatened them with fire and fury like the world has never seen.

What is the beauty of these events?Korean Pop Concerts Broke Peace Between Borders

  • The event occurs on two days, the first one is the beauty of Korea known as K-pop extravaganza on Saturday while the classical music concert was held on Sunday.
  • These events occur in the South Korean city of Paju at the tourist spot so-called Nuri Peace Park while they are not held in the DMZ zone but the event is known as DMZ Concerts.
  • These are the free public events and are shown on the national television held by the South Korean broadcaster MBC and the only purpose is to promote the future. The event was broadcasted later on the national TV.
  • There was an expectation that this event will bring thousands of fans this year because of brilliant performances of Girl Generation and BTOB.

Why these events occurred every year?Korean Pop Concerts Broke Peace Between Borders

  • The purpose to make these events is to promote the peace between two borders and this event will explain the potent symbol of shared story of two nations.
  • This is the part of the National Liberation Day and the public holiday was made in both countries. The Korean War began a few years after that these countries are still at the war with each other.
  • The current situation shows that the concerts began in 2011 and still happening every year but they tried to make the joint event back in 2000.
  • They tried to share the culture of both nations and fell thoroughly repeatedly over the financial disagreement and the joint event will be held in the Pyongyang.
  • The professor of the South Korean University added that South Korea wants to promote the pop culture of the country.
  • He added that the Korea acts are extremely popular in the Asia and have an increasing following worldwide.
  • Contrary to this, North Korea people also huge fans of South Korea’s music, entertainment and different cultures of the nation. The professor added that these people learn the South Korean culture and the realities of the life outside their country.
  • This was the same situation as when the Germany was divided into East and West – although there is no involvement from North Korea in this concert and experts added that these events occurred to attract the tourist and generate the revenue from the broadcast.

Judge Drops Radio DJ’s Lawsuit against ‘Taylor Swift’

Pop Star Taylor Swift lives in the heart of people and fans are crazy to view the performance of lady star at different concerts but this time she was on the court.

The judge throws out the Radio DJ David lawsuit against Taylor Swift and Pop star won the victory over the case in the court battle, whom she claims groped her at a 2013 concert.

Former DJ wants $3m for compensation:Judge Drops Radio DJ’s Lawsuit against ‘Taylor Swift’

  • The former radio DJ David Mueller, 55 years old claims that Ms. Swift was responsible for his termination of the job and ruining of his career. He claims $3m from the singer for the compensation as she ruins his career.
  • But his claims remains to fail to win in the court as the judge throw out the case of the DJ and Taylor Swift won a victory. The DJ Mueller also made the same claim against the mother of singer Andrea Swift and her radio liaison, Frank Bell and wants $3m for the compensation.
  • The Judge claims that there was less evidence available against Ms. Swift whether she was responsible for the termination of the Radio DJ. A jury will now announce whether her mother and Radio Frank Bell were responsible for the termination of the DJ job.

DJ groped Ms. Taylor Swift:Judge Drops Radio DJ’s Lawsuit against ‘Taylor Swift’

  • Swift also has counterstatement against the DJ man as he groped her during the event, meet and greet in 2013 when she was agreed to pose for a photo with him and his girlfriend.
  • The ex-bodyguard of Ms. Swift gave the evidence to the court about the sex claims at the backstage and added that he saw the DJ David Mueller under the skirt of her. He added that he never saw whether DJ touched the lady physically but saw his hand under the skirt of the singer.
  • This incident occurred during the singer’s red tour in 2013 and Ms. Swift made a complaint to the KYGO and the station fired Mr. Mueller two days later.
  • Dent was the ex-bodyguard of the singer and tells the court that he was stepped away when the incident occurred and singer was posing with DJ and her girlfriend. The singer suddenly responds at the moment and pushed her skirt down and moves closer to DJ girlfriend.
  • He said that in my opinion he touched the singer and he didn’t react to the DJ because he didn’t see any danger and Ms. Swift didn’t signal that.
  • The testimony of Mr. Dent was made when the singer describes the incident and calls the event as the long grab and when Mueller lawyer asked Ms. Swift why her bodyguard never reacts.
  • She added that ‘it was the horrible incident and never occurred before any time and no one in the world could expect this’

When the judge announced that Mr. Mueller case has been dropped against the pop singer Ms. Taylor Swift, the singer and her legal team were overjoyed and singer added ‘Holy Sh*t’ and hugged her brother.

New Jersey Beaches Are Closed Due To High Level Bacteria In Water

The beauty of summer season is to enjoy the water on a beach with family, friends and enjoy the vacations and what about your plans for vacations?

But there is warning for people planning the vacation trip for New Jersey beach.

The New Jersey shore is one of the great places to spend the memorable time with the family but this time you should need to cancel your plans and bookings for New Jersey. The authorities have warned that several New Jersey beach contains bacteria and harmful for people.New Jersey Beaches Are Closed Due To High Level Bacteria In Water

Why are these beaches closed in summer?

  • The environmental protection department has made a test of water of different beaches but the results are stunning for the people’s health. They have found the high levels of bacteria in the water and closed eight beaches on Wednesday.
  • The department of environment had closed the three beaches at this time due to high levels of bacteria found in the water and advisories has sent to 31 other beaches.
  • The high levels of bacteria were the cause of heavy rainfall in a region over past few days and poor runoff systems and might cause urinary tract infections.New Jersey Beaches Are Closed Due To High Level Bacteria In Water
  • The beach closure affects the water related activities including swimming and wading while the people are able to enjoy the sunbath and walking on the sand. This could consider safe for the peoples.

Women stop cutting hair for a bet and now turned ‘Real life Rapunzel’

Combing your hair for the event or caring your hair is really difficult for the women even if your hair falls down to your neck but Russian star had 90-inch long hairs.

Do you believe that?

Stunning women came forward on social media belongs from Russia claims that she had never cut her hair for 14 years and was just 27 years old.

These people are awesome and made their name in the world as first, she has bet to not cut down her hair and later she had a dream to grow her hair as long as they reach her toes.

The lady has beautiful hair and has six-foot long hair that approximately reaches to her ankle – similar to the fictional character.

Russian model grows her hair in a bet:Women stop cutting hair for a bet and now turned ‘Real life Rapunzel’

  • The Russian lady was belonging from the city of Barnaul in Russia’s Altai Krai region and claims that she never cut her hair for 14 years.
  • Daria added that the purpose of growing her hairs too long when she made bet with her friend that she could grow hair long enough to braid it but then growing hairs become a passion of the lady.
  • When bet was made Daria stop visiting her hairdresser and let her hair grow as long as easily and this time she amazed the world with the length of her hair.
  • Daria was one popular on social media for her hair and has 218k followers and these followers love to complete this challenge and grow their hairs as long as she did.Women stop cutting hair for a bet and now turned ‘Real life Rapunzel’

The lady suffers a lot of problems associated with the long hair but still loves the hair as she added that she needs one hour to comb her hair and requires a completely dry, let her hair dry.

She also added that traveling is also expensive for her as she carries 22 pounds of shampoo, conditioner, and combs when she travels.Women stop cutting hair for a bet and now turned ‘Real life Rapunzel’

  • The Russian lady wants to grow her hair and becomes the real life character, Rapunzel with her hair and followers and her husband was happy with the lady.
  • His husband added that he liked his long hairs but do the things to stay out of her hair else I can damage or mix them or harm the hair.
  • The girl added that she had made plenty of hair styles and adopts some pretty hair experiences and stunned the people with her looks.Women stop cutting hair for a bet and now turned ‘Real life Rapunzel’
  • The users on social media admire the efforts of Russian lady and her hard work to preserve hair long and one user added that ‘I want to grow long hairs but at need to wait for next 5 years’
  • The other user added that ‘this lady reminds me the baby doll. Keep it up, you stunned the people with your inspiration to grow long hairs’Women stop cutting hair for a bet and now turned ‘Real life Rapunzel’
  • The user added that ‘I have seen your videos as my friend showed me on social media and want to tell you that you are brilliant and your hairs are really beautiful’.

If you want to grow these hairs then you need to wait for the right moment.

Top Spring Perfumes in 2017 – Floral Scents & Fragrances For Women

Perfumes are important for both men and women.  Both need and want same sensual fragrance and when it comes to choosing a perfume or scent, it must speak you and must be long lasting. When you choose the right scent or fragrance, you can be a comfortable for a long time especially in events or parties.  We prepare a best branded Original Perfumes list, you can easily choose for yourself.

Here is a top branded perfumes list! Check it out.

1- Poison By Dior: This beautiful, fruity and spicy fragrance was introduced in 1985 by Christian Dior. The fragrance consists of coriander, honey, berries, tuberose, musk and amber with a beautiful and amazing blend of spices. This luxury perfume can give you amazing and strong feelings and best for any event.

2- Classique By Jean Paul: Classique is a luxurious and sexy perfume, introduced by Jean Paul Gaultier. This fragrance implies a very beautiful, young and playful feeling in the world of fragrance.

3- Opium By Yves Saint Laurent: Most beautiful and sexy Opium fragrance was introduced in 1977 by Yves Saint Laurent. This sensual and spicy perfume feels us all the time the beautiful and strong fragrance. That’s why it is most beautiful and successful fragrance all the time.

4- Shalimar By Guerlian Paris:  Now we are talking about a classic scent, A Shalimar Perfume was created in 1925 by Guerlian Paris and won million of hearts. The inspiration for this fragrance was derived from a true love story between a king and his love in the Shalimar’s Graden, located in Lahore, Pakistan.

5- Chanel N05: This classic, sexy and timeless perfume was introduced in 1921 by Coco Chanel. It consists of a vanilla, amber, jasmine, sandalwood, rose, ylang- ylang and aldehydes. No doubt it is the most popular scent all the time, and up till now, no other perfume in the world has achieved the iconic status like Chanel N05.

There are many different types of fragrances, that can be used for different events or occasions as some of the popular affordable in the list are Blue Lady by Rasasi, Poison by Aris, One Man Show by Jacques Bogart and much more.

‘Gangnam Style’ is no longer YouTube’s most-watched video

South Korean artist hit video ‘Gangam Style’ was the most watched video on YouTube for the last five years but the song from Furious 7 ‘See You Again’ is new record-breaking video.

The Gangam Style was the most popular video in the world and break the record of video song from Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ in November 2012.‘Gangnam Style’ is no longer YouTube’s most-watched video

Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s song ‘See You Again’ force the social media and news site to change the record-breaking song on YouTube.

The song ‘See You Again’ was streamed with 2,895,373,709 times and breaks the current record of Gangam Style’s which has a count of 2,894,426,475 views.

See You Again song was written for the action movie Furious 7 and was the top leading song from past few years and most requested one among the people.

The song was the best-selling one in 2015 and also nominated for Grammys and the Oscar and the video reached towards 1 billion views within just one year and hit the 2 billion last September.

Music is the life of many people and they want to listen to every song any time as the smash song Despacito has reached up to 2.5 billion views in just 6 months and was not showing any sign for getting slow as it also hit the social media.

Here is the list of most watched songs on YouTube:

‘Gangnam Style’ is no longer YouTube’s most-watched video

Macklemore surprises his grandma with a ‘Glorious’ 100th birthday

How do you celebrate your grandmother birthday? Many of us celebrate the birthday taking her out to dinner or made a phone call but Macklemore flew to California to surprise his grandmother for her 100th birthday in latest video!

The rap star Macklemore made her grandmother day special with the latest music video as he made her grandmother star of his new video for the song ‘Glorious’.Macklemore surprises his grandma with a ‘Glorious’ 100th birthday

At the beginning of the video, we see a black screen where the words display that the star flew to California to surprise her grandma on 100th birthday and when he opens the door

Her grandma starts crying to see her lovely grandson and said ‘What are you doing her honey?

Later the star added that ‘We are going to do everything you want to do‘ – the video shows that the rap star made the brilliant day for her grandmother with the handy wheelchair.

They enjoy the party and enjoy the ride in the car and stops at different stops including Karoke bar, the local grocery store.

They also enjoyed throwing eggs at the neighbors and have good old-fashioned fun and when the grandma returned to the home after the happiest day out with the grandson got more surprises.Macklemore surprises his grandma with a ‘Glorious’ 100th birthday

The giant birthday cake and male strippers are waiting and every scene of the song was charming and when the video was posted on YouTube had 2 million views after the single day and the video ends with a sweet scene where they enjoyed the sunset spending time together.

You should need to watch this video and watch the love of the family and Macklemore added in the comments section ‘Nothing is more special than grandma love and Happy 100th to Grandmother and thanks for being a part of something that I’ll treasure forever.

Devastated Adele Cancels Last Two Wembley Appearances

Adele the best and perfect singer canceled her next two final shows of her world tour as she damaged her vocal cords announced on social media.

The devastated singer posted heartbreaking words on social media as she posted on Twitter a few hours earlier and posted on other platforms to apologize from their fans.Devastated Adele Cancels Last Two Wembley Appearances

The London-born Adele was so close to finishing her world tour of 123 performances but the medical issue becomes a barrier for the lady as she posted on Twitter that:

The first two shows of Wembley this week was the biggest and best shows of my life but I had to struggle a lot vocally, I had to push harder than the normal routine and this time I have damaged my vocal cords’.Devastated Adele Cancels Last Two Wembley Appearances

The lady was depressed with her condition and feeling guilty in front of her fans as she was apologizing from fans for her condition as she added that:

‘The response from home ground people after a long time was a great experience for me as I was enjoying the crowd and feeling lovely but I struggled a lot vocally to push my words in front of you both nights and I realize I can’t able to crumble in front of you’.

She added that she went to the doctor for a checkup to find out the exact reason for situation and doctors tell her that she had damaged her vocal chords and added that she had done all the things to finish her world tour as she performed 121 shows all around the world.Devastated Adele Cancels Last Two Wembley Appearances

Her words were heartbreaking for her fans as they are disappointed and the singer was also disappointed as she wrote that:

‘I am sorry for your disappointment and you know that I would never make this decision ever in my life and more information about the event must be shown after few days’.

The lady added that your money must be refunded if the show never is rescheduled as I was devastated with a medical condition and want you to forgive me.

This was not the first time that singer should feel the pain of throat as earlier in 2011 she underwent through the throat surgery and a month later to remove polyps in her throat and she made her comeback to the music industry in 2012.

She performed live in Grammys in February 2012 and she started her world tour on February 29, 2016, from the UK and the cancellation of her next two shows came less than a day.

The Adele previous events at Wembley remain perfect for her as she posted she loves to perform in both events where the event was attended by 98,000 fans and the stadium remain perfect for UK music event record.

The Adele added that she wanted to organize her music event at Wembley in the end as she never knows that ever tour again as she had taken 119 shows and her last four events made count to 123 shows but failed to perform.